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Markers of joint inflammation related to disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis.
Hurňáková, Jana ; Pavelka, Karel (advisor) ; Horák, Pavel (referee) ; Hrnčíř, Zbyněk (referee)
Background: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a common chronic autoimmune disorder characterised by persistent synovitis, typically manifested as symmetric polyarthritis of small hand joints with various extra-articular manifestations. Accurate disease activity measurement is a key component of RA management that facilitates therapeutic optimalization in order to slow down the disease progression and to prevent an irreversible joint damage. The aim of this work was to study the role of candidate serum inflammatory markers and their associations with the disease activity in patients with RA presented by traditional variables of disease activity as well as by musculoskeletal ultrasonography. Results: The first part of our work pointed out relationship between serum calprotectin and clinical as well as ultrasound activity in RA. We have revealed that serum calprotectin is an independent predictor of ultrasound synovitis. Moreover, we have demonstrated the potential of calprotectin to identify patients with residual activity in spite of achieving clinical remission. In the second part, we have provided a detailed analysis of 20 candidate serum markers and found out a tight associations between IL-6, IL-7, IL-22, IL-34, YKL-40, CXCL-13, MMP-3, resistin and visfatin with clinical and ultrasound activity....
Epidemiological aspects of inflammatory rheumatic diseases and diffusional diseases of binding tissue.
Hánová, Petra ; Pavelka, Karel (advisor) ; Bencko, Vladimír (referee) ; Horák, Pavel (referee)
v anglickém jazyce Introduction: No information was known about frequency of common inflammatory disorders in rheumatology in the Czech Republic. Aims of the study: To estimate the standardized annual incidence (INC) and point prevalence (PREV) of six diseases (rheumatoid arthritis-RA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis-JIA, gout, psoriatic arthritis-PsA, ankylosing spondylitis-AS, reactive arthritis-ReA) in a population-based study in two regions of the Czech Republic (CR). Methods: INC: Incident cases were registered on condition that the definite diagnosis was confirmed according to existing classification criteria during the study period. PREV was studied on the basis of identification of established diagnoses at a time point. Crude rates were standardized for age and sex. Results: Both INC and PREV are shown per 100.000 inhabitants. RA INC:31 (95%CI 20-42), PREV:610 (95%CI 561-658). Gout-INC:41 (95%CI 28-53), PREV:300 (95% CI 266-334). JIA-INC: 13 (95% CI 1-20), PREV:140 (95%CI 117-280). PsA-INC:3,6 (95% CI 1-8), PREV:49 (95%CI 40-60). AS-INC:6 (95% CI 3-11), PREV:94 (95% CI 94-109). ReA-INC:9 (95% CI 6-15), PREV:91 (95% CI 78-106). Conclusion: This is the first population-based study estimating annual incidence and prevalence rates of the most common rheumatological disorders in the Czech...
The effect of nutrition on bone metabolism
Švejkovská, Klára ; Živná, Helena (advisor) ; Horák, Pavel (referee) ; Kutílek, Štěpán (referee)
The effect of nutrition on bone metabolism The bone has a function for support and protection, and is also a place for hematopoiesis and for mineral homeostasis. The subject of interest of this thesis is to evaluate the effect of chosen proteins, amino acids, iron and the conditions such as long-term under-nutrition, short-term starving and repeated blood withdrawals on the bone parameters - the length and the diameter of the bone, the width of corticalis, and the mechanical properties - resistance to bending, tension and torsion. There were evaluated changes in the concentration of bones markers, changes in the bone mineral density and changes in lean mass and adipose mass in healthy adult males of the Wistar rats . During my doctorate studies I was studying the effect of these components on the bones. In the 1st experiment the rats were fed by the chosen proteins and amino acids: glutamine (GLN), branched-chain amino acids- valine, leucine and izoleucine (BCAA), and caseine (KAS) ad libitum. Further we monitored the effect of one-week realimantation by standard laboratory diet (SLD) after long-term supplementation by the diet enriched by the above mentioned proteins and amino acids. The group fed by SLD ad libitum was the control group. In the 2nd experiment the effect of paired-feeding of the...
Relation of Soluble Factors of Immune System to Fenotype of Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies
Klein, Martin ; Vencovský, Jiří (advisor) ; Hrnčíř, Zbyněk (referee) ; Horák, Pavel (referee)
Introduction: Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (myositis, IIM) are heterogeneous group of rare autoimmune systemic diseases, characterized particularly by proximal skeletal muscle weakness. Heretogeneity of myositis is based on different pathogenetic mechanisms which may be reflected by variable imunophenotypic response in individual subtypes. Objectives: The aim of this work was to explore the associations and influence of soluble factors of immune system in patient's sera on phenotypic characteristics and subtypes of IIM, to describe their expression in inflammed muscle tissue and study their eventual role in pathogenesis by analysis of effect on immune and muscle cells in vitro. Results: We have described prevalence and characteristics of joint involvement in myositis patients and its significant association with anti-Jo-1 autoantibody. Further we confirmed the relation of anti-HMGCR antibody to immune mediated necrotizing myopathy, its tight relation to statins and recent increase in incidence. We showed inverse association of IFNα serum levels with muscle activity detected on MRI. Clinical activity positively correlated with IFN type-I pathway activation in patients with dermatomyositis. We also show positive correlation of resistin levels and clinical activity and correlation of activity...
The Organization of Repatriation of Displaced Persons in Czechoslovakia after WWII
Kasíková, Jana ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Horak, Pavel (referee)
The Organization of Repatriation of Displaced Persons in Czechoslovakia after World War II. Bc. et Bc. Jana Kasíková Abstract Analyzing the social aspects of the repatriation process of those forced out of their home countries to Czechoslovakia during WW2, this thesis first describes the communication and cooperation of the Czechoslovakian exile government in London with international organizations, particularly with UNRRA and SHAEF. Furthermore, the social, health, transportation and financial impact of creating and maintaining the supporting structures for repatriating displaced persons is explored, with both governmental and non-governmental perspective. Special attention is given to the participation of the general public, e.g. donations, volunteering, media coverage and public relations. The final chapter then explores the organizational structure of the repatriation process in Czechoslovakia. Specific communication between Czechoslovakian and French institutions is presented as an insight into international cooperation. Keywords: repatriation, the return after the Second World War, Displaced Persons, UNRRA, post-war media, relation of repatriation with France
Vliv vybraných látek ovlivňujících centrální nervový systém na kostní metabolismus
Fekete, Soňa ; Živný, Pavel (advisor) ; Horák, Pavel (referee) ; Nobilis, Milan (referee)
The increase in life expectancy of the world population is associated with challenges regarding health issues. For instance, osteoporosis is a medical condition mostly observed in elderly people, in which the quality and quantity of the bone are severely affected. Not only for women but also for men, osteoporosis is recognized as an important public health issue. Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disorder and is a result of loss of skeletal mass. Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone mass, microarchitectural deterioration of bone tissue and an increase in bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture. Osteoporotic fractures are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. The longterm use of drugs such as antiepileptics and antidepressants could affect the onset of osteoporosis. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of orchidectomy, the effect of newer antiepileptic (levetiracetam, lacosamide, topiramat, lamotrigine) and antidepressive drugs (mirtazapine, venlafaxine and trazodone) on bone metabolism in healthy male Wistar rats. The first specific aim was to determine the effect of orchidectomy on bone metabolism in rats. We found that after 12 weeks post-orchidectomy there was a negative effect on bone metabolism in rats. These results established these animals as suitable models for...
Application of renewable and recyclable raw materials for preparation of new polymers
Horák, Pavel
This thesis deals with optimalization of flexible polyurethane foam recycling with using of natural polyols based on rape seed oil and fish oil and it explores applications of depolymerized polyol product by formulations of new polyurethane materials. The experiments of depolymerisation showed that both tested natural oil (rape seed oil and fish oil) can be used as effective reagents for polyurethane recycling. Reaction conditions of depolymerisation were optimised with model flexible polyurethane foam and applied on waste foam from real conditions. Gain of depolymerisation is one-faze low viscosity (to 1500 mPa.s) liquid polyol products with content of hydroxyl groups ca 3 mmol/g. These polyols can be used for polymerisation of new materials. First application of recycled polyols was formulation of polyurethane foam systems. Through optimising of formula was prepared low-density semirigid foam containing 100 percentage of recycled polyol. Properties of these foams correspond to commercial foams. To prepare of homogenous cast polyurethane system based on recycled polyols it was necessary to add proper solvent, therefor extent of application has been lowered. On that account the systems were tested for study of polyaddition reaction and for following properties of the material. In these tests, the reactivity...
Forming of Socialdemocratic Post-February Exile (1948-1953)
Horák, Pavel ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Burešová, Jana (referee) ; Kuklík jun., Jan (referee)
HORÁK, Pavel, Počátky poúnorového sociálnědemokratického exilu (1948-1953) [Forming of socialdemocratic post-February exile (1948-1953)], Praha, Karlova univerzita, Filozofická fakulta, Ústav českých dějin, 2014, 392 s. Vedoucí diplomové práce Doc. PhDr. Jana Čechurová, Ph.D. The study aims to answer questions in which way was formed socialdemocratic exile party in the years 1948-1953. It studies who, how and why could have or wanted to have been involved in this process. The topic is viewed from the institutional perspective of an "exile party". It analyses how was the party organised and negotiated. Besides personal stories in the background of refugee everydayness it also looks into what it meant to a be a "social democrat" in "post-February exile" and whether the "exile party" created its own sphere of communicative space for formulating program and various demands and initiatives. The work focuses on the formative period of "exile". It is delimited by the year 1953 which proved a long-term, bipolar character of the world order. The hypothesis is the statement that the "exile socialdemocratic party" was formed in the frame of Czechoslovakian post-February migration as an institution which was creating its own communication, social and migration networks based on specific criteria. At the same...
Repatriation of Czechoslovak exile from Great Britain after the Second World War
Kučera, Jaroslav ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Horak, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this work is to present how the repatriation from the UK to the liberated Czechoslovakia took place after World War II. The inclusion of the Czechoslovak repatriation to international repatriation action is necessary to emphasize the role of international organizations without this the whole event could not be undrstood correctly. Firstly, the paper focuses on many years of planning repatriation by London exile government which was incredibly tedious process not only for itself but also for the Allies. Planning is encountered a lot of problems and in addition to some conclusions had to wait until the end of the Second World War as it was necessary to know the current situation in the home country. Secondly, the work presents itself start, progress and conclusion repatriation focusing on individual transports and difficulties that accompany them. In conclusion, the paper presents several returnees with their life stories during the duration of their stay in England and after their return to their homeland. KEY WORDS:Czechoslovakia, Exile, Repatriation, Second World War
Evaluation and consumption of animal fat in patients with CVD and DM
Opravilová, Jana ; Vrablík, Michal (advisor) ; Horák, Pavel (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of consumption of animal fat in patients with CVD and DM. The theoretical part deals with the distribution of lipid, lipid metabolism, the quality of each animal fats, foods containing them and their cooking. The practical part consists of a questionnaire study that tracks the incidence of animal fat and method of preparation in the diet of patients with CVD and DM. Data for this study were taken at III. Internal Medicine, 1st Faculty of Medicine. Keywords Animal fats, nutrition, obesity risks

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