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Plato's Cratylus: The Problem of Language
Vítková Fikejsová, Jana ; Holeček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Horáček, Filip (referee)
The thesis deals with the question of the speech in Plato's dialogue Cratylus, from the perspective of philosophical thematization of the commitment of speech in the relationship between man and the world, as it gradually appears in individual ideas of the text. I deal with different approaches to the language of both Socrates' partners in the conversation, Hermogenes and Cratylus. They both prove problematic for various reasons. Hermogens see language as the work of human consensus and agreement, but it seems as he underestimate the importance of it and see it as something haphazard or arbitrary. The commitment of speech seemed to be precisely what Socrates were trying to bring Hermogens to. Names say what we consider the things to be. By being the smallest part of speech that makes sense, they can decide on its truth or falsity. Through speech, we relate to the being and we obtain a certain stability that enables us to know things and share that knowledge, which is definitely not happening arbitrarily. However, it should be borne in mind that the names show the convictions of the people who gave them to the things, and not something like the true nature of those things, as Cratylus would have believed, so that we cannot rely entirely on them for knowing things. Key words: Plato, Cratylus, speech,...
Porovnání opotřebení renovovaných pracovních orgánů kypřiče Kverneland CLC a jejich ekonomické zhodnocení
This thesis deals with the differences of various types of working tools of the Kverneland CLC Pro cultivator. Under specific conditions of the agricultural enterprise in the Czech Republic, it compares ordinary turning tine, carbide tine, Knock-on tine and renovated tine. In the introduction, there is a general overview of the properties of the soil, followed by an overview of various methods of soil cultivation, which are also related to various methods of founding plants. Furthermore, I summarized the types of cultivators and tillers, followed by an overview of the types of wear tines with their advantages and disadvantages. In the practical part of the work there is the monitoring of the lifetime of the compared technologies, the time required for their replacement, the cost of their acquisition and the overall economic evaluation.
Porovnáni výkonnosti a spotřeby pohonných hmot u secích strojů
This bachelor thesis deals with the seed drills, especially by comparing their different constructions in the specific conditions of the farm in the Czech Republic. In the introduction, there is a general overview of the properties of the soil, followed by various processing methods of the soil from which the methods of founding plants are derived. Then, I briefly summarized the most widely used seed drills in the Czech Republic, their components, advantages and disadvantages. The step which follows is the evaluation of the measured fuel consumption of two different seed drills in a particular farm. I will evaluate the costs of purchase and operation of seeding machines for the observed technology. At the end I will answer the hypothesis of the objectives of this work and bring out conclusions for practice.

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