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The non-professional public perception of the nurse occupation
Chvojková, Kateřina ; Marsová, Jana (advisor) ; Hejzlarová, Lenka (referee)
The work deals with the theme of perception of the nurse job by public. The objective of the work is to find out what awareness of the present work of nurse is with a view of contact of job of nurse, her personal experience and at the same time the experience of neighbourhood of the respondent and with the view of the personal feature of nurse. The objective is also to conduct a survey of factors having influence on opinion of public about job of nurse. In the theoretical part the attention is paid to the definition of the term nurse especially in the connection with its relation to nursing. The overview of the historical development of nurse from the beginning of Christianity until the first half of the 19th century is presented and furthermore it is presented the origin and development of the professional nursing including the situation in Czechia. A special attention is paid to the prestige of the nurse job including the influence of the public on its formation and also the role of the mass media at forming the public meaning is dealt with. In the empiric part of the work the objectives of the work are formulated. The results of the questionnaire investigation are illustratively depicted with help of tables and figures. In the conclusion the results of the research are summarized including the...
An incidence of hospital infections after invasive procedures ( central venous catheter, permanent urinary catheter) at the intensive care units of Thomayer University Hospital.
Novotná, Jindra ; Hejzlarová, Lenka (advisor) ; Jurásková, Dana (referee)
This work focuses on estimating the incidence of hospital infections of the urinary tract and catheter infections of the bloodstream at the intensive care units of the university hospital. The patients at the intensive care units are at high risk for contracting an infection. Apart from that, the development of hospital infections increases the cost of the treatment. By comparing reports and the actual incidence of infections, I discovered that in most cases the urinary tract infections are not reported. After analyzing the results I proposed measures that should lead to better reporting of the urinary tract infections.
Competency medical rescuers in the Czech Republic
Pekara, Jaroslav ; Hejzlarová, Lenka (advisor) ; Schwarz, Zdeněk (referee)
The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is to map orientation opinion on competences medical rescuers in the Czech Republic. In my empirical investigatoin I have realized comprehensive questionary searching in every current Regional Centre of Rescue Service in the Czech Republic. Partly are characterized and assessed a view and opinions from group of rescuers and doctors from Regional Centres of Rescue Service. On the basis of teoretical issue handling I have formulated 5 premises that I verified with my investigation, except one of them. Competences issue of medical rescuers in the Czech republic is taking meaning and lately is more often centre of interest of various discussions and gatherings.
Communication Skills of Nurses Working at ICU in Hospital
Schánilcová, Zuzana ; Hejzlarová, Lenka (advisor) ; Černá, Alena (referee)
This dissertation work is concerned with some nurses' problems in communication with a patient at ARD/ICU in hospital. In theoretical part "I try to explain the concept communication", to point at the important position of a nurse in communication with a patient, to outline the basic ways of communication at nursery care and consequently the communication problems between a nurse and a patient, too. At once I try to describe complexly some alternatives of nurses' communication at ICU with a different sort of patients. In last theoretical parts I deal with the concept of basale stimulation and I briefly describe the workplace ARD/ICU, the care of the patient in intensive care and his needs. The experiencial part of dissertation work is concentrated on communication of nurses working at ARD/ICU with a patient with a deficiency of consciousness with secure respiratory tract. For getting data in the research part was chosen the method of quantitative research - the structurial questionnaire. In this part I aimed at finding out the ways of communication using by nurses at patients with a deficiency of consciousness and the patients of fully consciousness with secure respiratory tract and to reveal both the reasons of problems in communication with these sorts of patients.
The Principles of Prevention of Hospital Infections at the Critical and Intensive Care Units
Němcová, Adéla ; Hejzlarová, Lenka (advisor) ; Jedličková, Anna (referee)
The target of my diploma work was state level of knowledges of nurses about MRSA, further on how nurses observe preventative measure at treating MRSA positive patient and whether they have good conditions for treating in their ward. I accomplished this research in two Prague's hospital in the ICU. I compiled questionnaire to obtain informations and I distributed it to 100 respondents. Recoverability was 76 %. I determined four hypotheses (one was confirmed, one was confirmed partly and two were contradict). I stated that nurses have average knowledges of nosocomial infections theory. Majority of nurses thinks that they are good at observing barrier treatment care.

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