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Study of proton conductivity on powder samples
Nižňanský, Matěj ; Havlíček, David (advisor) ; Kubíček, Vojtěch (referee)
The focus of this thesis is the synthesis and characterisation of one newly prepared and one previously prepared compound which based on the results of x-ray structure analysis both contain systems of conveniently long hydrogen bonds. These systems potentially allow proton transfer through their structure. The results acquired by measuring proton conductivity of the newly prepared substance are also discussed in this thesis. Furthermore, it contains the results of the characterisation of both prepared substances by IR spectroscopy, powder x-ray diffraction and diffraction on monocrystal. The measurement of proton conductivity was carried out using tablets consisting of pressed powder samples which had gold-palladium alloy electrodes applied to them. The specific conductivity of these samples was determined by the measured electric resistance and the size of these tablets. Based on the conducted measurements, it can be stated that the newly synthesised substance does not exercise proton conductivity within the detection limit of used hardware, whereas the previously prepared one does. These results are further discussed in corresponding chapter considering primarily the structure of both substances.
Synthesis and coordination behaviour of 3-(diphenylphosphino)propanamide
Řežábková, Jana ; Štěpnička, Petr (advisor) ; Havlíček, David (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes the synthesis of 3-(diphenylphosphino)propanamide (compound 1) and subsequent preparation of two palladium(II) complexes with the synthesized phosphinoamide ligand. The coordination behaviour of 3-(diphenyl- phosphino)propanamide is discussed. In complex [PdCl(LNC )(Ph2PCH2CH2C(O)NH2-κP)] (compound 2) the phosphinoamide 1 exhibits P-monodentate coordination, whereas in the cationic complex [Pd(LNC )(Ph2PCH2CH2C(O)NH2-κ2 O,P)]ClO4 (compound 3) it binds as a P,O-chelating bidentate ligand. (LNC = 2-[(dimethylamino-κN)methyl]phenyl-κC1 ). 1 2 3 The ligand was synthesized by base-catalysed addition of diphenylphosphine across the double bond of acrylamide. Both complexes were prepared from [PdCl(LNC )]2 as metal precursor. All substances were characterised by common analytical methods, specifically by NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy and elemental analysis. Crystals of both complexes were obtained and their crystal structure was determined using X-ray crystallography.
Preparation of conjugated polymers-based fluorescence probes
Jeriga, Branislav ; Zedník, Jiří (advisor) ; Havlíček, David (referee)
4 Abstract The water soluble polythiophe-based polyelectrolytes, namely poly{3-[6- (triethylphosphonium) hexyl]-thiophene-2,5-diyl bromide} bearing the same ionic pendant groups but different in polymer main chain regioregularity 62 and 94% and molecular weight, respectively have been tested in order to study them as possible luminescentchemo-sensors.Thefluorescentquenchingwithmetalsions(Fe2+ ,Ni2+ ,Zn2+ , Cd2+ , Cu2+ , Cs+ , Co2+ and Ag+ ) has been studied in water as a detailed survey. In order to continueandextendthestudyofvariousconjugatedpolymersasalternativeluminescent sensors, luminescence quenching of poly(1-phenyl-1-hexyne) compound has been tested with nitrobeneze as a quenching agent. Final structure modification of model compound and preparation the phosphonium or ammonium based conjugated polyelectrolyte and consequent interactionwithmetal ions are planned for the future. Bachelor thesis was done at Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry at Faculty of Science at Charles University with the support of The Czech ScienceFoundation17-05318S.
The existence of EGAP in relation of market and state failures (costs and benefits of EGAP for Czech Republic)
Pýcha, Mikuláš ; Mandel, Martin (advisor) ; Havlíček, David (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on an issue regarding the state interventions into market economy and provides the explanation, how does different economic ideas approach this issue and whether they support or deny the state interventions. It focuses in detail on support that is provided towards exporting companies. Czech Republic has two export credit agencies, firstly Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP) and secondly Czech Export Bank (CEB). This diploma thesis analyses only EGAP´s structure and quantifies the impact of its existence on Czech economy. In a first part we analyze historical evolution of ideologies that deals with state interventions and market failures in connection with support for exporters. It continues by description how international institutions like WTO or OECD work. Rules for export credit agencies, which summarize Consensus OECD, are closely analyzed. From this point forward the practical part begins to focus on EGAP´s structure. Firstly we describe the mechanism of support through the specific insurance products for exporters, following by analysis of uncommon structure of premium rate. The diploma thesis presents EGAP´s different approach in areas of regulation, structure of shareholders and uncommon risks insuring from regular commercial insurance company. In the last part we describe the procedure of evaluating the output of EGAP´s support for its whole existence. The analysis measures the profits and losses in related areas that were supported by EGAP´s insurance products. Mainly these areas are following: Accumulated loss of EGAP, The amount of profit amongst supported exporters, The amount of profit amongst financing banks and in the end the analysis of the positive impact on the unemployment in Czech Republic. The result should show, how convenient is for government to possess such an institution, especially nowadays when all developed countries do own similar institutions.

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