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The Phenomenon of Euroscepticism demonstrated by the example of German AfD and Czech SPD
Horáčková, Lucie ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Kunštát, Miroslav (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenon of Euroscepticism, which is demonstrated by the example of two political parties. The subject of the analysis are the German party Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the Czech party Freedom and Direct Democracy - Tomio Okamura (SPD). The thesis firstly addresses Euroscepticism in general, observing and comparing the level of public Euroscepticism in Germany and the Czech Republic. Subsequently, both political groups are categorized with the help of three presented theoretical concepts. Special emphasis is placed on historical development of AfD and SPD, which serves as a basis for exploring the motivation to establish them. Based on the analysis and comparison of the respective electoral programs to the European and national elections, the thesis compares the program priorities with regard to the attitude towards European integration. The current European Parliament election programs 2019, together with a record of personal interviews with party representatives, allow us to describe their ideal vision of the European cooperation.
Tumor cell lines viability testing after exposure to chemicals and chemotherapeutics
Horáčková, Lucie ; Zemanová, Jana (referee) ; Brázda, Václav (advisor)
Individual types of viability tests based on colorimetric changes of the solution are desribed in the theoretical part. Furthermore, HSP proteins are characterized, which are not connected only by heat shock, but also during other cell stresses such as exposure to UV, cold, extreme pH or heavy metals. They are important for the cell, because they help to reformulate proteins that have been damaged by cellular stress and also bind to new unpacked proteins and ensure their correct folding. Proteins that are affected by molecular chaperones are collectively called client proteins. Some HSPs also contribute to membrane transport or degradation. These proteins are co-operative with the cochaperones, which are important for heat shock proteins because they help them to pack protein, in particular by catalyzing the hydrolysis of ATP to ADP. Herein is also described cisplatin and its derivatives, including mechanism of action and adverse effects. This work was focused on detection cytotoxicity of cisplatin and its derivatives. Cells were exposed to stress condition induced by cytostatics and huge changes in heat shock proteins and cochaperon levels were observed. There was also observed colocalization of heat shock proteins and their client protein p53 by confocal microscopy in these stressing conditions.
TV lifestyle magazines : the phenomen of masculinity, makeover and success
Horáčková, Lucie ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
Diploma thesis "TV Lifestyle Magazines : Phenomenon of Masculinity, Makeover and Success" mostly deals with the concepts of life-style, taste, makeover a masculinity and their factual manifestation in particular television shows. In its theoretical part the thesis defines fundamental themes and concepts based on literature, especially according to Pierre Bourdieu, Dick Hebdige and Michel Foucault. The concept of life-style has gained much importance in contemporary society, because it's actually the style of life which has become the most important principle of social clustering. One of the first sociologists to reflect on the concept of life-style was Pierre Bourdieu. His conception of life-style is based on stratification and social inequalities. These inequalities are - according to Bourdieu - the product of deep structural inequalities underlying the society as a whole. The thesis also concerns with style as intentional communication, hegemony and resistence as perceived by Dick Hebdige. The body and the process of moulding it into the shape of disciplined bodies is the subject of another part of the thesis. Further on the thesis deals with the problem of body and masculinity, and above all with the process of building its image in the media. Two types of masculinity are defined; first hegemonic...
Mortgage Loans in the Czech Republic
Horáčková, Lucie ; Šrédl, Karel (advisor) ; Hana, Hana (referee)
This diploma thesis is focusing on mortage loans in the teritory of Czech Republic. Thesis is divided into two parts. In the first oneit brings theoretical recourse od mortages market in Czech Republic, including history of these loans. It divides those loans by typology, and defines providers of these servicer. In the practical part, there is developer analysis of the interest rates of individual banks at mortage market in Czech Republic. Analysis is made at different parameters of mortage loans. For this interes rate, there i salso calculated monthly payment. By comparison of each offer there is a possibility to choose the best offer for every case. For every potencial consumer is possible to compare profitability of financing own housing by mortage or by housing by rent.
The Conractor´s Purpose of Change of Heating Medium
Horáčková, Lucie ; Horáček, Karel (referee) ; Petráš, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with a business plan of changing the thermal units. The thesis analyses the current conditions and problems of the company, and offers a business plan, implementation of which will increase the profit of the company and ensure its future growth.
Business Plan for Small Company Development
Horáčková, Lucie ; Kelblová, Kamila (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
This master`s thesis is concerned with a business plan of changing the heating medium. The thesis analyses the current conditions and problems of the company, and offers a business plan, implementation of which will increase the profit of the company and ensure its future growth.
Retirement funds in Czech Republic
Horáčková, Lucie ; Smrčka, Luboš (advisor) ; Zámečník, Petr (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is comparing financial products of retirement funds in the Czech market.
Srovnání stylů řízení a vedení českých a zahraničních manažerů
Horáčková, Lucie ; Dědina, Jiří (advisor)
Cílem práce bylo porovnat rozdíly mezi jednotlivými zbůsoby stylů řízení a vedení českých manažerů s vybranými zahraničními manažery

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