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Comparison of properties of thin layers of titanium, nickel and silver used in semiconductor technology
Dorotík, David ; Prášek, Jan (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
Bachelor theses were connected with knowledge of general problems of application of thin films by methods of sputtering and evaporation. Prepare the substrate and clean it before depositing thin layers. The work was focused on the properties of these thin films in semiconductor technology.
Distance and position determination using ultrasound
Bartoš, Dalibor ; Šteffan, Pavel (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
This thesis describes distance measurement using ultrasound and its application in determining position of an object. First part of this thesis describes principles of ultrasound wave propagation, piezoelectric transducers, basics of both triangulation and trilateration and different kinds of park assist systems. The second part contains description of algorithms designed to determine position of two objects at the same time. Last part of the thesis describes implementation of created algorithms into software and also modules used in the test measurement.
SRAM memories testing with utilization of memory built-in-self-test
Sedlář, Jan ; Fujcik, Lukáš (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
The project deals with the testing of SRAM memories using method MBIST with the utilisation of sofware tool Tessent Memory BIST. The main purpose is to get familiar with memory testing and to create a design for testing on a specific chip which after its implementation on the chip will retain the original features and functions. Subsequently, the tool is evaluated on its usability.
Material position tracking in production hall
Sládeček, Michal ; Otáhal, Alexandr (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes implementation of an indoor positioning system for tracking the location and movement of material and products through the manufacturing plant. The system is designed with regards to simple installation and low overall implementation costs. It utilizes method of Wi-Fi and magnetic field fingerprinting. The system employs a client hardware (active tag with Wi-Fi module and sensors designed for this project) communicating with a server software which does the mapping and fingerprinting processing. Finall positioning system is prepared to collect locations data for further analysis aiming to improve efficiency of manufacturing processes.
Test equipment for set-up of animation light functions
Holinka, David ; Vysloužil, Ondřej (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
This work deals with creating equipment for testing animation light function. This device would allow display animation in any color and disposition. The equipment will consist of hardware and software. Hardware will constitute printed circuit boards. One of them will be called Master board, and other PCB will be called Led board. These PCB are connected by connectors and communication will provide by CAN bus. By using of PC application will be able to program and download animations and play them on LED boards.
Investigation of high voltage influence on different materials in high and low vacuum
Šedivý, Matúš ; Šandera, Josef (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
The beginning of this thesis contains an overview of properties of the insulators, and description of insulators that were used for in depth research of surface breakdown in vacuum. Furthermore, this work focuses on mechanisms of an electric breakdown initiation at the interface of the solid insulator and surrounding low pressure gas. Multiple methods for measurements of dielectric strength are examined. The experimental part describes the measurements performed in the vacuum chamber. The results of these measurements are then analysed. In conclusion, used insulators are compared and suggestions for further work are given.
Hodoor – electronic attendance system
Predný, Patrik ; Hojdík, Matěj (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issue of attendance recording. The aim of the thesis was to design a solution and then create a hardware terminal for the electronic attendance system. The whole system is based on the latest web technologies using the Raspberry Pi hardware, for the client terminal. Future use of the device is possible for both home and commercial use. The whole system was distributed globaly as Open Source project. The result of thesis is a physical prototype of a client terminal, based on the Raspberry Pi platform, Electron based application for terminal and a web application communicating with the server solution.
Autonomous power supply with higher EMC requirements
Burian, Jan ; Deneš, Roman (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
This paper deals with design of mechanical and electrical components of autonomous power supply and its testing. It consists of selecting of the materials, draft of shapes and calculations of feed-throughs for the source container to ensure the required electromagnetic characteristics. It also includes the selection of electronic components, comparison of DC-DC converters and filter design with focus on the highest electromagnetic immunity and the lowest electromagnetic emissions.
Roughness measurement with laser profilometry
Mach, Radoslav ; Frk, Martin (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with technology of laser profilometry for material roughness measurements purposes. The theoretical part deals with all aspects of the issue in an effective way and highlights the essential characteristics of used components and material roughness. The focus of this work is in first step to describe the external factors affecting the visual image processing such as increasing of environment temperature and its effect for a camera sensors. And particularly the relationship between CMOS and CCD technologies. The second step is for measuring roughness parameters of materials, such as metal, wood, rubber and plastic with three different lasers. Results demonstrate correlation between the wavelengths of the used laser lights with particular materials.
Comparison of solders for power modules
Spaček, Marek ; Boušek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
Táto práca podáva náhľad na výkonové polovodičové moduly, technológie v nich požívané a niektoré procesy používané na ich výrobu. Popisuje aj niektoré kvalitatívne kritériá pre spájkovaný spoj medzi DBC substrátom modulu a jeho základovou doskou a metódy používané na ich inšpekciu. Na koniec porovnáva vlastnosti 6-zložkovej vysoko spoľahlivostnej spájky 90iSC vyvinutej firmou Henkel so štandardnou spájkou požívanou na výrobu modulov vo firme SEMIKRON pri použitím rôznych spájkovacích programov, použitím röntgenovej inšpekcie, SAM a metalurgických rezov.

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