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Survey of the facial sandstone masonry of the stone coat of historic structures with the use of non-invasive analytical techniques of ground-penetrating radar
Havlín, J. ; Slavíková, M. ; Gláser, Petr ; Válek, Jan ; Pavelka, K. ; Panošová Hucková, M.
This conservation procedure includes a description of basic steps, which must be followed to use the ground-penetrating radar and to gain useful data for composition visualization of facial sandstone masonry used in historic structures. Suitable settings of the GPR device are introduced for collecting data and the way of their processing with the aid of software. The conservation procedure applies a non-invasive analytical technique of GPR when surveying stone structures and therefore it can be a useful specifying tool of particular details during the execution phase of the construction-historical survey
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Methodology of the use of non-invasive surveying methods - ground-penetrating radar, impact-echo method and ultrasonic transmission measurement of the surface to assess the condition and construction details of the sandstone coat of buildings
Havlín, J. ; Slavíková, M. ; Válek, Jan ; Pavelka, K.
The methodology describes principles of selected methods (ground-penetrating radar, impact-echo method, ultrasound), their potentials, limitations and advantages when combined during the survey of stone coats of structures. Further on, the methodology indicates the process of the measurement itself and evaluation of the collected data.
Relationship between pH and strong ion difference (SID) in predialysis patients with chronic kidney disease and in patients on chronic haemodialysis
Havlín, Jan ; Matoušovic, Karel (advisor) ; Žabka, Jiří (referee) ; Zadražil, Josef (referee)
SUMMARY: Metabolic acidosis (MAC) is a constant symptom of chronic kidney diesease (CKD) in advanced stages. The Siggaard-Andersen analysis is a traditional method of acid-base balance (ABB) assessment, assessing the metabolic component by means of the base excess and the anion gap (AG). Modern methods of ABB assessment draw upon the theory proposed by Stewart, which is based on the electric neutrality principle. Stewart distinguishes three independent variables determining plasmatic pH: pCO2, strong ion difference (SID) and 3) the total charge of non-volatile weak acids [Atot-]. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between pH and plasma ion changes associated with ABB disorders in patients with chronic kidney disease using both methods of analysis, and subsequently compare both approaches. The cohort of patients consisted of three groups: 1) the "CKD" group, 60 patients with CKD stage 3 to 4 according to the KDOQI; 2) the "HD" group, 68 patients on chronic hemodiafiltration using dialysate bicarbonate concentration of 32 mmol/L; 3) a control group, 19 healthy volunteers. In all patients we measured parameters necessary for both approaches, in the HD group before and after dialysis treatment. We have found that MAC was present in two thirds of patients in the CKD group. A decrease of...
ČSN ISO 10 006 Implementation in the UNICORN a.s.
Havlín, Jan ; Gloser, Filip (referee) ; Koleňák, Jiří (advisor)
This Thesis looks at the current situation in the UNICORN a.s. company and analyses how the projects are managed in the company. The Thesis suggests recommendation for improvements in this field according to ČSN ISO 10 006 Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for quality management in projects.
Non-invasive techniques of assessment of sandstone masonry
Havlín, J. ; Slavíková, M. ; Válek, Jan ; Bayer, K.
A whole range of non-invasive assessment techniques is available today and they open new possibilities for extending building surveying possibilities of built heritage. The paper discusses their use for the assessment of facing stone masonry of the Charles Bridge in Prague.

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