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Common mistakes in men`s giant slalom technigue
Havel, Jan ; Jindra, Matouš (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
Title: Common mistakes in men`s giant slalom technigue Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is processing of exemplary technigue of giant slalom in comparation with common mistakes in giant slalom technigue and the subsequent design of the method of reparation of these mistakes. Methods: In this thesis research method is used for the analysis of the giant slalom technique and the method of analysis for data processing from the poll. The comparison method is used to compare mistakes or small deviations with the technique processed in theoretic part. An anonymous poll was used to collect data. Results: Based on the survey, the most common mistakes in the giant slalom men's technique were found in the highest competition in the Czech Republic. By comparing these mistakes with the giant slalom technique described in the theoretical part of the thesis, it was possible to determine the possible causes and consequences of these mistakes and to propose a remedy. Keywords: technigue, giant slalom, mistake, reparation
The Problem of Body in Phenomenological Psychology
Havel, Jan ; Kouba, Petr (advisor) ; Švec, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis has several aims. To present daseinsanalysis as a science founded upon philosophy of Martin Heidegger. To show that founding of a science generally requires reflection whether its philosophical foundations are adequate. In contrast to daseinsanalysis prove that contemporary medicine and psychology are founded upon inadequate foundations. And eventually, it will be required to analyze the human body phenomenon, which is problematic, thus posing a threat to the consistence of Heidegger's philosophy. Keywords Heidegger, Boss, daseinsanalysis, body, theory of science
Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx: their view on man and their heritage
Havel, Jan ; Hauser, Michael (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
Jan Havel Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx - theit vision of human and their legacy Abstrakt: This paper is about how Marx and Freud see a human being. Besides introduction, methodology and cunclusion there are three main parts. These are the chapters "Genesis of Marx's and Freud's vision of human", Evolution of marxism and psychoanalysis" and "Comparison of the vision of human". "Genesis of Marx's and Freud's vision of human" speaks about predecessors of both authors and about things that had an impact on their work. Chapter "Genesis of Marx's and Freud's vision of human" shows how were both ideas changing during history. In the chapter "Comparison of the vision of human" are examined ideas and thoughts of other authors and connections between their work and the work of Marx and Freud are shown. This paper also includes attachements that include short biographies of chosen authors and also a list of qutations from primary sources of literature.
Comparison of the point of view on human being as seen by Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and their descendants
Havel, Jan ; Hauser, Michael (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The aim of this paper it to observe different approaches to human beings. Two major points of view will be that of Karl Marx and of Sigmund Freud. In which apects are their deffinitions of human being, behavior and thinking processes different and in which are they similar? How are their ideas transferred in the work of oher authors and where does it lead? Is it possible to find similar streams in the work of their followers? These are the two major questions that this paper will try to answer. Another meaning this paper should have is to create a meanigful and coherent source of various authors who were involved in examination of human being.

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