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Concept of optimization for technology of hydroabrasive cutting of materials
Valíček, J. ; Hloch, S. ; Harničárová, M. ; Kozak, D. ; Zeleňák, M. ; Hlaváček, P. ; Grznárik, R. ; Klich, Jiří
This paper aims to clarify the abrasive waterjet technology, particularly in terms of surface creation. It provides new insight into the deformation process caused by the abrasive waterjet and possibilites of using the surface topography for optimization of the process.
Innovative Approach to Advanced Modulated Waterjet Technology
Kušnerová, M. ; Stoic, A. ; Foldyna, Josef ; Sitek, Libor ; Magurová, D. ; Harničárová, M.
The paper deals with a new formulation of theory for modulated waterjet technology by analytical model. The fundamental oscillations frequency for modulated waterjet technology has been investigated. This system generates a modulated liquid jet as a result of the resonant chamber introduction. The theoretical model was developed particularly on the basis of knowledge of the geometric dimensions of the system and the liquid pressures in order to predict the values of the fundamental frequencies of oscillations. The predicted oscillation frequencies were verified by laboratory measurements. It has been achieved a significant performance improvement in surface disintegration of material being machined.
Study of surface topography generated by the action of pulsating water jet
Klich, Jiří ; Valíček, Jan ; Sitek, Libor ; Foldyna, Josef ; Harničárová, M. ; Hlaváček, Petr
The paper is dealing with study of the surface topography created by the pulsating water jet. Topography is evaluated by height characteristics of the surface roughness (average roughness Ra and average maximum height of the profile Rz). The data obtained from surface texture are analyzed and interpreted in relation to the stand-off distance between the nozzle and the surface.

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