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Influence of sorbents on retention curve of contaminated fluvisol
Hnatajková, Eva ; Jačka, Lukáš (advisor) ; Pavlásek, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with the influence of sorbents on the retention curve of the contaminated alluvial soil (fluvisol). The retention curves of soil without sorbents (reference soil) are compared with the soils enriched by the following sorbents. Biochar (BC), amorphous manganese oxide (AMO) and combination of (AMO + BC). Soils sample were collected is specific uncultivated area in the valley of Litavka river (located in the central part of the Czech republic). Two different types of samples were used for measurement of retention curves. First type of the samples were collected from the column experiments and second type were the samples collected in the field. All samples were extracted using in Kopecky rings (100 cm3). The measurement of the retention curves was performed by a direct method in the laboratory. For laboratory determination of the retention curves classical set of instruments were used (sandbox, sand-kaolin box and pressure apparatuses). The measured data were fitted using van Genuchten. Values compared are the bulk density, parameters of van Genuchten model (Thétas, ThétaR, Alfa, n), and values pF (0; 1.0; 2.0; 2.7; 3.0; 3.7; 4.18). The comparison of retention curves of differently treated soil was based on the average, standard deviation and the difference and ratio of the avarages. According to presented findings sorbents affected shapes of the retention curves. Especially biochar influence water content for high pF values. We confirmed the hypothesis according to VERHEIJEN et al. (2010), that biochar tincrase the total retention of soil water, but does not increase the amoust of water avaible plants. The influence of AMO on retention curve was negligible. Therefore sorbent AMO has a small influence on change of water retention in the tested soil. The effect of combined sorbent (AMO + BC) on the retention more significant than effect of using AMO sorbent only. This combination of sorbents affects the water retention depending on applied pF.

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