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The Influence of European Reform Judaism on American Reform Judaism in the 19th Century
Melzochová, Olga ; Nosek, Bedřich (advisor) ; Holubová, Markéta (referee) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
Reform Judaism is based precisely on the intellectual heritage of the Enlightenment (Haskalah) and its origins is dated back to the late 18th century. This movement was born in Germany, but the real boom and reform in the true sense of the word occurred in the first half of the 19th century in America with the arrival of European immigrants who brought with them new ideas influenced by European reform movement. The extraordinary success of the reform movement, that quickly spread across North America, resulted mainly from the religious tolerance. This dissertation deals with the issue of the impact of European Reform Judaism on American Reform Judaism in the 19th century in the context of cultural history, focusing on the characteristics, trying to describe different religious, ideological, political and socio- economic challenges affecting the Jewish community in the United States. Keywords Reform Judaism, USA, Europe, religion, state, tradition, woman, 19th century
Secularization as a provocation Christianity to the theological basis of the social theory of P. Berger and Ch. Taylor
Doležal, Kryštof ; Gallus, Petr (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
This master thesis is focused on interpreting theological motives in the social theory of P. L. Berger and Ch. Taylor, particularly in relation to their interpretation of the concepts of secularization and secularity. The first objective of the thesis is to demonstrate whether these partial sociological concepts can be read as theologically conditioned. Consequently, to elucidate how the dependence of these concepts on their theological origins influences the explanation of the pertinence of Christianity in the contemporary world. The second aim of this thesis is to testify the inner connection between the ideas of both authors; in order to explain how and for what reason the concepts of secularization and secularity acquire the same or different expressions. This thesis is organized into four sections, the first section defines the framework of the secularization debate in which the topic of this work operates. The second and third sections provide an analysis of Berger and Taylor's sociological approach. The last section compares the concepts that prove to be essential for the interpretation of secularization and secularity in Berger and Taylor.
The Principles of the Interfaith Dialog in Standpoint of Husite Theology
Procházka, Tomáš ; Kučera, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee) ; Petráček, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis focuses on the concept of interreligious dialogue from the perspective of Husite theology, maps the contemporary texts of the theologians of the Czechoslovak Church on the topic of non- Christian religions and the practical involvement of this church and its theological faculty in dialogical structures. Represents associations and movements engaged in interreligious dialogue in the Czech Republic. The probe into the theory and practice of interreligious dialogue worldwide and the review of authors dealing with, captures the expert reflection of the subject. The reflection of Husite theology emphasizes the key non-substantial concept of human personality and Christian dogma for the interreligious dialogue. The results of this reflection are formulated in five principles that may help overcome the contradiction between indifferent religious pluralism and apriori claim to the truth by revealing the existential nature of interreligious dialogue as opposed to substantive dogmatics, giving an occasion for discussion of the elementary nature of religion.
Then Who Can Be Saved? Three Affirmative Approaches to a Soteriological Universalism (Barth, Tillich, Rahner)
Roll, Benjamin ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis entitled "Then who can be saved?" deals with the approach of three important theologiansof the 20thcentury to soteriologicaluniversalism. The first chapter introduces inclusive passages of the New Testament and the old-church authors who are welcoming to the question of the salvation of all men. In the main part, the thesis deals with two protestant theologians Karl Barth and Paul Tillich and one theologian of the Roman Catholic Church Karl Rahner. The thesis briefly mentions their lives and works, and then deals with the description of their concepts and ideas that testify their openness to the issue of salvation offered far beyond the Christian churches. In their example, author wants to show the legitimacy of the topic in contemporary Christian thinking.
Faith and superstition in Moravian folk song
Lukáš, Jan ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hájek, Matěj (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the phenomenon of the folk song as it was recorded in Moravia, or at least in the Czech language region, in terms of pagan, biblical and commonly Christian influences giving consideration to heterodox forms of Christianity which acted in the process of shaping of its lyrics. Its aim is to find and analyse motives in the lyrics that draw their inspiration from that kind of influences. The thesis strives afterwards to describe and to analyse these motives and if it is possible to introduce their parallels both inside and outside of our cultural area. At the same time it compares variants of the same lyrics or also variants contained in other songs. Finally there is also impact made by these products of folk culture on later art production represented mainly by the work of K. J. Erben. Chosen songs may in the greatest extent demonstrate the diversity of thoughts and themes, as well as the wealth of sources and springs of inspiration. Thus the thesis targets on the places where the folk culture preserved its peculiarity face to face the Christianity and also where it is founded in some tension with the orthodoxy regardless of the age of such opinions. However the folk culture is much more imbued by Christianity. This mutual connection of Christianity with other elements...
Imago Dei in *The Mirror of Simple Souls*
Härtelová, Eliška Dana ; Červenková, Denisa (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis demonstrates the concept of imago Dei in the Mirror of Simple Souls Who Are Annihilated and Remain Only in Will and Desire of Love, mystical text of early 14th century written by French beguine Marguerite Porete. Imago Dei is taken as an assumption for her theory of seven stages to mystical union to God. Special attention is given to the role of Love and the concept of imitatio Christi.
Friedrich Mildenberger's Theology.
Roubík, Pavel ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Čapek, Filip (referee) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
Friedrich Mildenberger's Theology. The submitted dissertation represents generally first presen- tation of Friedrich Mildenberger's theology with distinctive concentration on his opus magnum three-volume Biblical Dogmatics. Friedrich Mildenberger is the only systematic theologian who was developing "pan-biblical theology" lifelong. Overwhelming majority of his work is con- nected with his working at the theological faculty in Erlangen. Mildenberger strove for the proper use of scripture in church which historical-critical interpreting cannot meet. His Biblical Dogmatics principally combines biblical theology with dogmatic questioning and endeavours to understand scripture applicably. Biblical Dogmatics is conceived of as posing the questions to which the biblical texts are to be discussed as answer For Mildenberger's interpreting of the Bible, it's peculiar to interlacing theology (the constitution of reality in God) and economics - or with James Barr rather oikonomia -, i.e. the restitution of reality by God. The specificity of his questioning and originality (!) determines the abandonment of the traditional encyclopaedic separation/division and theology study. Mildenberger follows the Lutheran Orthodoxy tradi- tion, Enlightenment, the so-called dialectical theology and contemporary theological...
Political conflict in case of Branch Davidians
Kárníková, Anna ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis has provided an understanding and re-examination of the political conflict of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas in 1993. In addition, it has shown that the government siege could have been less violent and has justified the acts of certain individual players within the conflict. Without a doubt, everyone has their own pre-understanding and reassessment of the event. The first part dealt with the social context of religion in the United States and at within the state of Texas. It describes the diverse religious environment, history, and conditions for participants and their religion there. At the same time, it quickly familiarized readers with the phenomena of new religious movements. The second part was focused on the development of Branch Davidians and described the forming of the group from its roots in Adventism and previous leaders through the final version with David Koresh. The presentation of the Branch Davidians represented was important for understanding their behavior in following chapters. The last fundamental part was dedicated to the initiators of the conflict and its consequences. The hypothesis was confirmed that the Branch Davidians were not the only initiators of the conflict. The principle role of inciting the conflict was played by disgruntled Branch Davidian...
Aria school as a case of implicite religion
Slačálková Otterová, Mariana ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
In this bachelor thesis, I have used the case of Ario school (1992-2014, with successor group which still exists) to show that a group, which does not understand itself as a religious one, can have implicit religious elements. The thesis is based on interviews with twenty-two interviewees, who have been engaged in this organization at various times of its existence, divided into three groups: the renegades, former members who left the organization without conflict and men and women who are still members of the (successor) organization. There are no academic or other texts on Ario school thus the first part of this thesis introduces this organization and reconstructs its history. The second part of the thesis analyzes specific phenomena, which can be looked at from the religious point of view. The analysis is based on the concept introduced by Ninian Smart, which he introduced in his Dimensions of the Sacred, where he defined seven dimensions of the sacred: ritual, doctrinal, narrative, ethical, emotional, social, and material. The group had many aspects of new religious movement, especially because of the role of its leading figure.
Tibetan Buddhism in Kalmykia
Kosareva, Evgeniya ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to study and analyze Tibetan Buddhism in Kalmykia. In order to achieve this goal, the following points must be examined: 1. To study sources of Kalmykia and understand the history of the development of local population. 2. To analyze Genesis and study the religion of Buddhism of Kalmykia. 3. To study basic valuable objects of Buddhism religion in the Republic of Kalmykia. 4. To find basic written texts, which Kalmyk Buddhists reveres. While working on this bachelor thesis, literature by Russian authors was used which was taken from Kalmyk Buddhists. This thesis also includes important information which was obtained from texts and literature. This thesis focuses on Buddhist pantheons which Kalmyk Buddhists reveres. These points have helped to examine and understand Kalmyk history, the development of Buddhism in the Republic of Kalmykia, and problems which conjoins with Buddhism in the 20th century. Key words: Tibetan buddhism, Kalmykia, pantheon, religion, Russia

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