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Ancient basics of utopia and philosophical utopism in selected writings
Dolák, Lubomír ; Hlaváčková Fleischerová, Andrea (advisor) ; Jirásková, Věra (referee)
Analysis and reflection of selected utopian writings with the aim of presenting utopia as a hope for society about the possibility of the existence of better worlds, as well as a valuable historical source from the times when their authors lives. Introducing utopia as a fictious, artificial place with ideal social structure, attributed to its their authors, and focusing, with use the probe of personal choice, especially regarding the social order, property and religion in these "ideal" states. Submitting a comprehensive and well-arranged elaboration of the whole topic from its general characteristics, through the analysis of selected writings to the final reflection. Brief characteristics of the work content: "Fantastic voyage of the barque of emotions and reason under the rudder of ancient philosophers on the vast oceans criticizing the social conditions inside the soul of the ideal states."
Education for active citizenship in terms of project - based learning aproach in an elementary school
Plecháčková, Radka ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Hlaváčková Fleischerová, Andrea (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of a cross-curricular subject Civic Education for Democracy. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the significance of education for active citizenship and to create a project that helps pupils to see themselves as an active member of their community. The theoretical section consists of three parts. The first part introduces a project-based learning approach, its significance, principles and historical context. The second part summarizes the fundamental features of the current form of the cross-curricular subject according to the Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education. The last part deals with education for active citizenship and its value. In this part there are two modern reviewed curriculums introduced, which may bring some new impulses to a new conception of the Czech cross-curricular subject Civic Education for Democracy. In the practical section design and realization of the project are described. The aim of the project is to help pupils to see themselves as an active member of their community who is attentive to his/her surroundings and who is able to have an impact in the society where he/she lives. The project is designed in such fashion so it could be adaptable to different kinds of subjects and groups of students. The next part of the...
The problem of resocialization after the imprisonment
Vu Khuc, Hoai Diep ; Hlaváčková Fleischerová, Andrea (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
In addition to protecting society, imprisonment has another purpose in the form of reeducating a convicted people to a proper life in freedom and preparing to resocializing them. This bachelor thesis focuses on issues related to imprisonment, specifically on the impact on the life of the convicts. Above all, it deals with the problems that convicts have to face after their release in the resocialization process. The sentence has further consequences for the convicted. Family and social ties are disturbed, the individuals are stigmatized especially when searching for a job, they often find themselves in debt and have to face many repercussions. The thesis introduces the reader to the various aspects of imprisonment, from the rights and duties of the convicts, through their education and employment, to the exit department. The key part is to analyze the problem of the complicated return of convicts to everyday life. Their resocialization is a complicated process with many obstacles such as unemployment, indebtedness and lack of background. KEYWORDS resocialization, term of imprisonment, recidivism, unemployment, indebtedness
Place of free schools in Czech culture
Scholzeová, Lenka ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Hlaváčková Fleischerová, Andrea (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of the free schools in the Czech Republic. The basic perspectives of the thesis are anthropological, sociological and also philosophical. The bachelor thesis deals mainly with the context of cultural and education, and the place of free schools in the current system of education and culture. Furthermore, it focuses on a problem of the influence of free schools on pupils in the view of their possible future application in a society. One of the key questions of the thesis is: What contribution would the free schools have for the personal development of an individual in the Czech cultural environment. A part of the bachelor thesis includes the visits of free schools, observations and qualitative research by interviews. The aim of the thesis is to reflect the habits of free schools and their role in the context of Czech culture. KEYWORDS free schools, culture, education, Summerhill, Sudbury Valley
Didactic analysis of cross-section theme "Multicultural education and its anchor, realization in new version within general educational schedule for elementary schools".
Sikora, Jiří ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Hlaváčková Fleischerová, Andrea (referee)
Thesis concerns with cross-section theme "Multicultural education and intersections of cross- section theme with educational area for education to citizenship." The cross-section theme Multicultural education will be analysed and compared with common themes of education to citizenship in RVP ZV. The link to identification education will be managed a didactic analysis school book. On the basis of research finding it will be suggest the recommendation for education(teaching). KEYWORDS School educational program, studying, multicultural educational, theme, didactics
Multiculturalism in teaching practise
Hvězdová, Aneta ; Lánský, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hlaváčková Fleischerová, Andrea (referee)
This final thesis deals with the realisation of multicultural education at public elementary schools and at the lower level of eight-year grammar schools in the Czech Republic. In the first part of the thesis I define the most common terms like multiculturalism and multicultural education. Also, I examine the curricular educational documents. In the main part I did a research in schools during the school year 2017/2018 in Central Bohemian Region and in Prague. Here I briefly map the situation at the school and the state of their educational program. I describe the course of the lessons, interviews with the teachers, mostly used methods and the results of the study. In the interviews I ask about the personality of the teacher, their opinion on current status of legislation and multicultural education. Key words: multiculturalism, multicultural education, nation, culture, ethnicity, minorities, educational program

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