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Factors causing spatial distribution of ant nest
Zeman, Jiří ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Holec, Michal (referee)
We observed the distribution in the large complex of the interrelated nests of Formica polyctena ant species on the locality Polánka near Mladá Vožice. In GIS we studied which factors affect spatial distribution of the F. polyctena anthills via diskriminant analysis. Totally we maped 244 nests. The main factors affecting the distribution of ant nests are existence of open areas in the forest (paths and openings) and the position of another anthills. The anthills indicate the cluster spacing. Anthills in the openings are smaller than those in the highwood.
Ants and primary vegetation succession on abandoned industrial-waste deposits
Vojtíšek, Pavel ; Kovář, Pavel (advisor) ; Holec, Michal (referee)
Abandoned industrial-waste deposits (incl. fly ash or tailings ponds) represent very specific and mostly extreme habitat conditions. They offer unique opportunity to study primary succession in cultural landscape. Substrate of the material deposited here shows extreme properties, such as low pH, overheating of the open surface, salinization etc. The aim of this work is to map the colonization of different successional stages of vegetation by ants after years of abandonment of ore-waste deposits in Chvaletice (Eastern Bohemia, CR) and to compare the present state with analogous study made in 2001. Particular aims of both studies (Jarešová 2001, and present study, 2011-12) is to test the influence of ants on vegetation succession. During the years 2011-2012 several prospections were made to record species diversity of ants. On the surface plateau of the sedimentation basin two types of habitats were chosen - the areas with present ant nests and the other areas without them. Each of both types of habitats exhibits different plant species richness: separately the species-area curves were constructed and explained. Three dominant ant species of different size categories present on sedimentation basin were selected for experimental offering of plant seeds, Formica pratensis, Lasius niger, Tetramorium...
Neuronavigation in therapy and rehabilitationof schizophrenia using rTMS
Holec, Michal ; Horáček, Jiří (advisor)
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a promising therapeutic method which allows non-invasive reduction of schizophrenia symptoms. The main imperfection of this technique had been the impossibility of precise targeting of the rTMS coil at the given cortical area. This can be achieved by using neuroimaging techniques and stereotactic neuronavigation, which enables to target the coil with a high degree of anatomic accuracy. The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between excitability of motor and visual cortex. Using neuronavigated single-pulse (SP) and paired-pulse (PP) transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS, Magstim Rapid) over right visual cortex, the phosphene thresholds were measured in 11 subjects. Motor threshold (MT) was identified by using standard methodology. In all subjects the phosphenes were induced by both SP (median = 48 %, IQR = 44,5-52,0) and PP (median = 44 %, IQR=39,5- 48,0) TMS. PP phosphene thresholds were lower than SP thresholds (U = 28,0, p ≤ 0,05). We found the positive correlation between MT and SP phosphene threshold (r = 0,597, p ≤ 0,05) but not for MT and PP. The distance of coil position from the brain surface did not correlate with MT, SP nor PP phosphene threshold. Our findings confirm the relationship between MT and phosphene threshold measured by the use of...

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