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The effect of water-based exercise program on health related physical fitness and quality of life in elderly women
Kramperová, Veronika ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Holmerová, Iva (referee) ; Labudová, Jana (referee)
Title: Effects of water-based aerobic programme on health-related physical fitness and health-related quality of life level in elderly females Objectives: The aim of this study was to asses the effect of shallow water aerobic programme on changes of health-related physical fitness and health- related quality of life level in elderly females. Methods: 33 women (mean age 67 ± 5,2 years) were eligible for participation for the study. Participants were divided into experimental and control group. The experimental group (n = 17) participated in a 6month shallow water aerobic programme once a week 60 minutes. The control group did not participate in the physical program. Body composition, low-back and hamstring flexibility, hand grip strength, upper body and lower body strength, aerobic capacity, dynamic postural stability and health-related quality of life were determined before and after completion. Results: This study has shown that the training programme caused a significant increase in aerobic capacity (p = 0,01; r = 0,62) and in general health perception (p = 0,04; r = 0,36). Keywords: physical fitness, water exercise programme, ageing, quality of life
Signal alert dogs and their use in people with diabetes mellitus
Zemanova, Monika ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Majorová, Simona (referee)
The theses is focused on diabetic alert dogs, which create impact on compensation of diabetes mellitus. Differences in topic's between Czech republic and USA is compared based on questionnaire. Part of diploma thesis is also short questionnaire dedicated for members of Czech republic parliament. The aim of thesis is to extend public knowledge about diabetic alert dogs in Czech republic. To compare knowledges about this topic between Czech republic and USA and to compare number of owners of diabetic alert dogs in Czech republic and USA. Analysis was done by using selected method of questionnaire targeting this topic. Questions were related to people suffering from diabetes mellitus in Czech republic and USA. Second anonymous questionnaire was prepare for members of Czech parliament and their knowledges about this topic. Structualized interwievs with people suffering from diabetes were conducted only for additional information. Key words signal alert dogs, diabetes mellitus, assistance dogs, assistive device
Possibilities of sports activities in patients suffering from asthma and their effects on the course of disease.
Sýkorová, Kamila ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Mahrová, Andrea (referee)
Title: Possibilities of physical and sports activities for patients with asthma and their influence on the medical condition Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to discover the level of active lifestyle of asthmatic patients and their participation on physical activity and sport. Another aim is to find out whether asthmatic patients are limited in physical activity or sport because of the medical condition and how the physically active lifestyle influences the medical condition and whether it takes part on improving quality of life. Methods: A survey was used for data collection. A questionnaire was distributed to people working with asthmatic patients, to sports club and university students. The research group consists of 125 respondents. The obtained data was processed into tables and charts via Microsoft Office Word 2016, Microsoft Office Excel 2016 and SPSS program. A verification of hypotheses was carried out according to the results of the survey and the independence test - chi-squared test. Research results are in the form of tables and graphs summarized at the end of the thesis. The results were compared to the resources dealing with the topic to verify if the hypothesis was true or not. Results: According to the chosen data processing methods, the limitation of asthmatic patients in...
Conditional abilities of Czech ice hockey players in NHL according to the Wingate test
Janek, Michael ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Vojta, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: Conditional abilities of Czech ice hockey players in NHL according to the anaerobic Wingate test Aims: The aim of this thesis was to find out and evaluate the level of anaerobic readiness of selected Czech forwards and defenders playing in NHL between 2001/2002 and 2015/2016 seasons. The evaluation was based on comparison of the results in Wingate test of the research groups and specified standards of the first league (ELH) players. The other purpose was to find out whether there are differences between the results of the forwards and defenders. Methods: There were used the research methods of quantitative analysis including effect size. Research sample consists of the group of 26 forwards (mean age = 20.5 ± 4.4) and the group of 16 defenders (mean age = 23.2 ± 4.5) who have played in NHL. Results of the main parameters, i.e. peak power output, peak power relative to 1 kg of body mass, anaerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity relative to 1 kg of body mass, of the 30 s anaerobic Wingate were used. The data were collected from database of Faculty of PE and sport, Charles University in Prague and confronted with the first league ELH standards from the longitudinal research (Heller, Vodička 2014). The comparison was based on the mean values and dispersion of performances, effect sizes were...
Exercise programmes for individuals with ESRD treated with dialysis and their effect forquality of life.
El Ali, Zaher ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Heller, Jan (referee)
Title Exercise programmes for individuals with ESRD treated with dialysis and their effect for quality of life. Objective: To evaluate an effect of regular 6 months intradialytic exercise programmes at functional state and quality of life in patients with ESRD. Methods: 15 patients with ESRD on haemodialysis participated in exercise programme during haemodialysis. Senior Fitness Test (SFT), dynamometry of hands and questionnaire tool SF-36 were used to evaluate physical function and quality of life of the research group before and after 6 month exercise period. Results: Results of output motoric tests and questionnaire tool after exercise intervention were conform with majority of cases or better than the results of input tests. Improvement was recorded for patients, that did exercises regularly. Only in one test we observed statisticaly significant change- in case of women, increased their test performance in 2-minute step test (p<0,04). In case of men there were no statistical significant difference. Statisticaly significance of changes between input and output tests, were evaluated by small number of patients in group. In majority of the results before and after exercise intervention were no statistical significant difference. Summary: Regular exercise programmes realized during hemodialysis can...
Physical Fitness of the bodyguards of the Police of the Czech Republic
Mejsnar, Petr ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Michalička, Vladimír (referee)
Title of the work: Phycical fitness of personal protectors of the Police of the Czech Republic. Objectives: The main aim of the work was to determine and evaluate the profile of physical fitness of the members of the Close Protection Division, Protective Services of the Police of the Czech Republic. Methods: The work has character of emprical research, its main method was observation. Research sample was composed of 21members (age range 28-55) of the Close Protection Division of Protection Service of the Police of Czech Republic. Within complex testing were used non-invasive methods (anthropomotoric testing, analysis of body composition, anaerobic and aerobic testing, tests for local power and tests of reactivity). An invasive method was also used to test a capillary blood sample to determine the cholesterol level and the postworkout lactate level in blood. Somatic factors were eveluated individualy (antropometry, somatotype, body composition). Conditioning claims were also evaluated (anaerobic, aerobic, lokal power). Within psychophysiological requirements as tested reactivity on acustic and optical signal and as a last there were found out information from health area, blood pressure was measured and compared to level of cholesterol of research sample. Results: The results of observation has...
Comparison of proportional biological age and theoretical skeletal age on the example of swimmers
Peřinka, Filip ; Musálek, Martin (advisor) ; Heller, Jan (referee)
and key words Problem definition: Assessment of the biological age is possible to obtain by several methods, both simple and more sophisticated. Results will surely not always comport. Currently radiography of distal epiphysis antebrachia and ossa manus (ossa carpi , ossa metacarpi, phalanges) is considered to be the most exact method, however for the reason of unavailability of X-ray pictures, we require for assessment of the bone age, this method is used exceptionally mainly for its invasiveness. Theoretical estimation of the bone age might be a kind of alternative method when assessed from derived coefficients of regression equations, made on a base of conventional radiographic method. In the contrast of that, age rating by biological proportionality is considered a substitution of the bone age criteria. So, the problem is the mutual diversity and difference of the two methods which are relatively most exact. The Aim: In the thesis, we deal with comparison of the biological proportional age and theoretical bone age within swimming youth, in age range 11-15 years altogether. The main goal is to learn the difference of the biological maturity by using two methods determining the biological age coming out from anthropological measurement of individuals. Methods of resolution: Assessment of the...
The condition ability in football. Comparasion of top and high performance level of the 16- to 18- year-old football players.
Stockinger, Marek ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Hojka, Vladimír (referee)
Title: The condition ability in football. Comparasion of top and high performance level of the 16- to 18- year-old football players. Objective: The objective of my work was to assembly of data about the condition abilitiy of football players. And subsequently testing and comparasion of the condition ability of the 16- to 18- year-old football players in the different achievement categories. Methods: The research was made through the testing according to the test battery including 4 exercises focused on the fitness ability. It included 4 field exercises -Cooper test, long jump with the closed legs from place, 4 x 10 metres repetitive run and repetitive 6 metres jump. It also comprised laboratory tests - aerobics test in vita maxima on a treadmill ergometer and anaerobic intermittent test on a bicycle ergometer. Results: The results should show the differences of the fitness abilities of football players of variol achievement abilities. Key words: Football, teen-agers, condition, practise, intermittent load.

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