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Ethics of Emmanuel Lévinas
HUŠEK, Jakub
The thesis is called Emmanuel Lévinas Ethics and its aim is to explain the ethical concept of this original French philosopher. The first part of the thesis is focused on important influences that were important for Lévinas' philosophical work. The next part of the thesis deals with dialogical personalism as a philosophical direction into which Lévinas is most often classified. The third and most important part deals with the motives that led Lévinas to the elaboration of his ethical theses and subsequently parts of these theses are processed. It turns out that the basic aspect of his theory is the social relationship of the 'I' with the Second, through which the path to transcendence leads .Lévinas' conception is considered as a sort of ethical turn in philosophy and can be considered as a return to man. Properly conceived ethics based on respect, Levinas considers being "prima Philosophia".
HUŠEK, Jakub
This essay primary goal is to present Plato?s theory of justice constituted in his the most famous work Politeia. The first chapter deals with a historical background for questions of justice. It works as an introduction to the topic and shows some influental ideas for Plato?s thinking. The second part focuses on Plato?s conception of justice itself by following his gradual definition in the text. The final chapter concerns with some problematic parts of Plato?s theory and draws a comparison between Plato?s and Aristotle?s definition of justice.

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