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Mural paintings in the urban environment on the borderland between Bohemia and Moravia in 16th and beginning of 17th century
Hamrlová, Anna ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Nespěšná Hamsíková, Magdaléna (referee) ; Halama, Ota (referee)
Mural paintings in the urban environment in 16th and beginning of 17th century has been rather an ignored topic, however its artistic interpretation and iconographic concept says a lot about the life of residents during Renaissance. The art phenomenon in this work was studied on the borderland between Bohemia and Moravia, currently the place of Havlíčkův Brod, Pelhřimov and Jihlava districts. At the same time, this division facilitated systematic research and listing of surviving paintings. First, the study focuses on the summary of a colourful historical situation in the given place and religious affairs related in particular, but not only to the New Utraquism and Lutheranism which followed up local Utraquist foundations from the Hussite Era. One of the aims of the work is to study the relationship between religion and artistic or iconographic interpretation of paintings. Selected artistic sources related in particular to the graphic works of that time play also important role. This is why other chapters are dedicated to the study of the theory of art of mural paintings, urban houses abroad and in the concerned location, study of sacral interiors within the context of the Saxon environment, and the last chapter deals with the thematic and iconographic study of collected paintings. The results...
The consoling death - treating of death in Earlies modern times
Přibylová, Ivana ; Halama, Ota (advisor) ; Halama, Jindřich (referee)
The first part deals about death at the end of 16 th and beginning of 17 th century. For orientation in Baroque color the work includes part pertaining to burials, which were indispensable social rituals of that era. The mention is about plague, that killed both, Catholics, non-Catholics and unbelievers. Part two points out to the era invention of book printing. In short deals about works, based on the idea of death. The sermon was dedicated mainly to husband of deceased. So it is briefly discussed the person of one of the representatives of the Waldstein family, Jiří. The main part is a sermon, which was published in printed form and was accompanied with two articles, namely Artyculy. A message to all believers, that soul of believers asscents to heaven. Annendung from "a printer's pen" concludes whole little file of Matěj Klesel, pastor of Hostinné. Burial sermons of of Early modern age contained large ammont of quations from Old and New Testament, quatations of the Church Fathers and other popular autthors of that era. There are included directly to original text. They motify readers, how to behave in life to reach redumption and offer the help for after live Part of my work is a basic statement about the text, after which followes text analysis and summary. The aim of this work is to make the...
Prague Manifest of Thomas Müntzer. Attempting to contemporary classification and analysis of the reform document.
Potočková, Mirjam ; Halama, Ota (advisor) ; Libichová Cermanová, Pavlína (referee)
The goal of this thhesis, Prague Manifest of Tomas Müntzer. Atempting to Contemporary Classification and Analysis of the Reform Doicument, is to prheshent Tomas Müntzher, primarily through his own work, thhe so-callhed Prague Manifest (Pražský manifhest). Müntzher wrothe this thext in 1521, at thhe hend of his stay in Praguhe, whherhe hhe - unsucchessfully - trihed to ghet thhe Czhechs to acchept his idheas. Hhe crheathed thrhehe difherhent vhersions of this thext, onhe in Latin, two in Gherman, onhe of which has bhehen prheshervhed also in an unfnishhed conthemporary Czhech translation. The corhe of this thhesis is an analysis of thhe main topics of onhe of thheshe vhersions. Apart from that, thherhe is a summary of thhe basic facts about Prague Manifest itshelf. Furthhermorhe, thhe thhesis dhescribhes thhe rheligious situation of Bohhemia in thhe timhe of Müntzher's arrival and thhe rheshearch rhesults of this visit of his. The wholhe thhesis is ophenhed with a brihef introduction of Müntzher's lifhe and work. A thentativhe translation of thhe analyzhed vhersion of Prague Manifest from thhe Gherman original is apphendhed at thhe hend of this thhesis.
The Picture of the Evangelical Liturgy in the Area of Bohemia and Moravia from the Patent of Tolerance to 1980s based on Workship Agendes.
Chalupski, Michal ; Halama, Ota (advisor) ; Jurík, Milan (referee) ; Kolář, Pavel (referee)
This thesis called The Picture of the Evangelical Liturgy in the area of Bohemia and Moravia from the Patent of Tolerance to 1980s based on worship agendas is focused on research of Czech and Moravian evangelical worship agendas and liturgical handbooks during the defined period. It does not claim to provide an exhaustive picture of liturgical situation of Czech and Moravian evangelical Christianity in this period, but deals with limited amount of sources and focuses on what kind of liturgy is captured in these books as well as from what sources their authors drew the material or from what sources were they inspired. It is not focused on how the liturgy looked like in reality, but how these documents prescribe it. Various types of sources are used in our research: printed, private as well as officially approved, anonymous as well as nonanonymous liturgical books. These books come from Lutheran as well as reformed milieu and later from the united Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. The first part of this thesis deals with liturgical situation at the beginning of the defined period and with creation and analysis of the content of Lutheran Wien Agenda which represented for our, not only Lutheran, milieu important source for a certain time.
Reflection of the teachings of the seven sacraments in the liturgical work of Tobias Závorky of Lipenský
Matějovský, Ondřej ; Halama, Ota (advisor) ; Kolář, Pavel (referee)
This master's thesis named Seven Sacraments Reflection in Tobias Zavorka Lipensky's Liturgical Work, deals with the transcription and analysis of liturgical acts which reflect seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. The appropriate texts were taken from Zavorka's agenda The Rule of Church Service, the hymn-book The Songs of Divine Praise and the song-book Funeral Chanting. The master thesis begins with brief Zavorka's curriculum vitae of Zavorka, who was the neo-utraquistic priest and Dean of the region of Doubravnik, and a description of his works. The main focus of the thesis is to describe the specifics of the special or sacramental liturgical acts that demonstrate the character of Zavorka's theological and liturgical work.
Humanism and the Renaissance in Czech Print Culture
Fernández Couceiro, Eduardo ; Voit, Petr (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee) ; Halama, Ota (referee)
The present PhD thesis examines the reception of Humanism and the Renaissance in Czech print culture between 1476 and 1547. Critically, it opposes the predominant interpretation line that - from National Revival to post-war marxist literary criticism - tried to preserve at all costs a magnificent picture of the 16th century as a "golden age". The study is based on Petr Voit's recent works on Czech book printing of the first half of the 16th century and follows the reception of Humanism and the Renaissance from a complex point of view (printers' profiles, typography, illustrations and ornaments, readers' reception). The analysis shows that during the period under review, the Czech society, which predominantly professed a reformed confession (utraquism, lutheranism, the Unity of Brethren...), lived in a self-centered religious messianism, and therefore rejected any cultural novelties, especially those coming from Italy as the hometown of the hated papacy. Book printing largely reflected the conservatism and moral rigorism of this mainly utraquist society that ignored the entertainment literature, considered unnecessary or even undesirable. In this rigid religious scheme, the Renaissance literary genres (Petrarchan poetry, novella, epic poem, etc.) and the humanist text-critical approach to ancient...
The protestants in the region of Jindřichův Hradec from the time of the Toleration patent to the beginning of the ČCE
Peltanová, Anna ; Halama, Ota (advisor) ; Macek, Ondřej (referee)
My thesis deals with the history of the Evangelicals in Jindřichův Hradec from the time of the issue of the Patent of Toleration to the establishment of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. The first chapter deals with the situation in Jindřichův Hradec just after the issue of the Patent of Toleration. The following chapters survey the origination and development of individual congregations and preaching stations. The aim of this thesis is to acquaint the reader with the development of evangelical religiosity in Jindřichův Hradec between 1781-1918. Keywords: Patent of Toleration Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren Lutherans Reformed Horní Dubenky Zahrádky Strmilov Jindřichův Hradec
The Memorandum Puncta Bohemiae
Macek, Jan ; Wernisch, Martin (advisor) ; Halama, Ota (referee)
This bachelor thesis Memorandum Pucnta Bohemiae is concerned with a request of Czech secret protestants from 1723. They ask the king of Prussia Frederick William I. for an intercession for their rights and for stopping of their persecution by the emperor. In the thesis are analyzed four documents, which relate to this intercession. These documents were copied by Daniel Ernst Jablonsky and stored in his archive. The thesis asks for a contribution of this documents for a historical research. This is accompanied by detailed analysis of texts and the nearest historical context. The main topics are the structure, the way of functioning and the inner connection of the Czech secret protestant church and preacher Martin Rohlíček. The thesis contains also a transcription of documents and their translation into the Czech language.
Superintendent Ferdinand Císař
Groll, Vlasta ; Wernisch, Martin (advisor) ; Halama, Ota (referee)
This thesis deals with the last moravian superintendent of the Evangelical Church of the Helvetic Confession Dr. Theol. Ferdinand Císař. It depicts the situation of the Evangelical Church of the Helvetic Confession in Cisleithanien in his time and afterwords is devoted to his person. After finishing his vikariat in Vanovice he was elected a pastor in Nové Město na Moravě and later in Klobouky u Brna. He was elected a senior of the Western Part of the Moravian Superintendece and later its superintendent. His knowledge of languages was extraordinary for that time. He knew also a lot about the world political situation. He was well known not only in the european presbyterian churches. He was one of the publishers of the religious magazine called Hus. Powered by TCPDF (

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