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Boredom among high school students
Nikorjaková, Petra ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Hříbková, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is of theoretical-empirical nature. The theoretical part of the thesis consists of the characteristics of the concept of boredom, including its etymology, history, typology. It also deals with theoretical conceptualizations of boredom relevant to pedagogical psychology, types of responses to boredom, coping strategies and description of the method for evaluating boredom. Finally yet importantly, it deals with motivation and it examines the characteristics of adolescent age and the pupils' attitudes toward school subjects. In the empirical part of the thesis, a research survey is carried out with the aim to find out the difference in the inclination to boredom by gender, the difference in the inclination to boredom by year, the difference in the experience of boredom in graduation and non-graduation subjects, and the importance of graduation and non-graduation subjects. The data was collected through the BPS questionnaire, which was completed by attitudes of students towards selected subjects. Due to the pandemic situation, the data collection took place online.
Psychological intervention for mothers of premature newborns
Matoušová, Milada ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (referee) ; Hříbková, Lenka (referee)
The disertation thesis focuses on the problem of premature delivery and the effect of a premature newborn on his parents' mental state and feelings. In particular, mothers of premature infants usually experience premature delivery in a very negative way. It is a difficult life situation, which increases demands on both parents, respectively on the whole family. The level of immaturity and medical condition of the premature child significantly affect and violate the natural contact and the early parent-child interaction, which in turn affects the development of their relationship. The consequences of the premature birth for parents and children may last very long, because the immaturity at birth carries a risk of health problems for the whole life. Medical care of premature newborns in the Czech Republic is at the high level and statistical indicators of this specialized care are at the top. In order to archive the best results, excelent medical care for premature infants must be completed by specialised psychological support and assistance given to the parents and whole families. Key words: risk pregnancy, premature delivery, prenatal development, limit of viability, premature newborn, early interaction, breastfeeding, child care
The view of preschool teachers to a gifted children
Svojtková, Nikola ; High, Radka (advisor) ; Hříbková, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis with the title Nursery School Teachers' View of Talented Children presents the teachers' reception and observation of talented children in kindergartens. The thesis is divided into 2 parts. The first part defines talents in various fields and subjects and describes the education of young people according to the current legislation. This theoretical part focuses on talented children in the settings of kindergartens. It describes general features of talented children, the identification of a talented child in a kindergarten, and mentions problematic aspects within the identification of talented children in general. There are also outlined basic principles of the work with talented children in kindergartens, possibilities of their development and supporting measures taken for the talented children in the environment of kindergartens. The second part is the research that focuses on the nursery school teachers'view of the talented children. Further this part studies the teachers' reception of the talented children in the settings of kindergartens. The aim of this thesis was to find out if the nursery school teachers are able to recognize a talented child in a kindergarten. Considering this aim, there was set the researching question: Are the nursery school teachers able to recognize...
Social relationships of artistically talented adolescents and their peers
Borovský, Matej ; Hříbková, Lenka (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
This thesis deals with quality of social relationships of artistically talented adolescents and compares it with social relationships of their peers. Researched areas include peer relations and relationships with parents and other authorities. Results of the research are then compared to the information gathered from scientific literature, which deals with adolescent relationships, specifically of those academically talented. Research data was gathered with semi-structured interviews with six respondents in two groups. The first group consisted of three artistically talented adolescents, the second group consisted of three adolescents without artistic interest. Afterwards, the material was analyzed by using thematic analysis. The results of the analysis and the comparison with the literature is described in the final chapters of the thesis. KEYWORDS social relationships, adolescence, artistically talented, thematic analysis, qualitative research
Drawing performances of children during the critical period of the development of artistic interest
Málková, Tereza ; Hříbková, Lenka (advisor) ; High, Radka (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of the final phase of the development of spontaneous drawing in connection with the interest in this art activity. The aim of this thesis is to find out whether and how the difference in the development of artistic interest in selected subtests of the intelligence test and test of divergent thinking is manifested. Two groups were compared - children from elementary school and children from elementary art school, result was to find out differences or similarities between these two groups. These two basic groups are further divided into the younger and older age categories. Examined groups in the age of 9 - 13 are in the breaking point of development of artistic interest. The overall structure of the bachelor thesis consists of two parts - theoretical and empirical (with more emphasis on the empirical part). The theoretical part describes the development of spontaneous drawing, followed by a part focused on the personality profile of artificially gifted children. Furthermore, the relationship between drawing and cognitive abilities and the meaning of drawing subtests in intelligence tests and tests of divergent thinking is mentioned in this part. In the empirical part, which uses both quantitative and qualitative methodology, 76 children of younger school age...
Impact of Playing RPG on Players' Development of Creative Thinking
Sabonová, Karolína ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Hříbková, Lenka (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the impact of playing RPG on the development of players'creative thinking. Our aim was to analyze the development of creative thinking in relation with RPG playing. This development was observed in the group of beginners and advanced players and in the control group during six months using creative thinking tests (Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking - Figural, Urban's Test for Creative Thinking- Drawing Production). Tests were administered three times, in the beginning, after 3 months and after 6 months. During the second measurement the experimental group was also assigned a Creative Personality Scale (CPS). The obtained values were processed using descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and t-tests. Overall, it has not been conclusively proved that playing RPG influenced the creative thinking development of players, but a certain trend of improved creativity, especially in RPG-beginners was observed. We found out that the gaming intensity (hours per week) and the creativity are not related. A positive relation between the CPS score and the creativity improvement and also relation between the age and the creativity improvement was established. KEYWORDS RPG, creative thinking, Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking - Figural, Urban's Test for Creative Thinking-Drawing...
Collective responsibility in moral judgment of school age children
Beranová, Anežka ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Hříbková, Lenka (referee)
The issue of collective punishments is still relevant today. For example, if one child broke something and parents or teacher cannot find out who did it, what is the best to be done? Punish no one or all group, innocent including? According to the law of our society the innocent should not be punished but it is not relevant for school or family. On the contrary the collective punishment is common there. It is a matter of opinion and of course there are another circumstances in each particular guilt so it is difficult to say what kind of punishments is adequate and righteous which is not always the same thing. However what is the opinion of children themselves? And what does it tell us about their moral development? What is the school age children judgment of collective punishments and the collective responsibility? Jean Piaget asked these questions himself in his research of the collective responsibility in the moral judgment of school age children. His expectation was that the children's understanding of the collective responsibility will be similar as the understanding of "primitive" society. That means at first place there will be a believe in a punishment as a mystical act which will clean the society contaminated with a crime and does not matter who will be punished. However this expectation...
Learning about social life and institutions in younger school-age in case of mild mental retardation
Vojtíšková, Marika ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Hříbková, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with learning about social life and institutions in case of children with mild mental retardation. The authoress summarizes the Jean Piaget's theory of moral development (especially known from studies The Moral Judgment of the Child and La psychologie de l'enfant), anteriorly each stage (anomy; heteronomy; autonomy). This theory is compared to learning about social life and institutions as described in Czech Framework Education Programme (Rámcový vzdělávací program), called Man and His World. The core of this text is using Piaget's and his followers' research methods on a sample of children with mild mental retardation from the Prague practical school named LOPES. The structured interview method examined probands of two age groups understanding three stories containing different types of morally problematic situations (telling untruth, property damage, causing an unpleasant situation). Text also describes pilot study that helps to set method more accurate. The bachelor thesis at its end provides a summary of research results and their reflection by special educational teacher (without knowledge of the sample of children). That verifies the wider validity of conclusions and lays the foundation for further research.
Social-emotional characteristics of gifted children at preschool age
Bartoňová, Anna ; Hříbková, Lenka (advisor) ; High, Radka (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of gifted pre-school children. The aim of this work is to identify and describe the socio-emotional characteristics of gifted preschoolers. The theoretical part focuses on general definitions of giftedness and talent, general characteristics of gifted preschoolers and their identifying. It also focuses on the characteristics reported in the literature with a particular emphasis on socio-emotional area. In the empirical part, which uses qualitative methodology, six preschoolers, who were labeled as gifted by their teachers were observed. The main methods included naturalistic observation and structured interviews with teachers of gifted children. Based on my observation I found that some socio-emotional symptoms occured more widely in the observed gifted children. Firstly almost all the observed children held the positions of group leader. They often communicated with authorities more often confidently and without shyness. Most of them had a strong need to inform the teacher about something or to boast about something. Most of the observed children had close friends in the class. For each one of them, a collective game predominates and they divide tasks among their peers or they rebuke them. Most of the observed children had much enthusiasm for activities and during...

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