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Optimizing the operation of wastewater treatment plants
Singrová, Veronika ; Bábíček, Richard (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to evaluate two selected wastewater treatment plants and to propose appropriate measures related to optimization of operation. Wastewater treatment plants are from the Jihomoravský and Zlínský regions and both come under the category 2 001 - 10 000 equivalent inhabitants. In the diploma thesis there is an assessment of construction objects, machinery, cleaning efficiency and energy performance of both WWTPs. The calculations are based on the real measured values for the last three years and on the basic parameters of individual objects and equipment. The present state of the two wastewater treatment plants is summarized and optimization proposals are sorted by importance.
The study alternatives village sewer system Kamenný Malíkov
Rőssová, Markéta ; Raček, Jakub (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the possibilities of drainage of waste water and its subsequent liquidation in the village of Kamenný Malíkov. The aim of this diploma thesis is the elaboration of variant solutions for drainage of Kamenný Malíkov. Furthermore, the proposal for wastewater treatment, the economic comparison of variants and the recommendation of the unsuitable variant. The diploma thesis deals with the proposal of predominantly gravitational way of drainage of waste water in combination with the pressure, due to incline terrain in the village. Each eventuality has wastewater treatment method designed.
Options eliminate odors in sewer network
Žíla, Radim ; Malaník,, Stanislav (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the possibility of removing odor on the sewer network. The first part of the research describes how the odor is generally perceived and what legislation regulates its quantity in the air. The second part of the research focuses on problems of formation of smelting sulfate on the sewer network. This section describes the formation of sulfane as a major component of odor. Further disclosed are methods for its removal, and the ways in which the odor is measured. The practical part deals with laboratory testing of pre-selected fillings in order to determine their ability to remove odorous sulfane. In the second part, on-line measurements are made to determine the causes of sulphan formation in a given location.
WEST software for calculation of waste water treatment plants
Hlavínek, Jakub ; Kubík,, Jiří (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
In it´s theoretical part, my master thesis handles selected softwares for wastewater treatment mathematical modelling. It summarizes and compares availible softwares on the market, it´s use, advantages and disadvantages. The practical part deals with an exemplar evaluation of selected wastewater treatment plant according to Czech normative standards and evaluation of the same wastewater treatment plant per mathematical model created in WEST program. The assembly of a wastewater treatment plant model consisted of studies, creation of the layout, insertion of provided data, calibration and model evaluation.
Monitoring of the sewerage system in the city of Brno
Dvorský, Petr ; Prax,, Petr (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with the monitoring of the sewerage system in the city of Brno. In the research part, there is made an overview of the most used measuring equipment for the monitoring of the sewerage system – level meters, flowmeters, automatic samplers. The practical part is devoted to the monitoring of the sewerage system in Brno for partial evaluation of the benefits of the project „Reconstruction and completion of sewerage in Brno“, realized in 2012 – 2014. Measuring campaign has taken place from June to October 2017. In the course of the work, the instalation of measuring equipment and the collection of measured data was done. After finishing measuring campaign, the data were evaluated from different aspects – the number of overflows, the quantity of overflowing water, the dilution ratio and the quantity of discharged pollution. Then, the hydraulic and construction technical assement of the pipelines of sewer network and overflow chambers and assements of the quantity of the rainwater were made. The results of the evaluation were compared with the results of the previous monitoring campaingns and with the data obtained before the project has been realized. Based on this, the benefit of the project was determined.
Efficacy overflows
Šlechtová, Tereza ; Úterský, Michal (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor´s thesis is to process the recherche of the overflow chambers The first part of this thesis includes the legislation of the overflow chambers. The following list provides a short description of the individual types of the overflow chambers and building materials which we use the most often. The thesis deals with technical proposal and hydraulic computation.The allovable pollution of diluted water is presented by dint of emission limits and pollution limits which are caused by the overflow chambers. In the practical part of this thesis are used valuable lessons learned from the theoretical parts. The aim of this part is recognition of the selected overflow chambers in the combined sewerage system in the city of Brno. The chambers were monitoring during measuring campaign in 2017. The overflow chambers were evaluated to their efficiency and construction conditions. In the latest bulit and current moved overflow chambers was calculated the ratio of dilution.
The study of sewerage in selected municipalities
Soukup, Tomáš ; Hluštík, Petr (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with drainage of selected village Domamil. Include the description of basic types and possibilities of drainage, these findings are applied to determine the most suitable way of draining the selected village.
Assessment of the technical condition of the sewer system in the village
Mosná, Silvia ; Korytář, Ivo (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis includes an assessment of the technical state of the sewerage network in Bantice, which is divided into 7 chapters and the conclusion. The work includes legislation that deals with the issue in question. Also general information about the municipality, which includes municipal amenities, geological conditions, hydrological conditions, water infrastructure and others. Due to the fact that a passport has been carried out in the village, one chapter deals with passportization in the village where there is a separate subchapter describing the current state. Thanks to the acquired camera record and passportization, it passes to the next part, evaluation of the technical condition. This work encompasses a part, that deals with remediation of technically most important chesses and sections and subsequently recommends repairs or reconstructions. The last part is the hydraulic assessment of the collecting network, which has been calculated in three variants in order to reach the most realistic situation in the village. There are two drawing in the addition, detailed situation and hydrotechnical situation at 1:2000 scale.
Eliminating odors in the sewer network
Novotný, Jiří ; Malaník,, Stanislav (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis focusses on the elimination of odor in the sewer system. Firstly, the paper contains the research in problematics of the origin, control and risks of the hydrogen sulfide for humans as well as for the sewer system. Secondly, the paper describes methods for hydrogen sulfide removal from water, air and in addition to that the selected sorbents are described in detail. Practical part deals with sorbent testing for hydrogen sulfide removal in laboratory environment. The practical part also follows up the odor in the particular area through sorption on sewer filters. From the measured data and from the results of the laboratory analyzes the consequences of the odor are evaluated and recommendations for the operator are presented.
The study alternatives village sewer system Crhov
Sakáčová, Monika ; Raček,, Jakub (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
The theme of this diploma thesis is " The study alternatives village sewer system Crhov". The thesis focuses on the design of possible wastewater treatment options with design of the technology for waste water treatment. Four alternatives are proposed - catch up existing sewerage and build an aerobic pond, new sewerage system with a container sewage treatment plant, domestic sewage treatment plant and the existing drainage system and the construction of a sewage treatment plant. In addition to the proposal itself, financial valuation of these variants is an integral part of the work with its own recommendation.

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