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The research of wooden dowel-type connectors
Kunecký, Jiří ; Hasníková, Hana ; Hataj, M. ; Milch, J. ; Tyrová, M. ; Suchomelová, P.
The carpentry joints, some of them secured by wooden connectors, are part of historical timber roof structures. Originally, a wooden dowel rather secured the position of timber elements in a joint than transferring loads (e.g. dovetail joints). But in some joints it can also transfer the forces between the structural members, therefore its behaviour influences the stiffness and load-bearing capacity of the whole structure directly. This type of connectors can be used nowadays as well; while reconstructions, a new timber building construction, or manufacturing individual structural timber elements (e.g. panels). Current technical standards do not prescribe a suitable computing procedure for the joints with wooden connectors. Moreover, a complex failure criteria for various fibre directions are missing. The article introduces an ongoing project, whose ambition is to cover the knowledge gap.