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Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the skeletal system
Havránková, Barbora ; Němečková, Ivana (advisor) ; Kudláčková, Zděnka (referee)
NAME: Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of skeletal system AUTHOR: Bc. Barbora Havránková DEPARTEMENT: Department od Biological and Medical Sciences SUPERVISOR: RNDr. Ivana Němečková, Ph.D. This diploma thesis summaries informations about acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the skeletal system. In the first part the skeletal system is described and agents of disease are analyzed. The most common agents are staphylococci, especially Staphylococcus aureus, streptococci, pneumococci and Haemophilus influenzae. In the next part the individual diseases are analyzed, the methods of their diagnosis and therapy are mentioned. Diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of the skeletal system is often complicated and is based on a detailed anamnesis. For all the diseases, the therapy consists of pharmacological, surgical and complementary therapy. All these diseases cause pain and often complicate life. Basic diagnostic methods used for diagnosis are imaging examination methods such as RTG, CT, MR or scintigraphy. Laboratory examinations are appropriate but not always authoritative. The treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skeleton is based on non-steroidal anti- rheumatic drugs, disease modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARDs), antibiotics and biological drugs. KEY WORDS: skeletal system,...
Methods for the determination of radiological impact of the food chains
Tesař, Jakub ; Bartusková,, Miluše (referee) ; Havránková, Barbora (advisor)
The diploma work presents comprehensive overview of methods of determination of radiological impact on food chains. It describes the determination of radionuclides in groceries in common radiation situation and in unusual radiation situation. Practical part of the work presents two model radiation events. These are radiation event in the territory of Czech Republic and radiation event in the territory of other country and its impact on Czech Republic. In the end both model situations are compared.
Meaning of National Radiation Monitoring Network
Tesař, Jakub ; Kaufmanová, Marie (referee) ; Havránková, Barbora (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis makes sense self-contained overview of National Radiation Monitoring Network. It explains meaning of Radiation Monitoring Network. Otherwise there is written about monitoring in case of normal radiation situation and emergency radiation situation. Conclusion is rendering of meaning Radiation Monitoring Network in case radiation incident, radiation accident or radiological emergency.

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2 Havránková, Bohdana
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