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The methodology for bit-level preservation of digital data
Růžička, M. ; Miranda, Andrea ; Hejtmánek, L. ; Vašek, Zdeněk ; Krejčíř, V. ; Bartošek, M.
The aim of the digital data bit-level protection methodology is to provide recommendations for implementing Long Term Preservation (LTP) storage. The methodology provides guidance on how to address the problem of bit protection of digital data in the environment of Czech libraries on the basis of good practice in this area available in the Czech Republic and worldwide. At the same time, this methodology is connected to project ARCLib , which aim is to develop open source LTP system. For wide availability to the libraries of the Czech Republic and elsewhere, the whole recommendation is based on freely available technologies with open source text and licenses allowing further development and adaptation to the needs of the user.
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Educational website focusing on experimental teaching physics at the 2nd grade of elementary school
The aim of this diploma thesis is to create an educational portal designed to support the teaching of physics at the elementary school with the use of standard web design methods. The purpose of the portal will be to simplify the preparation of teachers for experimental teaching at the 2nd level of elementary schools through a database of experiments and other materials such as videos. The benets of this portal will be veried and evaluated through in-depth interviews with physics teachers at the 2nd grade of elementary schools. One part of the thesis is also an analysis and evaluation of similar web projects dealing with physics teaching. In the rst part of my thesis, I deal with the analysis and evaluation of similar web projects. The next part is focused on the design and creation of the educational portal itself and contains brief information about the design methods and the procedures of creation. In the next section, I will deal with the creation of content for the portal and nally, I will interview the teachers who used the created educational web.
Human spatial navigation strategies in virtual environments
Hejtmánek, Lukáš ; Vlček, Kamil (advisor) ; Špinka, Marek (referee)
This master thesis presents an overview of psychological and neurological the- ories and research of human navigation, how it works, what systems it con- sists of and what external information it requires to operate. I present several experiments administered in virtual environment which tested the process of accessing two discrete spatial reference frames: allocentric landmark-centred and object-centred. The research tries to answer whether these reference frames interface during the learning phase and whether their access is sim- ultaneous or sequential. Data from my experiment are partially concordant with previous research and imply that the two representations exist inde- pendent of each other. Subjects tend to manifest longer reaction times during the spatial task when they need to change the reference frames in order to provide a correct answer. But the data also suggest that the switch from the object-centred reference frame does not occur prior to the task itself, which is conflicting with previous studies. Possible explanations are discussed. keywords: human navigation, switching, environmental representations, object- centred reference frame, virtual reality 1
Administrative Punishment of Corporates
Hejtmánek, Ladislav ; Prášková, Helena (advisor) ; Průcha, Petr (referee) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
- English This paper is focused on new legal institute, starting to grow and practised relatively very late, during the period of the socialist regime. Such institute is new, but nowadays has grown to substantial dimensions which is connected not only with the practical point of view, but also with the development of the society and economics. Very similar development can be observed also in other law cultures; the administrative penalty has everywhere the rising intensity, also in Anglo-American law, both in law in books, as well as in law in action. Our law order has the traditional classification of such institute to Administrative Law, not Criminal Law. Such classification has its advantages, but also disadvantages - as advantage it is very easy to apply the law in books, relatively free procedural law, effectiveness and speed of the punishment. As disadvantage it is the absence of guaranty of fundamental righst of defendant (offender), unsufficient observation of the facts of liability, a quantity of specific law rules organized by every ministry, and moreover very poor catalogue of administrative punishment. With the respect of such deficiency of this part of Administrative Punishment this paper is prepared with the traditional point of view of the Criminal Law concentrated on the particular...
HTML5, getUserMedia and its use with camera
The AIM of this thesis is the current analysis of the development of new method getUserMedia in web browser, which is a part of HTML5. This technology enables the website to approach to the webcam or microphone. In the past this was possible only via using of plugins, which had to be installed. Nowadays mainly Adobe Flash belongs to these plugins. This thesis deals with advantages and disadvantages of this new technology against other technologies enabling to approach to the webcam. There will be carried out testing of support of this new technology in available versions of browsers either desktop or mobile (smartphones/tablets). As a practical part of my work I will create a set of examples, which will be available on the Internet. The main practical example will be a creation of a simple web application enabling videoconferencing using getUserMedia and third-party frameworks.

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1 Hejtmánek, Ladislav
3 Hejtmánek, Lukáš
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