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Engagement Force Control of Multi-plate Clutches of Dual Clutch Gearbox
Horák, Josef ; Prokop, Aleš (referee) ; Novotný, Pavel (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with ways of controlling starting clutches of cars, especially of DQ200 gearbox, which contains dry disc clutches. The introduction describes basic principles of torque transfer and amount of clutch force. Then the description of construction of starting clutches and ways of controlling clutch types mentioned beforehand is given. In the next part of the thesis, wide spectrum of control methods is measured, from which a certain part is selected. This is followed by driving tests and based on driving data, one method of the clutch control is chosen. Then those control methods from narrow selection are tested for acoustic impact in the cabin of the car. In the end the best way of clutch control is selected. The selection based on driving data and acoustic measurement.
Analýza dopravní obslužnosti správního obvodu ORP Znojmo veřejnou hromadnou dopravou
HORÁK, Josef
This bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the transport serviceability by the public transport in selected area SO ORP of Znojmo. In this thesis there are used the transport-geographic methods of research. The transport serviceability has been explored at various time horizons during the working days and at the weekends. The timetable data and IDOS applications were used for this analysis and these were processed and noted into tables and cartographically presented. The primary goal is the analysis of the transport servicesability by the public transport in the individual municipalities of the monitored territory and its local differentiation. The partial goal is an explanation of the causes of the difference in the quality of transport services and whether the transport service is influenced by the location of the municipalities in the transport network and their population size.
Natural compounds and their effect on 5-fluorouracil in colorectal cancer cell lines
Čumová, Andrea ; Opattová, Alena ; Vodenková, Soňa ; Horák, Josef ; Slíva, D. ; Vodička, Pavel
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most common type of cancer and the second most common cause of cancer related deaths in Europe. 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) is widely used in treatment of various cancers including CRC, but apart from the cytotoxic effect on cancer cells may also cause adverse toxic side effects. 5-FU is an anti-metabolite with chemical structure similar to that of the pyrimidine molecules of DNA and RNA. However, response to chemotherapy is often limited by drug resistance. The p53 protein is one of the most widely studied tumour suppressors and mutations in TP53 gene are frequently detected in different types of tumours. \nGanoderma Lucidum (GLC) is a mushroom used in Traditional Eastern Medicine which exhibits anti-cancer and anti-proliferative effects in vitro\nThe aim of our study is to define the role of p53 in the interaction between 5-FU and GLC extract and their simultaneous effect on survival in CRC cell lines.\nOur results suggest that GLC extract significantly increases cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of 5-FU in CRC lines with different p53 status and may potentially modulate the response of p53 knock-out cells which are less sensitive to 5-FU treatment. Interaction of conventional chemotherapeutics with natural compounds introduces a novel aspect in cancer research and therapy.\n\n
Interactive Whiteboard in Educational Practice
Žďárská, Lenka ; Procházka, Josef (advisor) ; Horák, Josef (referee) ; Doulík, Pavel (referee)
TITLE: Interactive Whiteboard in Educational Practise AUTHOR: Mgr. Lenka Žďárská DEPARTMENT: Department of Information Technology and Education SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Josef Procházka, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: Is it possible to use the interactive whiteboard as a phenomenon of today's education? Does it really make the process of education more efficient? Does it have any motivational potential and does it make a teacher's daily work easier? Offered dissertation will try to clarify these suggested questions. The Thesis is introduced by a theoretical part which describes the interactive whiteboard as a complex and integrates it into the current system of didactic tools. It also deals with the aspects of efficient language learning among which belong motivation and interactivity. The theoretical part is followed by the analyses of empirical research which is devoted to using the interactive whiteboard from teacher's and student's viewpoint. The main aim of this work is to incorporate the technical didactic tool - the interactive whiteboard into the current system of didactic tools and secondly, in experimental verification of its effects on teachers and students within educational process. KEYWORDS: didactic tools, interactive whiteboard, interactive teaching
Surface roughness measurement of shaft parts of gearbox MQ100 using scattered light method
Horák, Josef ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This thesis primary deals with the possible use of measuring the surface texture of gearbox MQ100 shaft parts in serial production by the scattered light method. The introduction briefly describes the company ŠKODA AUTO a.s., as well as gearbox MQ100. The paper continues by describing the process of manufacturing shaft parts, focusing on grinding, no. 130 for pinions and no. 135 for drive shafts, which is the last process of manufacturing shaft surfaces. The next part of the thesis describes the quality of ground surfaces in gearbox MQ100 shaft parts for the control period, followed by the dependency evaluation of parameter Aq, concerning the surface-structure optical measurement, on parameter Rz. After the dependency has been determined, the thesis delineates verification tests, and proposes a tolerance value for parameter Aq when taking the measurements by the diffused light method. In addition, a modification of the OptoSurf measuring device is suggested as well as the proposal of issuing a test certificate in order to determine the final tolerance value of parameter Aq.
Modelling of professional competences
Horák, Josef ; Novák, Daniel (advisor) ; Hudec, Lubomír (referee) ; Friedmann, Zdeněk (referee)
This dissertation presents the view of the place and mission of the secondary vocational education with apprenticeship certificate in a wider educational context of the knowledge society. It includes the implementation of the pragmatic issues of philosophy in educational activities including a new paradigmum of the web environment and theories of active teaching together with exposure to certain problems and trends of current pedagogy. It presents the view of the object of education (e.g. a pupil) in terms of creating of professional competences through didactic technology of modelling in apprenticeship of a metalworker and of teaching roles of educators (teachers of vocational and general education courses, teachers of vocational training, educators) in this type of formal education. The dissertation provides a stint of opinions, viewpoints and answers to many particular questions of the subject and it uses not only professional works of our authors but also of renowned foreign experts in this field. The dissertation thesis offers some trends and methodological approaches that can support and develop the educational creativity of teachers and students activity as well. The work offers some trends and methodological approaches that can support and develop the educational creativity of teachers and...
Language Qualification of Economic Students on the Labour Market. Specific patterns of the Euro-region Nisa
Neumannová, Helena ; Vašutová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Horák, Josef (referee) ; Andrášová, Hana (referee)
The author of this dissertation points out the parallels between language competence of graduates of the bachelor study and the master programmes at the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University in Liberec and their chances on the labour market. The dissertation highlights the significance of foreign language training for the economic graduates living in the euro-region, where the job offer is strongly influenced by foreign investors. The exclusive amount of hours in language teaching certainly increases the attraction of those subjects whose aim is to educate specialists having, on base of their competence of two world languages, better success prospects on the labour marked. Powered by TCPDF (
Multicultural Education as Philosophical problem
Morvayová, Petra ; Pelcová, Naděžda (advisor) ; Horák, Josef (referee) ; Bendl, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis deals with multicultural education definition and practice antinomies and with paradoxes arising from its bases that are destabilizing its concept and disputing its potential to fulfil the aims that are proposed by. Our analysis insists on findings and approaches coming from philosophical, philosophical antropology perspectives, from philosophy of social science, sociology of knowledge, theories issue from social and cultural antropology, political philosophy and post-structuralist philosophy of language that takes language as an instrument or image of understanding and word sense as an intertextual. The aim of this text is to introspect terms, definitions, constructs and optics of multicultural education concepts from the point of view of critical philosophy of education. Powered by TCPDF (
Typological approach based on reaction time to letters and words in initial reading instruction
Harazinová, Radka ; Horák, Josef (advisor) ; Nikl, Jiří (referee) ; Wildová, Radka (referee)
The work maps the current tendencies, trends and researches in teaching of reading. It is perceived as skill, which is integral part of a broad complex of initial literacy. The aim of the work is to demonstrate type segmentation of pupils. Their basic orientations of reading learning can be distinguished by individualized approach and subsequently they are allowed to use their own abilities and small differences to their personal advantage. Type distinguishing is performed through measurement of response times to letters and words. A software program, the verification of which is also a part of the work, has been created for this purpose. The method of natural experiment was chosen for assessment of efficiency of typological approach. Key words: initial reading - literacy - primary literacy - primary education - preprimary education - school maturity, readiness - development learning disorders - methods of teaching of reading.
Childern's reading as an indicator of background and development of child and society
VáclavíkováHelšusová, Lenka ; Šubrt, Jiří (advisor) ; Havlík, Radomír (referee) ; Horák, Josef (referee)
Text deals with reading as one of components indispensable for an individual's existence in the modern society. The focus is mainly on the children's reading as a demonstration of acquiring reading habits, which one keeps from childhood for their future life. The author defines reading as a set of skills, habits and attitudes, which are treated in the main body of the text. The first part of the work presents several aspects typical of today's society using some select theories, which show the importance of the reading literacy of the individual. This means mainly theories focused on informational or cognitive nature of the society, its cognitive structure and reproduction of learning. Next, the gender differentiation in cognitive structure is presented and also the issue of leisure time - themes, which are important for the subsequent treating of the analysis of the children's reading status. Concluding the first part the author presents the functional literacy concept as the basis, out of which the children's reading literacy is taken for the following analysis. The part two analyses explicitly the state of children's reading in the Czech Republic in the sense of identification of basic elements, which form it, and contexts, in which it is generated. The analysis uses available sociological data, which...

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