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Multicultural education at a primary school
Chadtová, Barbora ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The topic of the thesis is mapping the issue of multicultural education at primary schools. The main aim is to penetrate the current structures, to assess the possibilities of the teacher's work in the school environment and to find other ways of multicultural education of pupils in relation to the findings. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the legal environment of the issue at the level of the Czech Republic and the anchoring of multicultural education in curricular documents. It describes possible ways of thinking and approaches in contemporary intercultural education as well. It also includes the possibilities and principles of the educational process from the teacher's personality, his own competences, setting goals and content, appropriate forms and methods of work to the pupils and other factors influencing the lesson of multicultural education. Much of the work is devoted to the latest findings, trends and basic pillars and principles of quality intercultural education. It also describes organizations that focus their activities on multiculturalism in the world and can thus directly contribute to the broadening of the general overview of pupils, transfering information, knowledge, personal social development and especially the multicultural competences of pupils. Last but not...
Development of social and emocional skills of pre-school children
Aganjová, Lejla ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Koťátková, Soňa (referee)
This thesis defines social-emotional skills that need to be refined among pre-school children within the context of the beginning of schooling. The work also verifies the possibilities and limits of artefiletics in the development of social and emotional skills of pre-school children. The thesis is of a theoretical- empirical character and is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The chapters of the theoretical part deal with social and emotional development of pre-school children, the meaning of a play in social-emotional development and also with social-emotional constituent part of school maturity. The last chapter is devoted to artefiletics as an innovative approach towards the development of social- emotional skills of pre-school children. The practical part of this thesis consists of two parts - action research and questionnaire survey. The action research focuses on verifying the possibilities and limits of artefiletics when developing and refining social-emotional skills of pre-school children in kindergarten.The action research aimed at increasing the quality of complex maturity preparation for entering primary school, respectively adaptation to school environment. The second part of the practical part consists of questionnaire survey, the aim of which was above all to discover...
Teacher-beginner as a class teacher
Steiningerová, Iva ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of beginning primary school form teachers and the introduction into their profession. The aim of the thesis is to analyse what professional competence a graduate in Primary School Teacher Training needs for the role of a form teacher in terms of theoretical justification and practical knowledge and skills. To discuss and argue for a concept of a form teacher work preparation in the pre-graduate preparation. It investigates the teacher personality and its changes within the historical context. It describes historical development of teachers education and the current situation in the Czech Republic. It deals with a professional standard model, represents professional competences of the primary school and teacher standards. The form teacher is viewed from different angles. It deals with his work content, activities he should do, duties and competences. It defines the term professional ethics and code of ethics for teachers. This paper determines professional norms, values and responsibility which are accepted by every single educator in his profession. The core task of the practical part was a comparison of the questionnaire results and dialogues with the analysis of my own experience in the aspect of professional competences and form teacher competences. The...
Social climate at a classroom
Kolůchová, Regina ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of social-emotional climate in the elementary school class whose pupil is a child with special educational needs. The theoretical part focuses on the development of relationships among the people who influence the classroom climate and on creating a favourable classroom climate with all its positive features. It discusses disruptions of the classroom climate by a pupil with special educational needs and thus also the related competencies of the teacher in charge of the classroom climate and possible ways of diagnosis, intervention and support options. In the practical part, ten teachers from two selected elementary schools provide their insight on the degree of influence the pupils with special educational needs who attend their class have on the classroom climate. The aim of the research was to find out whether the classroom climate is significantly influenced by the presence of a pupil with special educational needs and if it raises the need for special care of the classroom climate. Semi- structured interviews with teachers have revealed that in order to achieve educational goals, it is necessary to create a favourable classroom climate and to maintain or improve it according to the teacher's knowledge and experience, including the possibility of...
Teacher Assistant at a primary school
Hylmarová, Renáta ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Mazáčová, Nataša (referee)
This master thesis deals with the subject of the first-grade primary school teaching assistants. It seeks the answers on following questions: what the social and cultural background of teaching assistants is; what their key motivation for is applying for this role; what their expectations before were entering the profession; what their motivation for continuing the profession is. In this master thesis, I place the emphasis on uncovering the previous job and life experiences of teaching assistants as well as how these past experiences affect their current job position. The answers for these questions are provided by qualitative and quantitative research which is based mostly on semi-structured interviews with teaching assistants from the elementary school in Prague, district 10. From the outcome of these interviews, the questionnaire was made, which was subsequently sent to assistant teachers from various parts of Czech Republic. Questionnaires were used mostly for confirmation and completion of information acquired from semi-structured interviews. This master thesis confirms that assistant teachers get involved in their profession for various reasons and have diverse previous work and life experiences. Education of assistant teachers is diverse, which in turn leads to rather vague expectations...
Problem - based learning and the possible uses in primary school.
Jahoda, Zdeněk ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
This Master's thesis discusses the Problem - based learning as one of the constructive teaching concept methods, it's position in the system of teaching methods and the possible uses in primary school regard to the key competencies of solving the problems. This theme is very actual because of the influence in the real life. The objectives of the Master's thesis is to define the basic concept of the Problem-based learning (problem, problematic situations, types of the problematic tasks and the way of their solving), key competencies and appropriate organizational forms of the teaching. The objective of the practical level is to define the principles of the effective use of this method in teaching, to verify the possibilities of uses of the Problem-based learning and focus on the way of fulfilling of the key competencies of solving the problems using various organizational forms of teaching. The thesis contains the empirical and theoretical part. The empirical part comes from the analysis and the comparation of the study of the vocational literature. This part focuses on the research as the method of achieving the goals. The research uses two basic methods; the method of the observation of the pupils during their work and method of the collection and analysis of the outcome of the pupils work. The...
Teacher as an Observer of the Pupil's Learning at Montessori School
Bartušková, Lucie ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
This thesis deals with observation of pupil in Montessori system which was designed by Maria Montessori. One of the principles this education is individual approach of the teacher to the student and respecting his learning pace. Thus the teacher becomes an observer who must know he level of education of each pupil in his mixed class. But how to map individual student progress? The aim of the thesis is to describe and analyze the way and the importance of observation as professional activity of a teacher teaching in a heterogeneous class in Montessori school and to assess the possibilities of modifying observations for classical primary schools. The first part of the thesis describes alternative schools and the characteristics of Montessori pedagogy as an introduction to the main principles of the examined environment of the practical part. It also describes the pupil and teacher as the main participants in the educational process and describe their role in this alternative type of education. It maps observations in pedagogy in the end - in educational research, initial education and, finally, in the teacher's professional activity. Practical research has used methods of observation, interviewing, and analysis of school's materials to map the way, how individual observations are made in one...
Urválková, Karolína ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Tomková, Anna (referee)
The thesis deals with home education. The theoretical part defines the basic terms. The next part defines communication strategy and cooperation between parents and school. The practical part of the thesis is focused on communication between parents and school. This section is considered to be information relating to the information obtained from the questionnaire for parents and teachers. The aim of this work is to find and expand their knowledge of cooperation and cooperation, based on the communication aspects of this cooperation. The results of the evaluation of questionnaires and interviews are evaluated by research questions and assumptions. KEYWORDS Home education, individual education, home education, communication, cooperation
Learning motivation of pupils at primary school
Panáčková, Pavlína ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Slezáková, Jana (referee)
Pavlína Panáčková Učitelství pro první stupeň ZŠ 5. ročník ABSTRACT (MOTIVATION OF PUPILS FOR LEARNING AT PRIMARY SCHOOL) The master thesis deals with motivational quality of semantic support during teaching at first grade at primary school. The theory section consists of four parts. The first part concerns motivation and its sources and motivational problems at school and at the same time it is about communication. The specifics of learning pupils at primary schoo are in chapter 2. The last part deals with the didactic justification of the evocative and motivational function of semantic support for learning. At the same time we are looking for an answer to the question. Does semantics have more meaning in some subjects depending on the type of learning? The aim of the practical part is to find the answer to the question: How does the using of semantic supports influence the pupils' knowledge and their relation to learning? The research contains interviews of the teachers with main topic of semantics and its application during teaching. At the same time, the questionnaire survey is applied to pupils of the third class which compares three types of Mathematics - classical mathematics, Hejny method with semantic focus and Hejny method focused structurally. The thesis contains results evaluation of...
Functional ways of reading literacy development in elementary school
Řešátková, Klára ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to acquaint readers with the functional ways of the development of reading literacy of pupils in primary school, and to find out how and with what results these way can be aquired from the position of primary school teacher and pupils. The theoretical part is focused on reading literacy, its components, the stages and the factors that influce its development. It defines concepts of reading, reading comprehension, and related reading skills and strategies. It deals with the development of reading literacy at school. It describes pupils of the primary school and key competences of the primary school teacher. The thesis also describes which components of reading literacy can be developed among pupils and what the appropriate projects in the Czech Republic are. The final chapter focuses on the methods that support the development of reading literacy among pupils, especially the RWCT (Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking) program and their inclusion during lessons. The aim of the practical part of this thesis is to find out the answer to these research questions: How to effectively develop reading literacy of pupils at primary school? How and with what results can the teacher of primary school acquire functional ways of the development of reading literacy? The practical...

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