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Coordination of social security systems on the EU level
Tomáš, Daniel ; Kačírková, Eliška (advisor) ; Grmelová, Nicole (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the coordination of social security systems on the EU level. The thesis firstly deals with the European union itself, its historical development and present form. Further, the thesis is concerned with the rudimentary partition of the EU law and competences, including the areas of their effect and the basic legislation of the social area in the EU treaties. In the second part, the thesis pursues the means of coordination, onto which people and under what circumstances can the coordination rules be applied. Furthermore, the fundamental principles of coordination are going to be introduced and explained in this part, as well as the Regulations themselves and the general application of coordination rules on different social benefits. The third chapter focuses on the European Court of Justice and the definition of its structure and tasks within the EU and moreover the analysis of individual judgements of ECJ related to social security coordination.
Dispute Settlement in the WTO
Mašková, Tereza ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Štěrbová, Ludmila (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to introduce and evaluate the dispute settlement system currently applied under the World Trade Organization, especially with regard to its effectiveness. In the theoretical part of the thesis the historical development of the mechanism is described and the current WTO system is compared with its predecessor applied on the basis on the GATT agreement. Afterwards, the particular stages of the decision making proces are presented. The practical part of the thesis then identifies specific problems most commonly associated with the system, always with a help of some examples from the WTO decision making practice. As a response to these problems, the final chapter presents some proposals for improvement of the current system.
Trade disputes between EU and USA in the WTO
Skladchikova, Anna ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
The European Union and the United States of America are the world's largest trading partners, not only among themselves but also with other states. Due to the increasing volume of their mutual trade, the number of disputes that arise between these business partners is growing, and that is why the question of regulating bilateral trade relations between the EU and the US is becoming more and more sensitive. This paper provides an overview of trade disputes between the European Union and the United States of America and a mechanism for their solution at the World Trade Organization to assess the possibility of adopting preventive measures that could prevent the future emergence of trade conflicts or facilitate settlement of disputed controversial situations.
Transport conditions of airline companies and responsibility of freight companies in case of breaching these conditions in accordance with EU law restrictions
Hervertová, Klára ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Švarc, Zbyněk (referee)
This diploma thesis on Transport conditions of airline companies and responsibility of freight companies in case of breaching these conditions in accordance with EU law restrictions deals with the issue of air law. The aim of the thesis was to provide a comprehensive overview of consumer protection in the legal regulation of air transport, taking into account the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter provides general information on air traffic, its history, sources and principles of air law. The second chapter deals with passengers as air transport subjects in terms of their rights and obligations. With regard to the objectives of this work, the relevant national, European and international legislation is mentioned here. The final chapter is dedicated to the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, in particular to the four selected cases dealt with by the Court of Justice in the preliminary ruling procedure.
Legal regulation of execution of mortgage loans in Spain
Bořucká, Karolína ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Hásová, Jiřina (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is the Legal regulation of execution of the mortgage loan in Spain and it deals with a large mortgage crisis, which hit Spain in the years 2007 - 2012 and brought many Spanish families to execution proceedings. The main objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of the legislation and legal sectors, which includes Spanish execution processes.
Comparation of Danish and Czech anti-corruption legislation
Nováková, Šárka ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis compares anti-corruption legislation in the Czech republic and in Denmark. It analyses if the higher level of transparency in Denmark is caused by better legislation, or if the reason for such a significant difference is effected by something else.
Legal analysis on the management of the refugee crisis in the Federal Republic of Germany
Sikorská, Eliška ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Kříž, Radim (referee)
This thesis analyzes the management of refugee crisis in the Federal Republic of Germany in relation to the applicable law of the European Union. In theoretical introduction, the thesis focuses on the definition of key concepts and the related areas of EU law. The second part is devoted to the policy of the Federal Republic of Germany led by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and the actions adopted. In the last part, these actions are analyzed in accordance with the main research question of this thesis, namely whether Germany is dealing with the immigrant crisis in accordance with the law of the European Union.
Legal position of Liechtenstein in European Economic Area
Havlová, Berenika ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
The thesis defines legal status of Liechtenstein in the European Economic Area. It is divided into three consecutive chapters. The first chapter consists of two parts - general and economic characteristics of Liechtenstein. The general characteristic is based on the author's experience supported by scientific literature, while economic subchapter is based largely on statistical data. The second chapter focuses on the legal status of Liechtenstein and its position on international scene. The position is viewed from two perspectives, which affects it the most. First, from the perspective of participation in selected international organizations and second, the influence of close relationship with Switzerland. The last chapter analyses international litigation to which Liechtenstein is a party. The aim of this thesis is to define the legal relations of Liechtenstein, which forms its position, using the methods of analysis.
The legal status of Palestine
Bernasová, Tereza ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Kříž, Radim (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is the analysis of the legal status of Palestine. The theoretical part of this thesis examines the history of Palestine, the relations between Palestine and Israel, the rejection of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 by Arab states, Palestinian membership in international organisations, the Oslo I Accord and the Montevideo criteria for statehood.The thesis also evaluates the final status negotiations between Israel and Palestine and various Palestinian government programs. The second part of the thesis analyses the constraints posed by divided Palestinian territories and the dynamics and interactions between Palestinian populations living in and outside the territory. Furthermore this diploma thesis focuses on the Palestinian public sector; especially on the areas of justice, education, health system and defense. Individual chapters also deal with the economic instability of Palestine and its financial dependence on the other, mostly European, countries. In conclusion, this diploma thesis will give not only a comprehensive legal view of the status of Palestine, but also views on Palestinian governance.
Legal aspects of economic integration of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union
Pestereva, Yelizaveta ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Valenta, Petr (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the analysis of two major unions- the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The aim of this work is to compare single stages of their integration process with an emphasis on how the experience of EU has influenced the integration process of the EAHU. The first chapter describes the history of the European union with regards to legal and institutional aspects. This part also examines treaties of the EU signed at each step of integration. The second chapter is dedicated to the integration processes in the countries of the former Soviet Union which led to creation of the EAHU in 2015. The third chapter provides a comparison of the previously described processes in two regions, emphasizing simularities and evaluating the prospects of cooperation between the unions.

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