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Multidimensional characterization of polyelectrolytes and interpolyelectrolyte complexes in aqueous solutions
Murmiliuk, Anastasiia ; Štěpánek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Šachl, Radek (referee) ; Hoffmann, Ingo (referee)
Multidimensional characterization of polyelectrolytes and interpolyelectrolyte complexes in aqueous solutions Abstract: This PhD thesis is dedicated to the study of polyelectrolytes and their self-assembly in aqueous solutions. The morphology and ionization state of individual polymer chains were investigated as well as their co-assembly with oppositely charged species. First, the charge regulation of short and long weak polyelectrolytes in aqueous solution was investigated to deeper understand their pH-responsive properties. The changes of ionization degree and charge of oligopeptides composed of 5 amino acids with acid side-chains and 5 with basic side chains were followed upon varying the pH in order to reveal the effect of interactions between the like-charged and oppositely charged groups. It was shown that intra-molecular electrostatic interactions and conformational flexibility caused the suppression of the total charge and enhancement of ionization of the peptides. To get an insight into the distribution of local H+ concentration in the proximity of a polyelectrolyte chain, a modified polyelectrolyte structure was used with a fluorescent pH- indicator, covalently attached at the end of the chain. Ionization of the pH-responsive fluorophore revealed its effective pK which was compared with the local...
Nanoparticles formed by complexes of copolymers with low-molar-mass compounds
Vojtová, Jana ; Štěpánek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Filippov, Sergej (referee) ; Hoffmann, Ingo (referee)
This thesis is focused on mixed systems of various copolymers (double hydrophilic block and gradient polyelectrolytes, hydrophobic graft copolymers) and low-molar-mass compounds (sodium dodecyl sulfate as a representative of a ionic surfactant or superparamagnetic iron oxides in the form of nanocrystals). The electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions in the studied systems in aqueous solutions leading to aggregation behavior and to the formation of co-assembled nanoparticles were investigated by combination of scattering and microscopy techniques, including light, X-ray and neutron scattering, electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Powered by TCPDF (

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