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Czech-Russian Relations in the works of A. V. Florovsky
Dopitová, Nikola ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Hašková, Dana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a Russian historiographer Antonij Vasilyevich Florovsky and his contribution to the research of Czech-Russian relations. The aim of the work is to acquaint the reader with the content of his personal heirloom that has not been published ever before. The first chapter consists of three analyses of already published works about Czech-Russian relations. The following chapter focuses on the same topic using archive materials and unpublished works. In the last chapter activities and contacts of the Russian historiographer with Czech scientific society are being described using his personal correspondence. Keywords: Russian emigration, history of science, Czech-Russian relations, A. V. Florovskij
Publishing activies of Russian interwar emigration in Czechoslovakia
Konvalinková, Karolína ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Hašková, Dana (referee)
The thesis deals with an important chapter of the history of the Russian interwar emigration in Czechoslovakia represented by the activities of Plamja publishing house. The publishing house belonged to the pivotal Russian exile institutions and its role is the key to understanding the Russian exile publishing houses in Czechoslovakia. The operation of the publishing house has been so far described only in the form of a review, detailed information and critical analysis is missing. The latter cannot be satisfyingly done without a breakdown of the role of its leading personality - Jevgenij Alexandrovič Ljackij, professor at the Charles University in Prague. Ljackij stood at its birth, he directed it throughout the active phase and created connections with several authors. The publishing house was highly productive in the first years of its existence and consequently got indebted, so its activity in the following years stagnated. For purposes of the thesis, materials from the Literary Archive of the Museum of the Czech Literature, where Ljackij's estate is deposited, including the Plamja publishing house archive, and also available articles dealing with this topic were used. Thanks to all the archive materials mentioned above, new yet unpublished data and facts about the establishment and activities...
Life of Russian Grammar Schools in interwar Czechoslovakia
Rábelová, Marie ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Hašková, Dana (referee)
This Bachelor thesis explores the phenomenon of Russian grammar schools in interwar Czechoslovakia, especially Russian Reformed Real Grammar School in Prague and Russian Reformed Real Grammar School in Moravská Třebová. It briefly discusses the creation of Russian Aid Action and school system,which was created for russian emigration. After that the Bachelor thesis describes the circumstances of the formation and closure of russian grammar schools, their normal course, the content of their teaching plan and extracurricular activities of the students.

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