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Financial Analysis of Selected Low-Cost Banks
Pavlišová, Zuzana ; Dvořák, Petr (advisor) ; Hoffman, Andrej (referee)
The main objective of this master thesis is to develop a financial analysis of selected low-cost banks and their mutual comparison. Two Czech banks and one Swedish bank of similar specialization, size, and length of operation were selected for this purpose. Thesis is divided into several thematic parts. At first, theoretical model of low-cost bank is introduced. In the next part Czech and Swedish banking markets are described. A separate chapter is focused on principles of bank financial analysis and most important ratios. In the last part financial analysis of selected banks is performed. Key findings are then compared and assessed. The author finds out that development of selected banks is not alike and discovers significant differences in activities and strategies across monitored banks.
Evaluation of suitability implementation cashless society in developing countries
Hrabec, Lukáš ; Hoffman, Andrej (advisor) ; Kábrt, Tomáš (referee)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is Evaluation of suitability implementation cashless society in developing countries, especially in Nigeria and India. The work examines pros and cons of cashless society on European countries and then apply it to India and Nigeria. The main goal is to evaluate how are India and Nigeria prepared for going cashless and to point out on pros and cons which would that change bring.
Volatility of virtual currency Bitcoin
Jozífek, Michal ; Hoffman, Andrej (advisor) ; Mazáček, David (referee)
The main topic of this thesis is Volatility of virtual currency Bitcoin. In theoretical part I will focus on significant historical milestones of Bitcoin. We are going to find out, if Bitcoin meets the criteria to be called good money, how is it with inflation and deflation in Bitcoin and what is and how mining works. Practical part is divided into three smaller analyses. The main part looks into fluctuation in the entire history of Bitcoin and attempts to seek for its causes. The second part examines the development of places, where it is possible to pay with Bitcoin. The last part is an inquiry into mining profitability under circumstances in February 2017.
Payment methods analysis and their use in ecommerce
Čermák, Matyáš ; Hoffman, Andrej (advisor) ; Janda, Karel (referee)
The main target of this work is to analyse current payment methods and their use in both domestic and foreign markets. The objective is not only to analyse the methods, but also to try and predict their future trends. Great part of the trend analysis is revolving around contactless mobile payments. All of the above is ultimately apllied in a case study of an imaginary online store.
Analysis of the payment card market in the Czech Republic
Tomčík, Alexandr ; Hoffman, Andrej (advisor) ; Fučík, Vojtěch (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of availible data on the payment card market in the Czech Republic in years 2001 to 2016. The theoretical part focuses on the history of payment cards and when they first appeared in the territory of the Czech Republic. It further divides payment cards into several groups according to the type or technology used. The purpose of the thesis is to find out how the card market has developed, wheter Visa or MasterCard has the major share of the issued payment cards and to quantify the parameters of non-cash payments in the Czech Republic. Due to the similar level of development of contactless payment in both countries, part of the work is intended to be compared with the Slovak Republic. The last chapter presents current variants of mobile payment in several world countries and available options in the Czech Republic.
Comparison of Sberbank's entry into the Czech and Slovak markets
Holý, Adam ; Dvořák, Petr (advisor) ; Hoffman, Andrej (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on comparison of development of Sberbank CZ, a.s. and Sberbank Slovensko, a.s. Bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part focuses on analysis of selected indicators of both banks in Czech Republic and Slovakia from 2012 to 2015. Practical part contains comparison of development of given banks and subsequent evaluation. Main purpose of this bachelor thesis is to determine, which bank was more successful during this period.
Comparison of bank charges in Czech and Slovak banking system
Ráczová, Simona ; Dvořák, Petr (advisor) ; Hoffman, Andrej (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the differences in banking fees in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The aim is to find out differences in the amount of fees charged in Euros in Slovakia or in Czech Crowns in Czech Republic. The paper analyzes certain selected fees that occur on both bank markets. Firstly, relevant details of the functioning of the banking sector in both countries are defined. Secondly, it describes how and why the fees have been incurred, as well as their defined terms. Further, there are described different charges, the reasons for their existence and their use. Finally, bank charges are analyzed using spreadsheets and compared after a calculated exchange rate.
Analysis of specifics of the banking industry
Pavlíková, Ilona ; Veselá, Jitka (advisor) ; Hoffman, Andrej (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on the analysis of the banking industry, which uses the tools of fundamental analysis. The aim of this thesis is to identify and evaluate the characteristics of the banking industry which distinguishes it from the other sectors. The first part deals with the characteristics of the banking sector, to use global and sectoral fundamental analysis. In the second part there is a comparison of the banking sector with other sectors such as commodity companies, cyclical companies and companies engaged in the production and sale of comsumer goods. The third part is the calculation of the intrinsic value of a company Komerční banka, a.s. A dividend discount model, profit models and an Excess return model are used in the third part.
Identifying progressive trends in urban transport in Liberec, Brno, Plzen, Ostrava and Bratislava
Weissova, Zuzana ; Damborský, Milan (advisor) ; Hoffman, Andrej (referee)
In theoretical part concept of Smart Cities and urban mass transportation is introduced. Analysis starts with city s approach to strategic documents in transportation (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans) and their performing in compliance with Smart City concept. Integration of urban transport to integrated transport system is also analysed. Next part describes innovations which are useful for passengers and electronic ticketing systems. Goal is to identify these innovative trends and benchmark success in their introduction in chosen cities. Sources are both public (strategic documents, annual reports) and internal (data from companies).
Determinants of drug prices
Lazarenkov, Oleg ; Vacek, Vladislav (advisor) ; Hoffman, Andrej (referee)
The aim of this dissertation is to gain practical and theoretical knowledge of the drug market, examine how this market functions and conduct an analysis of illegal drug prices and their determinants in the U.S. This study highlights the drug market's unique properties and discusses how it functions in the initial stage of its formation, as well as how it responds to external interventions. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are employed in this study. The most important price determinants of selected narcotic substances on the American market are analyzed in order to demonstrate that this market does not always act in accordance with economic principles due to the elasticity and uniqueness of this product. The findings are supported by an original econometric model which includes all of the most important factors from the period 1989 through 2011.

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