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Consumers' attitudes to new technologies in retail
HOLAN, Martin
The objective of this research is find out the attitude of customers to new technologies in retail. The results show for example the attitude to contactless payment, self-service checkout, smart shopping cart, cashback or 3D presentation of goods. It also describes the attitude to new technologies in general. It describes what barriers and motivations to use this technology are. The objective of this research si also find out if customers know about some technologies. This thesis find out the attitude of whole sample ort he attitude of some groups. Respondets are divided the to some groups according to age, place of residence or gender. The data is collected by means of a questionnaire. The number of respondents is 200. Marketing research is carried out in Příbram distict. This bachelor thesis also suggests recommendations for retails. Many graphs, tables, relative and absolut frequency, diagrams and pictures were used in this thesis.

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3 Holan, Michal