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Evaluation of quality of cut surfaces created by abrasive water jet according to swiss standard SN 214001
Klichová, Dagmar ; Gurková, Lucie
The article focuses on the evaluation of the quality of cut surfaces created by\nan abrasive water jet (AWJ) according to the Swiss standard SN 214001 (2010).\nThe standard presents a quantified description of the texture of the cut. It defines\nnew parameters and methods of parameter measurements used in order to\ncategorize the cut surface in various quality levels Q. They are so far the most\ncommonly applied form of the qualitative description of the quality of the cut\nsurfaces created by the AWJ technology.
Measurement and analysis of abrasive particles velocities in AWJ
Zeleňák, Michal ; Foldyna, Josef ; Martinec, Petr ; Cárach, J. ; Gurková, Lucie ; Nováková, Daria
Abrasive water jet (AWJ) is a progressive technology commonly used in many industrial applications. Potential of this technology is high and research in the field of optimal geometry design of an injection system has not been completed yet. New designs of the injection cutting head based on numerical simulation of the flow provide important information about processes occurring during the formation of AWJ. Detailed knowledge of velocities of abrasive particles during the abrasive water jet generation is vital for the verification of the numerical model. The aim of the experimental work was to test the applicability of the LIF (Laser Inducted Fluorescence) technique combined with the PTV (Particle Tracking Velocity) processing algorithms to analyze particle velocities at the output of the focusing tube. The combination of commonly used water pressures with abrasive mass flow rate was tested and the obtained results of abrasive particles velocities are presented in this paper.
Use of micro X-ray computed tomography for development and research into waterjets
Souček, Kamil ; Sitek, Libor ; Gurková, Lucie ; Georgiovská, Lucie
Non-destructive methods for analysis of various types of materials have been increasingly applied recently. One of these methods is the industrial micro X-ray computed tomography (CT). This paper presents an overview of experience in using the industrial micro X-ray computed tomography during research activities at the Institute of Geonics of the CAS. It discusses possibilities of the nondestructive visualization of the inner structures of a wide range of materials and objects, including examples of its use in research and development activities related to high speed waterjets.
Study of quality of nine aluminium alloys surfaces created using abrasive waterjet
Klichová, Dagmar ; Klich, Jiří ; Gurková, Lucie
The article focuses on the normalized method of measurement and evaluation of a surface texture created using the abrasive waterjet. It detects selected amplitude parameters of a roughness profile providing a form of a quantified description of properties of a surface topography. It studies the change in quality of machined surfaces created by the abrasive waterjet in nine selected materials of aluminium alloys when changing the traverse speed. Studied samples were measured by an optical profilometer MicroProf FRT and further analyzed with the SPIP software.

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