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Exegesis, theology and interpretation of 3rd and 4th chapters of the book of Jonah
The introduction of the thesis includes defined main objectives and criteria for selection of studied pericope for exegetic work are justified. Following part of the thesis includes information about literary context and a summary of current knowledge about origin, age and literary genre of studied pericope. Exegetical part of the thesis includes author's translation of the original Hebrew text, the identification and evaluation of significant grammatical and semantic phenomena followed by the interpretation of the verses, based on own observation and study of relevant commentaries. The core of the exegetic part of the thesis is complemented by the literary analysis of the studied pericope. The conclusion includes a chapter where main theological themes and interpretations are identified and evaluated.
Comprehensive petrological and geochemical study of lunar mare-basalt meteorite Northeast Africa 003 - A
Haloda, Jakub ; Košler, Jan (advisor) ; Borovička, Jan (referee) ; Palme, Herbert (referee)
COMPREHENSIVE PETROLOGICAL AND GEOCHEMICAL STUDY OF LUNAR MARE-BASALT METEORITE NORTHEAST AFRICA 003-A Northeast Africa 003 (NEA 003) is a lunar meteorite found as a two paired stones (6 and 118 g) in Libya in 2000 and 2001. The main portion (~75 vol%) of the 118 g meteorite, used for this study, (NEA 003-A) consists of mare basalt and a smaller adjacent portion (~25 vol%) is a basaltic breccia (NEA 003-B). NEA 003-A has a coarse-grained magmatic texture consisting mainly of olivine, pyroxene and plagioclase. The late-stage mineral association is composed mainly of elongate plagioclase, ilmenite, troilite, fayalite, Si-K-rich glass, apatite and a rare SiO2 phase. Other accessory minerals include ulvöspinel, chromite, and trace Fe-Ni metal. Olivine and pyroxene contain shock-induced fractures, and plagioclase is completely converted into maskelynite. The Fe/Mn values of the whole rock, olivines and pyroxenes, and the bulk-rock oxygen isotopic composition provide evidence for the lunar origin of NEA 003-A meteorite. This is further supported by the presence of Fe-Ni metal and an anhydrous mineral association. NEA 003-A is geochemically and petrographically distinct from previously described mare-basalt meteorites and is not paired with any of them. The petrography and major element composition of NEA...

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2 HALODA, Jakub
2 Haloda, Jiří
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