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Economic Evaluation of Project Carried out on Municipal Level
Kaňa, Jan ; Holá, Michaela (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
This bachelor thesis described an economic evaluation of a public investment project which was implemented at the municipal level. The theoretical part focused on induction to the problem by explanation of basic concepts, presentation of various possible methods for evaluation of public projects, and overview of possible ways to finance the project at the municipal level. The practical part evolved a case study which examined an economic evaluation of ‘sokolovna‘ reconstruction in a village ‘Kobylí‘, followed by determination of requirements to gain critical variables efficiency and critical input values from the investor's point of view.
Risk Analysis in Transport Infrastructure Projects
Hašek, Jiří ; Holá, Michaela (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
The subject of the master’s thesis is a risk analysis in transport infrastructure projects. In the theoretical part, I deal with public sector, life cycle of the project, evaluation of public projects, conception of risk, clasification of risk, risk analysis and valuation of the risk. In the practical section I process risk analysis of the project in transport infrastucture.
Evaluation of Construction Project from aspect of Whole Life Costs
Foitlová, Lucie ; Holá, Michaela (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
The theoretical part deals at the beginning with evaluation of effectiveness of the project, as well as with the information about individual stages of the life cycle of the building, wear and tear of the buildings, lifetime of the elements and whole life costs of the building that are of particular interest to the investor. In conclusion, there are mentioned wastes and emissions. The thesis is completed by a case study of the family house where the whole life costs of the building life cycle are solved.
Opinions of parental and pedagogical public on school attendance postponement
Holá, Michaela ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Valentová, Hana (referee)
The Diploma thesis concerns with an issue of school attendance postponement. The theoretical part focuses on the issue of school maturity and readiness and analyses the period of child transition from a kindergarten to a primary school and the relatively high percentage of school attendance postponement. The practical part was carried out in form of a survey with three groups of respondents - parents, kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers. The aim of this part was to assess the position of parental public toward the school attendance postponement and possible children's preparation for future entry into the compulsory education. In case of the pedagogical public the central theme was a comparison of the kindergarten and primary school teachers' positions on the identical topic associated with a comparison of the most common reasons given in connection with school attendance postponement. This part was completed with a child case report of two preschool children for who the issue of granting the school attendance postponement was very current. The research carried out suggests that all groups of respondents agree with the compulsory school attendance postponement but only under the assumption that this postponement is justified. Otherwise, their positions were not as unambiguous. The...
Evaluation of Efficiency and Risks of the Investment Realized by the Private Investor
Glocová, Lucie ; Holá, Michaela (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on evaluation of efficiency and risks of the investment realized by the private investor. These are the basic elements of the thesis: to define the issue of construction investments, evaluation of efficiency of construction investments and analysis and efficiency evaluation of risk of a construction investment. The outcome of the thesis is using these principles above for conducting a case study based on a real data.
Towards a better understanding of ungulate diets: a methodological approach
Holá, Michaela ; Červený, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Stádník, Luděk (referee)
Populations of European ungulates have grown substantially over recent decades, resulting in considerable environmental and socio-economic impacts. Availability and quality of natural and supplemental food sources are among the main factors driving their population dynamics. Detailed knowledge of feeding strategies of management-targeted species is therefore of primary importance for their successful management. Over time, methods to study the feeding strategies of animals have also evolved considerably but each has its advantages as well as limitations. This doctoral thesis uses a combination of traditional methods (i.e. stomach content analysis) and novel methods (i.e. stable isotope analysis, near infrared reflectance spectroscopy) to achieve a better understanding of feeding strategies of two important ungulate species (i.e. wild boar and red deer) in the Czech Republic, where their populations are on the rise and supplementary feeding is rampant. Next, this dissertation aims to introduce and to establish a basis for these novel methodological approaches for the study of free-ranging individuals. In this respect, it also addresses methodological issues related to their application in this field. The diet composition of wild boar was investigated by examining stomach contents in order to identify their dependence on food resources of human origin (i.e. agricultural crops and supplemental foods). Foods of human origin were the dominant diet type and constituted the bulk of the diet of wild boar throughout the year. A necessary prerequisite for application of stable isotope analysis is the trophic discrimination factor (i.e. systematic difference between the isotopic composition of the consumer tissues and that of the diet), which was experimentally determined for stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes, the two most commonly used in ecology, in hair tissue of wild boar and red deer. Furthermore, possible sources of variation (such as sex, age, body weight, and lactation) on isotopic discrimination were investigated. The results of the experiments provide a starting point for the successful use of stable isotope analysis in field studies on wild boar and red deer. Finally, application of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy was proven to be useful in measuring faecal indices of food quality for red deer. The results of this thesis will contribute towards efficient management of wild boar and red deer in the Czech Republic.
Population development and forest demage caused by moos in Lipno region (S Bohemia, Czech Republic)
Lupták, Jan ; Červený, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Holá, Michaela (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the development of abundance and the damage caused by an elk in Lipno area. It evaluates the size of the elk population in Lipno region, where the calculation of damage made by elk on commercial species takes place. Included in this thesis is a description of the occurrence of an elk in this area and it is later on followed by a general characterization. Another part deals with the development of abundance, which is based on observations made by local foresters and hunters. A further source for processing the results are hunting statistics. In the end the work deals with the assessment of damages, which are divided by year, type and species.
Nutrient content in the needles of main woody species in relation to foraging ecology of large herbivores in Europe
Köhlerová, Markéta ; Hejcmanová, Pavla (advisor) ; Holá, Michaela (referee)
The aim of the thesis was to determine the content of principle macroelements and fibre fractions in needles of five woody species (Taxus baccata, Pinus sylvestris, Abies alba, Picea abies, Larix decidua) with regard to the nutrition of wildlife and forage resources. See if differ substantively macro nutrient elements by different ages needles. The individual objectives was to further determine, firstly, if different levels of major and fiber between tree species and secondly if different levels of major and fiber between the years of needles. Annual needles has a higher content of macroelements and lower fiber content than two years. The theoretical part deals with herbivores and their foraging strategy.Five European indigenous coniferous species were chosen: P. sylvestris, P. abies, A. alba, L. decidua and T. baccata. There were selected four locations: towns of Mšeno, Nové Strašecí and Oldřichov v Hájích and Příbram`s territory where the samples of conifers were collected. After drying the samples in the oven there were laboratory tests carried out/conducted, based on which a subsequent statictical evaluation was performed. The actual evaluation was focused on contents of macroelements N, P, K, Ca and Mg. In addition also ratios of the macroelements (N/P, Ca/N and K / (Ca + Mg) were considered. As regards fibre analysis, we focused on content of ADF, NDF and lignin. Results showed that annual needles, compared to biennials, have higher content of macroelements and lower fibre content. The highest values of macroelements and fibre content were found in T. baccata. P. abies and P. sylvestris had similar results.
The impact of the investment on development of the municipality
Hladík, Roman ; Holá, Michaela (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with investments and their influence on the development of municipalities. The first part is practical and introduces us with specific terms of investment, public projects and economics of municipalities. The second part is about specific public investment. It describes a public contract, made an analysis of the municipal budget and described finance investments. The conclusion is evaluating the impact of this investment on municipality development.

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