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Uterus transplantation as a path to motherhood
Hlaváčová, Žaneta ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis describes relatively new method of assisted reproduction. Uterus transplantation is viewed from feminist perspective, and its potential benefits and risks in wider ethical and social contexts on theoretical level are being considered. It reveals how womanhood and motherhood are constructed in different discourses in context of uterine transplantation through critical reading and thinking. By using of critical discourse analysis I focus on texts produced on this subject in the popular and professional discourse and reveal what kind of gender stereotypes and constructs they are using to support their arguments. These areas of our everyday lives have great power in society and influence the way we perceive and construct reality and thus participate in its creation. Key words: Uterus transplantation, infertility, motherhood, reproductive technology, gender roles
"Czech women want to be pretty everywhere too" Labiaplasty - imaginations of aesthetics and bodily ability of vagina
Hutarová, Adéla ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
in English This thesis deals with the motives of women who have chosen to undergo labiaplasty and discusses the broader context of this newly growing aesthetic surgery. The main subject of the research is the discussion of the connection between the negative physical self-perception of women and the imaginations of the aesthetic normality of the female body. In this context it is also being investigated the influence of colonial racist ideology, power of the media and the construct of physical (dis)ability through the optics of disability studies. The role of medical authority and the influence of medical diagnosis are also explored in the research of the decision-making process. Methodologically, the work is based on qualitative research based on semi-structured interviews with women undergoing labiaplasty, supplemented by an interview with a plastic surgeon. Key words: labiaplasty, body normativity, body (dis)ability, body aesthetic
Current life of "superwomen" after primary family breakup
Hanáková, Šárka ; Kobová, Ĺubica (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to women who were called "the super women" during the communist era. Their mission was to combine their profession with taking care of their children alongside of being a housewife. Even though the traditional model of the men supporting the whole family changed to more democratic model with the both man and woman supporting the family, the housekeeping and taking care of children still stayed the wive's responsibility. In the period of communism, women were "double burdened". They dedicated their lives for their families and the free time they had, which was less then what men had, mostly corresponded with the interests of children and the whole family. In this thesis I focus on how these women live nowadays. They have already retired and after losing their partner they now live alone. I also focus on how they deal with this different life situation and changes in their social roles. I work with the theoretical approaches of emancipated femininity and active aging as a way to cope with changes in social status. I chose the qualitative approach as a research method. It is implemented in this diploma thesis by analyzing thorough interviews with widowed seniors.
The terminal station, please get off! The concept of care for person with Alzheimer's disease through the eyes of the close persons (and) caregivers
Pekárková, Mariana ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis will be devoted to individuals having a family member with Alzheimer disease. However, the mainstay will not be the disease as a whole, but caregivers and closest as themselves. The focus will be put on their memories and especially emerged relationship between caregivers, closest and caretakers. The main aim of the work is to catch the key moments having an influence to following solutions of situations and connotation, connected to dementia and as well as subsequent reflection and its own legitimation of the decision to place them into the institution unit. I would like to take into consideration the medical discourse, influencing the form of the right opinions about " properly" provided care and construction of the people with AD.
The Role of Pregnancy in Women's Life - "Me" or "Us"
Čáslavová, Kateřina ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis presents data gained from qualitative research that took place in Czech Republic from February to June in 2015. Based on semi-structured interview with pregnant women analyses pregnancy experience and understanding of their own physicality. In the theoretical part of this thesis I highlight the approaches of hegemonic discourses of pregnancy and alternative structures in feminist debates. In the next part I focus on poststructuralism. The empirical part of this thesis focuses on two main parts. First, I present physicality of pregnant women and than construction pregnant women as human beings.
All Together. Film representations of old age and disability
Ondrušková, Jitka ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis deals with cultural representations of old age and discusses various meanings associated with the current discourse of old age. The thesis analyses French/German film All Together (2012), which in many ways corresponds to the current discourse of active aging.The Stuart Hall's concept of representation is used for deconstruction of film narrative's meanings and its ideological structures. The paper is also using disability studies' theoretical concepts, such as disability, compulsory ablebodiedness etc. The paper also examines the intersections of old age, disability nad gender. Key words Active ageing, old age, disability, gender, otherness, compulsory able-bodiedness,
The Meaning of Gender in (for) the Social Theory of Pierre Bourdieu
Čepelová, Hedvika ; Havelková, Hana (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis concerns about how the concept of gender interacts in broader social theory of Pierre Bourdieu. Main interest lays on the potentiality to extend useful practical and theoretical perspectives of Bourdieu into feminist thinking, as well as on the feminist critical assesment of Pierre Bourdieu's theory and possible answers on it. Selected feminist views on Bourdieu's theory and on some of its concepts (e.g. habitus or disposition) and the view of Bourdieu on feminism as a critical theory and political movement will be analysed. The thesis follows primary literature written by Bourdieu, using the critical arguments of Toril Moi and Leslie McCall as two main pillars. First, the potentiality of Bourdieu's theory to address emancipation, universality and overcoming essentialist and non-essentialist positions of feminism will be discused. Second, I am focusing on the relations between gender, social order, capital and distinctive/distributive mechanism. Finally the relationship between the terms production and reproduction in Bourdieu's theory will be elaborated and some possible points to feminist critical thinking as well as to Bourdieu's theory will be made. Klíčová slova: Pierre Bourdieu, feminism, gender, habitus, capital, social order, distinction
Long-term care of a family member from the perspective of the caregiver
Volejníčková, Romana ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Kiczková, Zuzana (referee)
This thesis is concerned with twenty-four hours for elderly family members from the perspective of the primary caregiver. The aim of this work is the understanding of home care, not as an isolated activity usually practiced by women in the private sphere, but as an aktivity, which is affected family relationships or deciding provide/not provide home care etc. For this reason I used as the theoretical basis of this work feminist ethics of care, which does not care define "natural" / spontaneous female activity, and enable to reveal the gender line of care. That is the main topic of this thesis. For a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of home care I used biographical interview. It's main characteristic is the emphasis on stories from participants, which was an important aspect that helped me put the care in a broader social context Key words: home care, feminist ethic of care, biographical interviews.
Gender aspects of Czech Scouting. Why would girls attend Scouting?
Žárská, Magdaléna ; Knotková, Blanka (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis presents data gained from qualitative research that took place in Prague, Czech Republic in 2009. Based on semi-structured interviews with kids from Scout Groups it analyzes gender aspects of Czech Scouting. In my thesis, I introduce a short history of the Scout Movement in the world, as well as in the Czech Republic with a specific interest in the formation of the Girl Scouting. My assumption is that Czech scouting offers special environment for gender sensitive education without realizing the great potential. I suggest that the absence of coeducation in the scout units is the key element in gender sensitive education with the opportunity for the children to try freely whatever they wish for without being pressurized by the social prejudices about their gender which I try to verify through the experiences of the children. Key words: Scouting, gender, experience, identity

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