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Conduction childern of younger school age to help with housework.
The aim of this bachelor work is to map out the access of families to educational concept, which engage children in housework. Also to compare educational concepts of families living in the countryside and in towns. Moreover, it seeks to establish who from the parents lead children to housework, which educational methods, are applied in families and if children are lead to self-reliance. The work consists of two parts. The first is the theoretical part, where a description of the family, function, types and attitudes is made. Parenting and educational styles, reservations to parenting, role of the mother and the father in the education of children as whel as the child and its educational attitudes, leading of children to self-reliance, responsibility, patience and to housework in the household are also described. An assumption is made, that the foundation of educating children is in families and their educational styles. Every family has its own style of education, therefore it is very important to get to know them. In many families there is a big influence on education from grandparents and I would like to find out, if those relationships are still functional today. The second part is empirical, in which an assessment ot the attitudes and opinions of children to housework is done. Attitudes to freetime activites of families living in countryside and cities are also compared. In addition whether children living in countryside help at home more than children living in cities at assessed. The selection of children was random, and to obtain information an anonymus guestionnaire was used.

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