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Emancipatory Jewish Communities in Moravia and Silesia
Baránek, Daniel ; Hlavačka, Milan (advisor) ; Nesládková, Ludmila (referee) ; Řepa, Milan (referee)
The dissertation deals with the theme of the Jewish communities that were able to originate in Moravia and Silesia as a result of the civil emancipation of Jews in the middle of the 19th century. The individual chapters focus on the different aspects of the emancipatory Jewish commu- nities from their external institutional manifestations to their internal social structures, which reflec- ted the plurality of transforming religious, national and political identities within Jewish society. Attention is first devoted to the legal and demographic prerequisites for the establishment and development of Jewish settlement in the places where the Jews were not allowed to live before the emancipation. The emancipatory Jewish communities did not emerge as mere clusters of mem- bers of the Jewish minority, but rather as organized religious communities. Therefore, the work devotes great space to the genesis of small pre-emancipatory prayer fellowships, to their tranfor- mation to religious associations and religious communities, then focuses on attempts to transform the religious communities into democratic or national ones and on their degradation and destruction by the Nazi occupiers. The thesis examines the various factors influencing the "organization of Jewry" (attitude of the state authorities to the...
Controlled time: history of time clock
Hlavačka, Milan
The measurement of time and its practical applications within transport, school and factory structures are civilizational phenomena of primery importance. When we examine the origins of time control we come up against two different worlds: the traditional world of clocks, clockmakers and clock patents on the one hand and the modern world of bureaucracies and factories on the other hand, i. e. the organisation of work in closed space outside of home. Hence this entails an entirely new associations of time and space with social consequences, so the history of time clocks not only involves the history of technocracy, but also civilizational and social history, as well as the history of the elimitation of defects in civilisation, by which is primarily meant the elimination od unpunctuality in the working proces. Time clock came to be seen as the primary disciplinary device in any transatlantic company.
Socio-cultural tensions in Loučeň in the last third of the 19th century
Kršková, Veronika ; Pokorná, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Hlavačka, Milan (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on a conflict arising from establishment of the Club of readers in Loučeň in 1874. In the dispute of the local priest with the leaders of the Club of readers there are several problems reflected; contemporary antisemitism, dissent in Czech politics which culminated during of the 70s of the 19th century, separation of the National Liberal Party or declining authority of the Catholic Church. The conflict caused by a trivial incident is finally examined in the court, which makes it an unusual affair. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to explain the behavior of the participants in the dispute in context of the given period and to describe the stimuli that influenced their behavior. Powered by TCPDF (
Poor care in Bohemia and Bavaria in the 19th century
Hlavačka, Milan
In both countries, a system was developed for the poor care, in which age care and medical care are not centralized and were not uniformly secured for all. In the Czech lands as well in Bavaria, however, began with the enlightenment of a process that covered the bandwidth of the instruments for combating poverty.
Conclusion: Typology of interconnected pairs at the level of the Czech country and Bavaria
Hlavačka, Milan ; Luft, R.
The individual examples of the history and present day of the Czech Republik and Bavaria create a transregional mosaic of contrasting historical phenomena. They can serve as an inspiration for contemplation and further researche.
Prologue: Czech Lands and Bavaria
Hlavačka, Milan ; Luft, R.
Ten years after the issue of „Bayern und Böhmen: Kontakt, Konflikt, Kulturʺ, Collegium Carolinum published a cross-sectional work on the parallel Czech and Bavarian past of the last 1500 years. The sumitted essays of this publication can be divided into three types: the type A comproses divergent prosesses with weak interactions, the type B comprises cases that indicate homogeneous phenomena or converged proces with significant external influences, the type C captures mutually strongly interconnected proces where, in addition to the general external effects, a fundamental impulse of one of the investigated regions made an impact.
Josef Hlávka and Karel Mattuš. Relationship of two respected men reflected by their correspondence
Vraštilová, Nikol ; Pokorná, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Hlavačka, Milan (referee)
(in English) I focused on analysing a relationship between Josef Hlávka and Karel Mattuš in my bachelor thesis. In the first chapters I deal with autobiography of these men, where I specifically focus on life fates of Karel Mattuš, which aren't known as well as Hlavka's are. The biggest part of this bachelor thesis analyses the selected letters of these friends, mentioned above, from June 1888 to February 1908, where I concetrated on passion of both men to push up the Czech nation a little bit higher. For this part the funds of Josef Hlávka and fund of Karel Mattuš were used. These are placed in the Literary archive of Memorial of National Writing.
For You Always Have the Poor With You...: From Charity to Municipal Social Policy
Fejtová, O. ; Hlavačka, Milan
The study is focused on the development of social practice in the Czech Lands and Austria-Hungary from charity to municipal social policy.

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