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Knowledge of population of retirement age in the field of protection in selected area in South Bohemian region
HOLÁ, Lucie
Every individual is daily threatened in his life whether with big or small events, without thinking about it. Based from this fact it is important to know recommended ways of behaving in these crisis situations. Population structure in Czech republic is various and we shouldn´t overlook the fact that Czech population is aging. There are people among us in retirement age, who have the same rights to be appropriatelly prepared for extraordinary events. Bachelor thesis is diveded in two parts basic parts, theoretical and research part. The theoretical part explains a characterizes the population protection, including a brief history population protection in Czech republic. Primary part of the theoretical work is about main tasks of population protection and about the integrated rescue system. Additionally the thesis is devoted to senior educational system. Senior education contributes not only to their autonomy, dignity a self-realization but also to full integration into society. The key of this thesis was to found awareness of population in retirement age in selected institution in city Zliv in area of population protection. It was also determined to found knowledge about basics of first aid . For establishing the knowledge of population in retirement age the questionnaire solution was used. The questionnaire was dived in two parts, first part included most questions regarding population protection area, second part owned several questions for orientation findings in basics of first aid. The questionnaire applied to seniors living in nursing home in Zliv, where 28 seniors took part in this survey. The purpose of this thesis was to increase the awareness of seniors in area, when their life, health or property could be in danger. For this purpose leaflet was created, that summarize basic knowledge of population protection and first aid, which was dedicated to all participants of the questionnaire investigation. Questionnaires were evaluated and graphically processed. Analysis of current state of population awareness in retirement age in nursing home in Zliv in area of population protection turned out that seniors have insufficient knowledge about this issue. There is also shown by this research, that seniors have relatively sufficient knowledge of first aid. We can also say, that the survey hasn´t recorded any tragic results, but also it hasn´t shown any high success rate. It will never be useless when people in postproductive age will be taken care in any case in improving awareness in population protection, first aid or in other problematics, because everyone in every age deserves to. Assumed use of this thesis could be as study material for professional and general public.
Assessment of runoff conditions on flow in the Morava river basin
Holá, Lucie ; Niklová, Věra (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of nature close to the flood protection of the city Prostějov at the confluence of the watercourses Romže and Hloučely and the flow Valova (Romže). In canculations there was solved capacity of individual sections and canculation of levels for one-year, five-year and twenty-year flow. For canculations there was used one-dimensional mathematical model HEC-RAS 5.0.3. Determination of roughness of bottom and slopes was based on personal visit. The result of this diploma thesis is evaluation of current state and proposal of a nature close to the flood protection in the individual streams in the city Prostějov. The thesis contains the calculation part and the drawing part documenting the proposed measure.
Gender differences in risk attitude among Czech high school students
Holá, Lucie ; Jeřábek, Hynek (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
The diploma thesis "Gender differences in risk attitude among Czech high school students" discusses how people deal with risk in everyday life. The first part of the paper investigates the forming of risk perception, and the factors that influence the process. Social and cultural structures are of high importance, but also individual factors (such as gender or personal experiences) as well as media representation matter. Risk perception plays a key role in decision-making in situations dealing with uncertainty and the paper asserts that it is possible to model risk behaviour and make predictions accordingly. The second part of the paper presents research on risk attitudes among Czech high school students. It deals with gender differences and students' willingness to risk in three key domains: social, health and leisure time. The model used in the paper focuses on students' willingness to participate in a given activity, their perception of the probability of negative outcomes, and the degree of pleasure derived from the activity. Research indicates that a) men are more willing to risk in health and leisure time related activities, whereas women are more daring in social activities; b) students coming from academically oriented schools are more willing to risk in social activities than students...
Improvement Suggestion for Realization Human Resources Activities in Company
Milichovský, František ; Holá, Lucie (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
This thesis analyses current situation of watched personal activities in the company. Results will determine imperfections and enable to find suitable arrangements for enhancing all processes of personal activities.
Sedimentation reservoir on the stream Kuřimka
Holá, Lucie ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The goal of the bachelors work is a proposal of sedimentation tank on Kuřimka in the cadestral area of Moravské Knínice. In calculations there was made capacity of addressed section and calculation of levels for thirty-days water and selected N-year flow. One of the chapters was dedicated to evaluation of vegetative suite. For calculations there was used one-dimensional mathematical model HEC-RAS 4.1. Determination of roughness of bottom and slopes was based on personal visit. The result is determination of capacitive flow, evaluation of current state and proposal of sedimentation tank on the chosen estate. Bachelors work can be a contribution to another sedimentation tank in the area of Brněnská dam.
Creation of a Client Database for a Financial Advisor
Holý, Vladimír ; Holá, Lucie (referee) ; Luhan, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the formation of the database application in Microsoft Access 2003 that will serve to the financial advisors to make their communication with customers easy and faster. The contents include the formation of the proposal, charts, forms, arrangements and the visual database setting. The last part of the solution proposal deals with the important asset.
Mathematical Model for Faculty Budget
Holá, Lucie ; Roupec, Jan (referee) ; Popela, Pavel (advisor)
The idea of this diploma thesis is an origin application of optimization models to solve a wage funds allocation problem on various institutes of each faculty. This diploma thesis includes an outline of linear programming models, nonlinear programming models, multiply programming models and parametric programming models. Studied questions are debating in wider context of distributing financial resources from the Budget of the Czech republic, through Ministry of education, youth and sports, universities, faculties after as much as various institutes. The accent is given on question of definition assessment scales of achievement criteria with general-purpose kvantification.
Bussines Plan
Havránek, David ; Ing.Lucie Holá (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
Master’s thesis is based on creating of the business plan of founding company that provide consulting in wellness. The theoretical part describes basic notions and methods, which are needed for creating of business plan. The next part contains analysis of the current market situation. The last part deals with business plan itself and evaluation of efficiency of financial plan.
Quality of hotel services and the analyse of the chosen hotel
Holá, Lucie ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Bakos, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with quality of services in hotel industry and with the quality analyse in a five-star hotel in Prague. This analyse should provide data for the management of the hotel and should formulate how to improve the quality of current services a thus the guest satisfaction. The theoretical part deals with quality of services as an important part of management of accommodation facilities and also with the specifics of the hotel industry. The five-star hotel Praha was analysed. The pieces of information about the guest satisfaction which were provided by hotel questionnaire were used for this purpose. The reviews of the websites, and served as a next tool for this analyse. The measures which should contribute to the higher satisfaction with offered services were worked out on the basis of the data. The diploma thesis deals together with the questionnaire which serves as a source of information and tries to formulate the questions in order to maximize the benefit of the pieces of information.
Company Culture in Tourism
HOLÁ, Lucie
Cílem této bakalářské práce je specifikace nových pohledů na projevy podnikové kultury ve vybraných podnicích cestovního ruchu. Po utřídění, analýze dat a získání informací se soustředit na celkové zhodnocení podnikové kultury ve vybraných podnicích cestovního ruchu, eventuálně se pokusit o syntézu získaných poznatků pro dnešní praxi.

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