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Ventilation and air conditioning of apartment building
Kroupa, Petr ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Hirš, Jiří (advisor)
The purpose of my diploma thesis is to propose the air condition to apartments. The work is divided into two parts. The first part describes the climate of the internal spaces, its forms, what it is influenced by and what way it influences the human. It analyzes natural and indoor ventilations. The second part desings air condition to concrete flat, technical report including the mechanical drawings and technical paper of used products.
Analysis of indoor climate of spa resort
Chadima, Tomáš ; Rubinová, Olga (referee) ; Horká, Lucie (advisor)
The thesis deals with the environmental assessment of buildings, concrete objects Letní lázně at Karlova Studánka. The first part describes the issue and legislation. There is also described a method of experimental measurement and methods of moisture measurement. The second part deals with the analysis of the specified object, description of selected renewable sources and description of possible modifications of the object. The third part is devoted to modeling and simulation of the specified object in DesignBuilder. Using the model were created various simulations with various modifications in order to reduce energy intensity of the object. Results were then evaluated and compared.
Heating of apartment buildings
Diatel, Jakub ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis is heating of apartment buildings, where an attention was focused on thermal comfort in heated rooms. The first theoretical part brings results of CFD simulations which compare radiators with floor heating. The second part consits of practical application o the given building. There are two options in this project - heating by radiators or floor heating. The third part describes two experiments - measurement of indoor environment in two rooms and measurement of gas consumption in apartment buildings with different heating concepts. In the last part the mean radiant temperature is simulated. There are compared different kind of heating, which have impact to distribution of mean radiant temperature in the room. The personal software was created for deeper understanding of mean radiant temperature.
Heating of The Nursery School
Jára, Marek ; Topič, Jan (referee) ; Horká, Lucie (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor´s thesis is to design heating of the nursery school. The theoretical part of this bachelor´s thesis is about an underfloor heating. The calculation part of this bachelor´s thesis contains the design of the underfloor heating system. There are two alternatives of the heat source. First alternative is the system of cascade-connected gas condensing boilers. Second alternative is the air-water heat pump. The rest of this part are the calculations of the preparation of hot water, design of hot water storage tank and another necessary equipment of the system. The object is partly forced ventilated by air conditioning units.
Heating and hot water preparation of recreation center
Hakl, Jaroslav ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
Content of this bachelor thesis is heating and hot water preparation of recreation centre in the village Ostužná, district Jeseník. Object have 2 above-ground floors. Ground floor is mainly used to meet people in play room or in common room. First floor is situated six accommodation units with private bathroom and toilet. Technical facilities are situated in ground floor and is consists of boiler room and the adjacent fuel storage. For heating is primary used grasifying boiler. Secondary source for hot water preparation is solar systém, that is supplemented by an electric heater in the absence of sunshine. Heating systém is in horizontal double-pipe version with distributor and collector in each floor. The Individual branches on the distributor and collector connected are sections of a single accommodation unit, that can be individually regulated. Radiators are designed as boards in the VK design.
Thermal comfort analysis and energy assessment of a historic building
Kalný, Richard ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Weyr, Jan (advisor)
Objective of this thesis is presenting a comprehensive analysis of a climate inside a building, ways of obtaining and analysing weather data, measuring certain quantities inside the building and evaluating the energy efficiency of buildings. The experimental part deals with a historical building in Prague. Weather data and interior data logger readings are analysed to create a model in the BSim program, which is calibrated to a high degree of accuracy. Summer outcomes are discussed; the building meets regulatory requirements. In addition, an Energy Performance Certificate is issued. Structural and technical modifications are proposed in order to reduce solar heat gains, thus achieving an annual energy saving of 1671 kWh.
Heating system of the nursing home
Dostál, Petr ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of the heating system and the preparation of hot water using the solar thermal system of the nursing home. The first part of the thesis deals briefly with the history of solar collectors, individual elements of solar thermal systems and about the ways of preparing hot water in various types of operation. The second part of the thesis contains the computational calculation and design of individual elements and equipment of the whole heating system and the solar thermal system. The last part of the thesis is the project at the level of the documentation for the execution of the construction containing the technical report and the drawing documentation.
Heating of the indoor swimming pool
Musílková, Julie ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
Theme of diploma thesis is the heating of the indoor swimming pool. The thesis is departed to three parts. In the first part, there is a theoretical solution indoor climate of swimming pool. In the second part, there is a calculation solution of the project. Project solves heating of the indoor swimming pool. The last part is an experimental part. Theme of the experiment is measurement of temperature and relative humidity of the swimming pool.
Heating of cultural house
Zajíček, Václav ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The bachelor thesis consists of three theoretical, numerical and project parts. The theoretical part deals with design and assessment of heat pumps, their types and suitability for use. The numerical part focuses on the overall calculation of the heating system to operate smoothly and reliably. As a heat source, three heat pumps and two electric boilers are designed. The project part contains the technical report and the project documentation at the level of the documentation.
Heating of multifunctional building
Macík, Ondřej ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The content of bachelor´s thesis is solution for heating and warm water preparation. This is the reconstruction of the building and another building close to it. The source of heat is a gas condensing boiler. The teoretical part is description of radiator´s armaturen.

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