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Fundamental analysis of Stock Spirits Group
Tománek, Jan ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Veselá, Jitka (referee)
The Bachelor´s Thesis is a fundamental analysis of Stock Spirits Group. The first part determines types of a stock analysis. The second part deals with the most important industry factors and European markets with alcohol, where the company is active. The third part investigates the company itself, its position on markets, its results, dividend policy and outlook. The last part of the thesis represents the basic methods how to set forth the intrinsic stock value using a discount model and relative valuation. These methods are then applied on estimates of future dividends of the company and an investment recommendation is issued. The conclusion summarizes results of the fundamental analysis of the company and comments on the recommendation.
Strategic analysis of Hájek a Boušová Ltd.
Racovscaia, Iulia ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Heřman, Jan (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to carry out strategic analysis in order to evaluate the strategic position of Hájek a Boušová Ltd. (Ovocný Světozor) on Czech market and to formulate recommendations for its future development. At the beginning of the thesis, the author explains the concept of strategic analysis. Then focus is placed on the most well-known analyses of the company's external and internal environment. First, there will be implemented the analysis of the enterprise's macroeconomic environment, representing an environment that the firm can hardly influence, for example, legislative, economic, social or technological areas. Then an microeconomic analysis will be implemented. The last analyzed area will be the internal environment of the firm, which consists of classification of sources, VRIO analysis, financial analysis, portfolio analysis. Based on these analyses, it would be possible to identify strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its potential opportunities and threats. The benefit of this bachelor thesis will be the evaluation of the factors influencing development of the company Ovocný Světozor and the identification of its strengths and weaknesses.
Economic evaluation of the effectiveness of the investment project in the enterprise management system
Orlov, Petr ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Alekseev, Vladimir (referee)
The object of the research is an investment project for the organization of an enterprise for the production of fur products. The subject of the research is the evaluation of the effectiveness of the investment project for the organization of an enterprise producing fur garments. The aim of the bachelor's work is the economic evaluation of the effectiveness of the investment project LLC Object in the enterprise management system and proposals for improving the economic efficiency of the investment project LLC Object. Bachelor's work consists of an introduction, 3 chapters, conclusion, a list of references and an appendix. The first chapter focuses on theoretical approaches to assessing the effectiveness of an investment project. The second chapter analyzes and calculates the economic efficiency of the investment project LLC Object. The third chapter calculates the economic evaluation of efficiency, proves the economic feasibility, explores and calculates the possibility of increasing the economic efficiency of the investment project Object.
The development in cost management for the enterprise
Rozhkova, Olga ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Alekseev, Vladimir (referee)
The object of study JSC Mospromzhelezobeton, the main direction of activity is manufacture of concrete products. Subject of research system of cost management at the enterprise of JSC Mospromzhelezobeton. The aim of this work is identifying areas of cost optimization for the enterprise JSC Mospromzhelezobeton. JSC Mospromzhelezobeton is the largest enterprise producing concrete products. The company is a supplier in the construction of the largest strategic objects of Russia, such as roads, underground , construction of airports, Olympic venues, etc. The structure of the thesis consists of introduction, 3 chapters, conclusion, bibliography and applications. The first Chapter describes the theoretical basis of cost management, discusses the different types of costs and different management methods. The second Chapter analyses the internal and external environment of the enterprise JSC Mospromzhelezobeton, and also discusses the methods of cost management introduced in the enterprise. The third Chapter analyses the financial and economic activities of enterprises accounting, cost accounting, various methods, and developing proposals to improve the efficiency of cost management in JSC Mospromzhelezobeton.
Strategy of utilization of real estates
Vaňková, Monika ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Zeman, Karel (referee)
Thesis discusses a current topic of decision making on most effective strategy of utilization of real estates. The aim of this diploma thesis is to compare the economic advantage of model-based strategies for the utilization of real estates, to identify variants of acquisition, lease, alternatively their combinations, to evaluate these variants through income, expenditures and equity, to analyze and subsequently to find the most financially effective variant of housing. In the theoretical part, there is analyzed the conceptual apparatus, but also the relevant theoretical and legislative framework. Further, the methodology of the analysis is stated, where is chosen equity as the decisive criterion. Using this criterion, the best option of real estate utilization is detected from four variants of real estate utilization from the financial point of view, while the cash flow development is monitored in the practical part of the diploma thesis. At the end of the thesis the advantages, disadvantages and risks of strategies are formulated and recommendations are made.
Leo Express Company Strategy
Matveeva, Daria ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Zeman, Karel (referee)
This Master thesis deals with the valuation of Leo Express, a. s. to the date January 1, 2016. As a valuation method was used the earnings valuation method based on discounted free cash flow to the firm and equity (FCFF). The thesis is split into two parts The methodical part defines the terminplogy and used indicators. The practical part is a detailed analysis of the market for transport of passenger rail services in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland by used PEST analysis. The part of Master thesis is also financial analysis of the company. Process of valuation was implemented on the base of well-prepared financial plan and other value drivers. The evaluation itself has been accomplished using three-phase DCF method,which is consist of a prediction phase,second faze and a residual value phase.
Inductive reasoning of 10-12 year old children in mathematical environment
Herman, Jan ; Novotná, Jarmila (advisor) ; Hošpesová, Alena (referee) ; Rendl, Miroslav (referee)
Inductive reasoning of 10-12 year old children in mathematical environment Formation of inductive inference is a complex process influenced by a number of diverse phenomena, whose study is at present moving to the spotlight of the community of psychologists. So far, conclusions of researches in this domain have been used in mathematical environment only very rarely, this despite the fact that inductive reasoning is crucial in many operations which are perceived as essential in development of mathematical reasoning. In my thesis I summarized conclusions of the relevant research, mostly in the domain of psychology, and put them in context of other research in this field. I dissected phenomena described by other authors, then applied their consequences in mathematical environment and finally designed and carried out two experiments. The aim of the first was to explore the genesis of inductive inference in natural environment, with the focus on the conditions of its genesis. The aim of the other experiment was exploration of genesis of inductive inference in a stimulating environment, with the focus on the quantity of experience prerequisite for formation of inductive inference and on the relation between the quantity of the experience and confidence in the consequent inference. The conclusions of the...
Destination of tourism: Sweden
Zeman, Tomáš ; Heřman, Jan (referee) ; Navrátilová, Miroslava (advisor)
Název: Destinace cestovního ruchu: Švédsko Title: Destination of tourism: Sweden Souhrn: Cílem této diplomové práce je charakterizovat Švédsko jako destinaci cestovního ruchu. Práce se zaměřuje na popis Švédska z mnoha úhlů pohledu a následné vypracování SWOT analýzy, která by nastínila aspekty, jež jsou typické a zásadní pro tuto destinaci. Součástí práce je také souhrnný přehled zájezdů do této skandinávské země, které jsou nabízeny českými cestovními kancelářemi. V práci jsou navrženy kalkulace dvou vlastních zájezdů. Summary: The goal of this diploma paper is to charakterize Sweden as a destination of tourism. The paper is focused on describing Sweden from different angles and afterwards creating SWOT analysis that provides specific and fundamental aspects of this destination. The paper also contains summarized syllabus of tours head for this Scandinavian country that are being offered by Czech travel agencies. The paper includes draft propositions of two own tours calculations. Klíčová slova: Švédsko, cestovní ruch, destinace, cestovní kancelář, zájezd, pobyt, účastník, SWOT analýza Key Words: Sweden, tourism,destination, travel agency, tour, visit, excursionist, SWOT analysis
Computational complexity in Graph Theory
Herman, Jan ; Flusser, Jan (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
Seidel's switching is a graph operation , which for a given graph G and one of its vertices v gives the graph derived from G by replacing edges adjacent to v by non-edges and vice-versa. A graph H is called a switch of G, if H can be obtained from G by a sequence of switches of its vertices. In the thesis we introduce known results ab out computational complexity of problems if for a given graph G t here exists its switching lying in a given graph class (}. For different graph classes g, we later study a characterization of the class of all graphs, which can be switched into g, in terms of minimal forbidden induced subgraphs. We introduce a full characterization of a class of graphs switchable to a disjoint union af cutworms, respectively partial pairings by forbidden subgraphs. We also prove that a class of graphs switchable to chordal has infinit ely many non-isomorphic forbidden subgraphs. At the end we deal with the relationship between swit ching and other graph operations and graph classes operations.
The impact of regulation on the protection of financial intermediary clients
Zámečník, Petr ; Heřman, Jan (advisor) ; Kislingerová, Eva (referee) ; Rozsa, Zoltán (referee)
Financial intermediation due to misselling harms consumers. The work concerns to regulation of financial intermediaries and relation between financial intermediary and his or her client. The main objective is to analyze how the regulatory of commissions impact financial intermediation. The paper analyzes the current form of legal status of financial intermediation in the European Union and the Czech Republic and results in analyzing the impacts of regulatory proposals that was discussed in Chamber of Deputies Parliament of the Czech Republic. It concludes that if the proposals were accepted, it will not improve the quality of consumer protection, but even can cause damage to the client. The current legislative base moreover provides sufficient resources to prosecuting financial intermediation, which does not respect the client's interest. For analyzing the relation between financial intermediary and his or her client is developed theoretical model based on theory of games.

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