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The Incarnation Mystery in the writings of John of the Cross as a reverberation of Johannine Christology
Hlaváčová, Marie ; Červenková, Denisa (advisor) ; Vopřada, David (referee)
The Incarnation Mystery in the writings of John of the Cross as a reverberation of Johannine Christology. This thesis analyzes the mystery of Incarnation in the mystical experience and doctrine of John of the Cross, a Spanish Carmelite from 16th century, and searches for traces of the testimony of the Fourth Gospel in his conception of this mystery. Based on analysis of excerpts of his writings it concludes that the mystery of Incarnation has crucial role both in his experience and his writings. It consists in the fact that Jesus - the Word incarnate - is a principal agent in the process of uniting with God: He is both a model for a Christian to shape him or herself after and a beloved Spouse with whom he or she should be united and so enter a loving communion with Father and Son and the Holy Spirit. The main work which reveals how much John of the Cross esteems the mystery of Incarnation is a poetic paraphrase of the Gospel of John: Romance based on the Gospel »In principio erat verbum«. It depicts author's view of the incarnational mystery as a dialogue between Father and Son in eternity. The Incarnation is seen as nuptials of the Word incarnate and humankind which elevates humankind to the God's level. By extension, humankind gains participation on the relationship between Father and Son. The...
Water-use efficiency of winter wheat under heat and drought stress
Hlaváčová, Marcela ; Klem, Karel ; Novotná, Kateřina ; Rapantová, Barbora ; Urban, Otmar ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Smutná, P. ; Horáková, V. ; Škarpa, P. ; Trnka, Miroslav
Because such extreme weather events as dry spells and heat waves are expected to occur more frequently\ndue to climate change, the issue of appropriate water management for sustainable agricultural production\nis increasingly important. This study focuses on wheat, the second most widely grown cereal in the world\nand the most common cereal in European countries. The study assesses the effects of short periods (3 and\n7 days) of high temperatures (26°C as a control, 32°C, 35°C, and 38°C as daily temperature maxima from\n12:00 to 14:00) and drought stress at different developmental stages (DC 31 – beginning of stem elongation,\nDC 61 – flowering, and DC 75 – early grain filling) on water-use efficiency (WUE) in winter wheat\ncultivar Tobak. This cultivar is one of the most widespread winter wheat cultivars in Czech Republic fields.\nThe analysis of WUE showed that the cv. Tobak plants were able to withstand drought stress conditions\nthrough increased WUE. In contrast, wheat plants were stressed more markedly if exposed to higher temperatures\nand drought in combination. Generally, the wheat plants were most sensitive to drought at DC\n31.
Surrogate motherhood
Hlaváčová, Markéta ; Hendrychová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
The aim of this thesis is analysis of attitudes, opinions and present legislation regarding a surrogate motherhood. The thesis should be recommendation of optimal legal adaptation of surrogacy in Czech Republic. The thesis looks into chosen issue through methods of comparison with foreign legislation and reminder of professional and non- professional views on the issue. The reasons for surrogacy legislation in Czech Republic are particularly the best interest of child, protection of surrogate mother's rights and rights of potential parents and many more. The surrogacy legislation would mean amendments of many legal regulations, which are propounded by the thesis. Keywords Surrogate motherhood, surrogacy, surrogacy legislation, determination and negation of maternity, biological mother, social mother, genetic mother, legal mother, the best interest of child, adoption, right to family and family life Name of the thesis Surrogate motherhood
The influence of precipitation on shallow mineral water abstraction
Hlaváčová, Michaela ; Hrkal, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Procházka, Vladimír (referee)
This study focuses on the influence of precipitation on shallow catchments of mineral springs in the special area of Františkovy Lázně. The thesis was made on the basis of the data provided by the company Spa Františkovy Lázně a.s.. The interdependent relations between yield springs, precipitations, atmospheric pressure and the content of free CO2 were studied. These relations were observed onto six springs - František, Luční, Nový, Solný, Železnatý and Žofie. The precipitations were compared with the yield of individual springs. The season was proved by three springs (František, Železnatý and Žofie). Retention of the precipitation was determined for springs František, Solný, Železnatý and Žofie. Considering more than half a year delay, we cannot claim that the precipitations should have a major influence on the dotation of mineral springs. The downtrend was founded for the free CO2 in all researched resources. Significant indirect relation was found using the correlation coefficient between atmospheric pressure and free CO2.
Awareness of girls aged 13 - 14 years and their mothers about cervical cancer prevention
Hlaváčová, Monika ; Vachková, Eva (advisor) ; Liebichová, Iveta (referee)
Author: Monika Hlaváčová Institution: Department of Social Medicine LF UK in Hradec Kralove Department of Nursing Title of the work: The awareness of girls aged 13 to 14 years and their mothers on the prevention of cervical cancer. Academic advisor: Mgr. Eva Vachková Number of pages: 158 Number of attachments: 17 Defended in: 2014 Key words: awareness, cervical cancer, HPV infection This bachelor thesis deals with the awareness of girls aged 13 to 14 years and their mothers on the prevention of cervical cancer. The theoretical part deals with awareness in terms of health literacy such as reproductive health education, prevention of cervical cancer, especially vaccination against HPV infection and the importance of regular gynaecological examinations. It also briefly describes the current situation of cervical cancer incidence, clinical presentation, diagnostics, treatment and consequences of the disease. The empirical part investigates the knowledge of girls and mothers with regards to this thesis by identifying and compares the information of the selected group (girls 13 - 14 and their mothers) on the issue of cervical cancer, risk factors of the cancer and prevention, such as vaccination and regular preventive gynaecological examinations. I have used a qualitative research approach using a...
The Value Orientation in the life and work of nurses
Kulhanová, Magdalena ; Hlaváčová, Marie (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
Bachelor thesis titled "The Value Orientation in the life and work of nurses" is focused on exploration in the values of nurses working at the University Hospital Motol. The theoretical part of the paper gives a brief outline of the life values, issues of general value orientation and characteristics of individual groups of values. In the empirical part data were collected through a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire contained questions relating to the issue or determining the preference of selected environmental values in relation to age, length of practice and education of nurses.
Patients education before cardiac catheterization results and its evaluation
Packová, Lucie ; Švarcová, Eva (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Marie (referee)
Baccalaureate work deal with problems education in patients indicated to invasive achievement cardiac catheterization. It consists of theoretic and experiential parts. In theoretic parts are translateds basic piece of knowledge incidental educational activity in medical environment. Further list-form of macroinstruction with character achievement cardiac catheterization, inclusive nurse care before and after step. Pivotal is experiential volume of work, for which was elect philosophy uniphase mixed mock - up, i. e. use qualitative also quantitative engineer in just one experimental enquiry. Collection was realized by the help of semi - structured talk in patients hospitalized on internal clinic ÚVN and 1.LF. at the close are present record enquiry, which are bent on quality and effect education of the process.Part of experimental news is also proposal interventions that the have contribute by to increasing effectiveness education activities medical personnel detachment cardiology - sick - bed part and intermediate care internal clinic ÚVN and 1. LF.
Quality of life of hemodialysis patients
Kycltová, Pavlína ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Marie (referee)
Throughout the introduction to this bachelor thesis I would like to narrate the issue of a chronic kidney failure. The causes, symptoms, diagnosis, cure as well as the quality of life of patients diagnosed with this condition, will be mentioned. We will learn what principle hemodialysis is based on, what its complications might be and what requirements have to be met, in order for the patient to undergo a hemodialysis treatment. My aim will be to depict the problems caused by this illness in a family, work place and one's social life. The assessment of this issue will be based on information gathered from a survey conducted by myself at the hemodialysis center. My thesis will be concluded, with the use of a graphic and verbal description, by an analysis of the survey questionnaire and a disclosure of the data and final results about the quality of life of hemodialysis patients which participated in the research.
Mystical Journey of Union According to John of the Cross in the Light of Johannine New Testamental Tradition
Hlaváčová, Marie ; Kohut, Pavel Vojtěch (advisor) ; Sládek, Karel (referee)
Mystical Journey of Union According to John of the Cross in the light of johannine New Testamental Tradition This thesis analyzes the mystical development described in the works of a Spanish Carmelite, Saint John of the Cross. According to his teachings, a mystical journey heading towards the Union with God can be envisioned as a process of establishing an intimate relationship between a human person and God. As a result of the transforming effects of God's Love, the human being becomes detached from all his/her desires as he/she learns to prefer God above all things and to depend only on Him. What moves the soul towards God is an openness of mind formed by the theological virtues of Faith, Love and Hope operating together to produce a progress of the spiritual journey. Apart from presenting the core of sanjuanist teachings concentrated on the Union with God, the thesis also compares this teaching with a loving relationship between a disciple and Jesus as conceived in Gospel of John. The argument focuses on the fact that both johannine and sanjuanist depiction of dynamics that brings the soul and God closer to each other reflects the process of entering into friendship not only with God but also with other people. Three dimensions of a friendship slowly coming into existence are dwelt upon:...

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