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Pátek, Matěj ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (advisor) ; VENYŠ, Irvin (referee)
In my bachelor’s thesis, I introduce and subsequently compare six important publications of clarinet instructive literature and their authors, and focus on general problems of practising and performing clarinet etudes. The first chapter answers the question what is an etude, and contemplates the meaning and means of etude practice. Second chapter briefly introduces selected authors (Cavallini, Jeanjean, Stark, Jettel, Zítek and Žebera), discusses their background and one particular work by each of them. Third chapter offers a comparison of the six selected works based on different aspects of clarinet performance and instructional purposes. The selection of authors and pieces – a subjective basis of this thesis to some extent – finds objectivity through analysis and comparative method. The output of the thesis is mainly didactic and informative.
Development of clarinet play in folk music of the West Bohemian region
Jarábek, Josef ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (advisor) ; MAREŠ, Vlastimil (referee)
The purpose of this Bachelor thesis is the description of the development of the clarinet play in a folk music in the region Chodsko. The thesis is based on the source comparison of sheet music and recordings from the year 1893 till now. It is focused on changes of flourishes, pace rhythmization and tuning. Together with this research there is also an effort to acquaint the reader with this West Bohemia region, which is one of the last regions keeping its traditions alive. In addition to the factual comparison of the particular folk music records the key part also represents interviews with local respondents where they express their opinions. These people live in above-mentioned region. On one side, these are long listeners of local folk music, on the other side, these are profesional musicians who devote themselves actively to folk music and traditions and who are also authors of arrangements and performances. This thesis can help today´s interpreters of folk music, not only in Chodsko. It demonstrates the proof of the visible progress of the clarinet play and the fact that more and more professional musicians are dedicated to folk music.
Interpretation analysis of sonata Es Dur op.120 No. 2 by Johannes Brahms
Tseliapniou, Kiryl ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (advisor) ; VENYŠ, Irvin (referee)
This work is an analytical view of the clarinet sonata E flat major of one of the most important German composers in the Romantic period, I. Brahms. German composer Johannes Brahms has created his own and distinctive creative style over time. He is the last one of the foremost German music in the 19th century. The aim of this work is to understand the principle of communication of the holistic analysis of this work and also the understanding of the work done for correct interpretation in the historical context. This sonata, along with the first Brahms sonata, is one of Brahms's favorite works and is repertoire for many performers. This work focuses on the brief history of this sonata, the author's biography of Brahms, the influence of the analysis on the interpretation of the composition and the complete analysis of the sonata.
The phenomenon Milan Kostohryz.
Žitný, Radek ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (advisor) ; MAREŠ, Vlastimil (referee)
This thesis presents research about the very successful career of the Czech musician and pedagogue Milan Kostohryz (1911-1998). He made a substantial contribution to composition of new pieces, re-building historical instruments, developing new instruments, revising many old compositions, and he gave instruction to a number of excellent players. His work made impact and gained recognition on an international level. The research in this thesis is based mainly on original written correspondence, and partially on personal memories of his contemporaries and family, as well as on a few public resources and preserved sound recordings.
Viktor Kalabis and his production for clarinet focusing on chamber music
Černohouzová, Jana ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (advisor) ; MAREŠ, Vlastimil (referee)
My doctoral thesis "Viktor Kalabis and his production for clarinet focusing chamber music" concentrates on the composer´s chamber pieces for clarinet and other instruments. Overall, I shall be writing about two pieces written during his student years (Suite for clarinet and piano, Sonata for clarinet and piano) and about five pieces with opus numbering (Divertimento for woodwind quintet op. 10, Small Chamber music for woodwind quintet op. 27, Sonata for clarinet and piano op. 30, Suite for clarinet and piano op. 55, Impressions for two clarinets op. 87). The first chapter of the thesis deals with the composer´s musical inspirations. I speak about the development of Kalabis´composing style and I write about his perception of the individual instruments. The next part deals with the interpreter´s perspective describing how to perform these compositions. My thesis is divided into chapters dealing with the individual pieces written by Viktor Kalabis. In each chapter I speak the circumstances of origin, musical form and my experience with performing these compositions. I offer different opinions for practice and interpretation. In the course of several years, I cooperated with amazing musicians like, for example, Daniel Wiesner (piano), Jana Jarkovská, Daniel Havel (flute), Jana Kopicová (oboe), Adéla Tribeneklová, Jan Musil (horn, Jana Hudeček (bassoon) and lots of interesting musical ideas came to existence during our cooperation. I compare my findings with other recordings, analyzing their approach and their realizations. This thesis also includes a recording of two pieces without opus numbers, wich became the first recording of these pieces ever.
Paulová, Anna ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (advisor) ; MAREŠ, Vlastimil (referee)
The bachelor thesis „Jiří Hlaváč in the changes of professions and genres‟ is dealing about the artistic activity of Professor Jiří Hlaváč. In this work I present his musical beginnings, interpretative activities and achievements in chamber ensembles such as the Barock Jazz Quintet. I also deal with his pedagogical, compositional, arranging, dramaturgical, publishing and popularization activities. Part of this work is dedicated to recordings, awards, programs for Czech Television and Czech Radio and work in artistic and music institutions.
The Professors of Clarinet at HAMU after 1990
Böhm, Lukáš ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (advisor) ; MAREŠ, Vlastimil (referee)
The purpose of the thesis is to have an insight into the progress of the musical career of clarinet teacher at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, who worked here from 1990 to the present It is mainly based on personal interviews with those people and to a small extent on Internet sources. The text is accompanied by rich photographic attachments. The thesis describes the development of individual teachers during their lifetime. We will learn what led them to the music, the beginning of the plays, learning, competitive activity, information on their concert track - solo, orchestral or chamber. The various stages of their lives are divided into chapters as needed. The thesis focuses primarily on close knowledge of listed teachers and conclusions of my work can serve as a source and as a thank you to living individual teachers for their continuing exemplary teaching.
Works for Wind Quintet and Associated Instrument
Durníková, Nela ; MAREŠ, Vlastimil (advisor) ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (referee)
The theme of this thesis is Works for wind quintet and associated instrument. The work professionally analyzes works by internationally known authors. Their works became the best-known and most-played compositions of the chamber repertoire, not only for wind instruments. The thesis also includes a comparison of works of the same instrumentation and a playlist for wind quintet and associated instrument.
Methodic of trombone for beginers
Moťka, Lukáš ; SUŠICKÝ, Jiří (advisor) ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (referee)
The topic of this dissertation thesis discusses the methodology of playing the trombone for beginners. This work is based on a long tradition of the Czech trombone school and describes the development from the beginning of this tradition to the present. The work is divided to three main chapters. The first part is devoted to the history of music teaching in Bohemia and Moravia. This chapter also introduces the biggest personalities and teachers of trombone in Bohemia and Moravia. The second part is devoted to personalities who greatly influenced the Czech trombone school and trends as well as my attitude to metodological approaches. In following subchapters personalities who inspired my opinion to the education of childern are introduced. The last subchapter is devoted to Hatha yoga, one of the main inspirational aspect during my studies. The third part introduces a new methodology of playing the trombone for beginners. This work is particularly concerned about the understanding of the important functions of the player's body such as a proper breathing, a muscle function, a musculoskeletal function and their interplay into one harmonious whole. A single subchapter is devoted to each of this element. I mention here also a question of a personality of a teacher and a connection between children and art
Krysztof Penderecki and Clarinet in his Works
Steiner, Lucie ; VENYŠ, Irvin (advisor) ; HLAVÁČ, Jiří (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is Krzysztof Penderecki and usage of clarinet in his work. In the beginning of my thesis I describe the context of the second world war in Poland with musical directions after the end of war and its influences to musical environment in order to introduce the situation and conditions. Afterwards I introduce the life and the work of composer and conductor Krzysztof Penderecki. In this thesis I focus mainly on the clarinet pieces of the composer. Considering the lack of specialized publications I choose method of music analyse of the pieces, including websites materials. At the end of thesis I intoroduce remarkable world clarinet performers who interpreted or recorded various pieces of Penderecki.

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