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Healthy Life Style of General Nurses
Česáková, Anna ; Hodačová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hadaš, Lubomír (referee)
Bachelor Thesis Abstrakt Author: Anna Česáková Name of institution: Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové Department of Social Medicine Division of Nursing Thesis Title: Healthy life style of general nurses Thesis Supervisior: doc. MUDr. Lenka Hodačová, Ph.D. Number of Pages: 76 Number of Appendixes: 4 Year of Thesis Difence: 2020 Key words: health, life style, stress, rest and relaxation, sport The bachelor thesis is focused on the lifestyle of general hospital nurses. The work is devoted to individual areas of lifestyle. These include the components of food ingredients, the effects of stress on the body and its management. The theoretical part contains information about lifestyle, focus on nutrient nutrition, stress impact and ways of coping with stress. It also contains information about addictions and spiritual hygiene. The content of the work is focused on information about addictions and mental hygiene. It focuses mainly on details of eating habits, relaxation, drinking regime, physical activities and stress management. It also takes into account the health of nurses in general. The practical part presents the results that show us the real state of life of nurses and their means to cope with the amount of stress they face.
The Influence of the nursing staff on patient's coping with the hospitalisation
Horáčková, Eliška ; Štefančíková, Mariana (advisor) ; Hadaš, Lubomír (referee)
9. Anotace Typ závěrečné práce: Bachelor Thesis Title of thesis: The Influence of the Nursing Staff on Patient's Coping with the Hospitalisation Year of defense: 2019 Institution: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Social Medicine, Department of Nursing Name of author: Eliška Horáčková Supervisor: PhDr. Mariana Štefančíková, Ph. D. Abstract: This thesis deals with the influence of nonverbal behavior, i.e. facial expressions and haptics, of the nursing staff on coping with the hospitalization. The theoretical part contains information on nonverbal communication in general and on its importance in nursing care. There is a detailed section on facial expressions and haptics, understood as a part of nonverbal communication and the main topic of this thesis. In the empirical part the author discusses with respondents their own perspective of the nonverbal behavior and perception of this type of care, using a semi-structured interview. Key words: nonverbal communication, haptics, faciel expression, psychosomatic, psychology in nursing Number of pages: 154
Professional strain of outpatient nurses resulting from patients' behaviour
Kusá, Jana ; Štefančíková, Mariana (advisor) ; Hadaš, Lubomír (referee)
Author: Jana Kusá Institution: Charles University of Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Social Medicine, Department of Nursing Title: Professional strain of outpatient nurses resulting from patientsʼ behaviour Supervisor: PhDr. Mariana Štefančíková, Ph.D. Number of pages: 114 Number of attachments: 8 Year of defense: 2017 Keywords: behaviour, communication, conflict situations, handling stress, assertiveness, patients under the influence of alcohol This bachelor thesis deals with patients' behaviour which negatively influences the psyche of outpatient nurses and introduces some ways how the nurses cope with mental strain. The theoretical part describes basic forms of behaviour, introduces communication as an important part of social interaction between the nurse and the patient. It also includes a brief description of communication with problem patients and their most frequent manifestations. On the basis of reference literature the author introduces particular stressful situations that can occur in the life of the nurses as well as the patients, and describes different ways of handling them. The empirical part focuses on research by a qualitative method using a semistructured interview. Data processing was realized by the form of open coding. Individual statements of...
Aspects of the testicular cancer from the affected patients point of view
Pásztorová, Lenka ; Pacovský, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Hadaš, Lubomír (referee)
Author: Lenka Pásztorová Institution: Ústav sociálního lékařství LF UK v Hradci Králové Oddělení ošetřovatelství Title: Aspects of the testicular cancer from the affected patiens point of view Supervisor: MUDr. Jaroslav Pacovský, Ph.D. Number of pages: 92 Number of attachments: 2 Year of defense: 2016 Keywords: testicular tumors, prevention, nursing care, education The Bachelor's thesis is focused on the testicular tumors. The main issues are population awareness and this disease prevention options knowledge. This work utilizes personal experiences of men affected with this disease. Theoretic part describes symptoms, risk factors, diagnostic procedures and therapy of testicular tumors. The main interest of this work is prevention and it offers suitable methods for early diagnosis. The role of a nurse in a nursing process, an optimal communication form and educational activities are designed as well. Possible patient's reactions of patient on the proclaimed severe diagnosis and the disease self-perception are presented. The empirical part presents results of the quantitative research with the questioners use. The aim of the study was deeper understanding of this diagnosis and to get more complex overview on it. The most important expected result is to create suitable information handout.
Psychosomatic influence on the cause of cardiovaskular diseases? (Psychosocial insight into the world of the patient)
Menšíková, Monika ; Hadaš, Lubomír (advisor) ; Gigalová, Veronika (referee)
Name and surname of the author: Monika Menšíková Institution: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Social Medicine, Department of Nursing Tittle: Psychosomatics influence on the causes of cardiovascular diseases? (Psychosocial insight into the world of the patient) Supervisor: MUDr. Lubomír Hadaš Number of pages: 68 Number of attachments: 6 Year of defense: 2016 Keywords: psychosomatic, cardiovascular disease, psychosocial world, story of life, influence of childhood, influence of stress Summary: This thesis examines with looking at the patient's psychosocial world view of the nurses and the potential impact on the psychosocial field of cardiovascular disease. In the empirical part are collected and analyzed information from the lives of six patients suffering from ill- health are cardiovascular in nature. The talks I had with six patients, and the data was analyzed by open coding.
Healthy lifestyle of nurses in different working conditions
Hradilová, Klára ; Štefančíková, Mariana (advisor) ; Hadaš, Lubomír (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of healthy lifestyles of nurses working in various working conditions. The theoretical part brings an overview of principles of the healthy lifestyle. Besides, the first part also explains particular health determinants and risk factors which have a substantial influence on the mental and physical wellbeing of an individual. The thesis also depicts the current role of nurses. The empirical part consists of results of qualitative research focusing on healthy lifestyle and stress of nurses working in various conditions. The research was carried out in the form of a structured interview. Data has been processed via open coding. Using triangulation, the results of the survey have been compared with earlier studies dealing with similar topics. The following issues have been revealed. Nurses tend to belittle their health problems. Furthermore, most nurses suffer from fatigue and their perfect idea of rest is always connected with a passive way of relaxing. Nurses are also exposed to a whole range of stressors. Their working environment is on one hand a source of stress but on the other hand a source of energy. Nurses nearly always associate important life events and mentally demanding situations with their private lives. Besides, nurses do not commit their time...
Sleep disorders of nurses
Mrázková, Květoslava ; Hadaš, Lubomír (advisor) ; Štefančíková, Mariana (referee)
6 Annotation Author: Květoslava Mrázková Institution: Department of Social Medicine, Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Nursing Care Title of the work: Sleep disorders of nurses Supervisor: MUDr. Lubomír Hadaš, Ph.D. Number of pages: 97 Number of attachments: 2 Year of defence: 2013 Key words: sleep, sleep disorders, nurse, continuous operation The bachelor work is focused on the topic of sleep disorders among nurses.Theoretical part approaches the topic of: sleep, insomnia and various treatment options of sleep disorders. The bachelor work highlights: some of the factors which can influence sleep of nurses, the consequences associated with the lack of sleep and risks associated with working in continuous operation. The aim of the empirical part is to map the incidence of sleep disorders among nurses through quantitative research. The questionnaire survey was conducted at hospital in Nové Město na Moravě with nurses who are working in one shift and continuous operation. 7
Risk burnout for emergency workers and rescue services
Zářecká, Kateřina ; Štefančíková, Mariana (advisor) ; Hadaš, Lubomír (referee) ; Rybářová, Marie (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE MEDICAL FACULTY OF HRADEC KRALOVÉ INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL MEDICINE DEPARTMENT OF NURSING RISK BURNOUT FOR EMERGENCY WORKERS AND RESCUE SERVICES Bachelor's thesis Author: Kateřina Zářecká Supervisor: PhDr. Mariana Bažantová, Ph.D. Annotation: Autor: Kateřina Zářecká Institution: Institute of social medicine Charles University Fakulty of Medicine in Hradec Králové Title: Risk burnout for emergency workers and rescue services Supervizor: PhDr. Mariana Bažantová, Ph.D. Pages: 49 Year: 2011 Resumé: Burnout syndrome is one of the most frequent problems in these current turbulent times. Already included in the groups of diagnoses: "Problems related to difficulties in the conduct of life" makes one fear the possible causes. Burnout is much more frequent among people whose work brings them in to regular contact with other people. These high-risk groups include health care workers. This thesis focuses on a narrower target group - the nurses and paramedic emergency medical services. These experts often find themselves in tense situations where they must respond professionally, not only to patients but also their family and immediate surroundings. Very often they are exposed to coercion, insults and sometimes even physical attacks. In spite of these stresses, they still must carry out their...
Lifestyle of nurses
Šenková, Ivana ; Hadaš, Lubomír (advisor) ; Skorunka, David (referee) ; Machalová, Iva (referee)
This Bachelor thessis is focused on lifestyle issues of nurses. The Theoretical part of this work mentions factors that influence lifestyle. The Main Topics are nutrition, smoking, physical activity, stress and relaxation. Focus of the work consists of a quantitative research, are treated by statistical methods and relate to the difference of three groups ( nurses single and married, nurses working in ICU and on a standard ward, nurses to practice within 5 years, with experience 5 - 10 years, more than 20 years) that are compared block by block from the questionnaire. The sample consists of only women who work in shifts in the ICU or on a standard ward.

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