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Transformation of Recreational Facilities in Prague
Tesař, Jakub ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Havrlant, Jan (referee)
The present thesis studies the transformation of recreational facilities of Prague. It is focused on a model area of villages, Ohrobec and Dolní Břežany, which have been long - term observed by the departement of social geography and regional development of Charles University in Prague. Although this area is a significant recreational zone, since 1990's it passes through a considerable number of changes. In this area the transformation of second home and suburbal activity occurs and changes the present landscape character. In an observed locality it has occured the tranformation of the structure of area users. The aim of the thesis is to find out how these people use this area, how do they identify themselves with the place where they live or relax and, what kind of mutual relationships they have. Due to the character of my topic, I have chosen several methods from qualitative research, the main source of information is questionnaire survey between the inhabitants and vacationers.
Regional differentiation of the tourism projects in Czechia implemented within the frame of the SROP in years 2004-2006
Šenkýřová, Tereza ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Havrlant, Jan (referee)
The theoretical part of this diploma thesis deals with the role and importance of the tourism in the regional development. The practical part is dedicated to the analysis of the projects which were focused on the development of the tourism in Czechia and had received the financial support from the European Union, specifically in the SROP (Common regional operational programme) between years 2004 and 2006. In addition to the fundamental analysis the spatial differentiation of these projects is observed at the district level and tourist areas, assuming their distribution in relation to the definition of metropolitan areas (for activity of regional development actors) and the assumptions for regional tourism development (based on Defert tourist function). The case study is focused on the reflection of the projects that were implemented in the district Jeseník and especially in the community Ostružná. Key words: tourism, regional development, SROP, district Jeseník, Ostružná
Impacts of tourist urbanisation: case study of the municipality Čeladná
Bartolomová, Petra ; Havrlant, Jan (referee) ; Fialová, Dana (advisor)
This Diploma Thesis deals with the manifestations of tourist urbanisation on a municipality, in this case the Municipality of Čeladná, which is currently among the most dynamic and developing municipalities in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy region. The thesis aims to analyse the current state of the municipality and determine the impacts of development on tourism and on the socio-economic and physical environment within the municipality, with emphasis on the analysis of tourism, second housing, constructions and project developments in Čeladná, and the opinions of individual stakeholders who are affected by this matter. In order to achieve the goals proposed, qualitative research was undertaken which included fieldwork and interviews which were conducted with community residents, municipal leader, owners of second homes, CHKO Beskydy management, local environmental groups - such as Beskydčan, and owners of accommodation facilities in the municipality. Additional analysis was undertaken on the available literature and documents. Powered by TCPDF (
Methodic of vertical deflections determination of bridge construction by the radar interferometric technology
Antoš, Filip ; Talich, Milan ; Glöckner, M. ; Böhm, Ondřej ; Soukup, Lubomír ; Havrlant, Jan ; Závrská, M. ; Šolc, Jakub
The methodology provides guidance for determining the vertical deflection of bridge structures using radar interferometry technology. The vertical deflection of bridges are primarily caused by stress during transit of vehicles. The deflections are simultaneously measured by radar throughout the length of the monitored structure. The measurement is continuous with a high sampling frequency (200 Hz) and with high precision (0.01 mm). It is believed the use of interferometric radar IBIS-S Italian manufacturer IDS. General recommendations and conclusions are valid for every kind of radar.
Methodics of horizontal movements determination of height objetcs by the radar interferometric technology
Antoš, Filip ; Talich, Milan ; Glöckner, M. ; Böhm, O. ; Soukup, Lubomír ; Havrlant, Jan ; Závrská, M. ; Šolc, Jakub
The Methodics provides a user with an instruction for horizontal movements determination of height objetcs by the radar interferometric technology. The horizontal movements of height objetcs are roused by the weather conditions or by the object fundament instability or by influence of intrinsic forces caused by a mechanic component attached to the object. The movements of the height objetcs are measured simultaneously in the whole length of the monitored object. The measurement is continuous with high frequency (up to 200 Hz) and very precise (up to 0,01 mm). It is possible to measure remotely, without need of accesss to the object, when natural reflectors of radar signal are parts of the object's surface. If the body of the object, resp. attached metal parts have poor reflection, metal corner reflectors have to be attached to suitable places on the object. Interferometric radar IBIS-S of Italian production is supposed to be used. Nevertheless, the general recomendations and conclusions are valid for any other radar device of this kind.
The Application of the Ground-based InSAR technique for the deformation monitoring of concrete hydropower dam Orlík on Vltava river
Talich, Milan ; Glöckner, M. ; Böhm, Ondřej ; Antoš, Filip ; Soukup, Lubomír ; Havrlant, Jan ; Šolc, Jakub
GB InSAR technique plays an increasingly important role in determining the deformation of dams. The paper describes the use of GB InSAR technique for monitoring deformations of the Czech largest concrete dam Orlík on the Vltava river. After analyzing one month-long continuous measurement of the dam were detected non-linear movements. The relation between acting water level and resulting deformations were investigated in detail. The results confirm that GB InSAR technique is very suitable for monitoring deformations of this type of constructions. At the same time, the results may serve as a valuable source of data and information for further analysis in area of stability and for early warning systems.

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