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Chronotypes and Social Jet Lag Related to Obesity
Halászová, Andrea ; Fárková, Eva (advisor) ; Červená, Kateřina (referee)
In nature we can observe plenty of actions which show some kind of regularity as they repeat with a certain period. The circadian rhythm with its period of approximately one day belongs among these. The circadian rhythm is synchronized mainly by light, but there are also many other internal and especially external synchronizers such as the society we live in. In an organism many processes show circadian rhythmicity, but everyone has the rhythm adjusted individualy, thus called chronotype. It's indeed very important to note that living in harmony with the chronotype is essential. Social jet lag is the term for a long-term disbalance and circadian desynchrony as a consequence of the need to adjust this individual circadian preference to the regime set by the society we live in. Many of recent studies support the findings, that social jet lag might have an impact on health and could participate in development of some of the lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Therefore it should be found beneficial to apply those finding in a clinic practise not only in order to help with an efficient treatment of obesity and its consequences but also in preventing it.

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1 Halászová, Anna
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