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Car Localization Using Satellite Systems
Uhliar, Martin ; Drahanský, Martin (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design, hardware and software implementation of a location device which can get a location data and speed of a car on the Earth's surface. Through the GPRS mobile network, the obtained values  are transferred to a remote server and then stored in a database. This data is presented to the user via a web application that displays the current location of the car on the map. The device is controlled by ARM microcontroller.
Biometric Gateway Using Camera to Identify People
Jelen, Vilém ; Drahanský, Martin (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
Biometric gateways are used to quickly and accurately identify people. Of the biometric characteristics, iris, face and fingerprints are commonly used. By combining them, better identification results can be achieved. The aim of this thesis is to create such a biometric gateway together with the control application. A combination of iris of both eyes and face is used, which is captured by cameras from three angles to increase accuracy. Neural networks are used to detect and extract face features. Iris recognition is realized using Daugman's algorithm.
Descriptor for Identification of a Person by the Face
Coufal, Tomáš ; Orság, Filip (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
Thesis provides an overview and discussion of current findings in the field of biometrics. In particular, it focuses on facial recognition subject. Special attention is payed to convolutional neural networks and capsule networks. Thesis then lists current approaches and state-of-the-art implementations. Based on these findings it provides insight into engineering a very own solution based of CapsNet architecture. Moreover, thesis discussed advantages and capabilitied of capsule neural networks for identification of a person by its face.
Multicameras Biometric Gateway to Identify People
Kosík, Dominik ; Orság, Filip (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis is about creating biometric gate to identify people. The Identification is achieved with 5 RGB cameras and one thermal camera. Thermal camera is used for detection of person. Then, from images acquired from RGB cameras, is created 3D model of photographed person. This model is then used for the identification. However due to inaccuracies in created model, identification isn't precise enough. Because of that, it's necessary to modify used algorithms processing 3D model, so better precision is achieved.
Reconstruction of Facial Images Using Neural Networks
Zubalík, Petr ; Drahanský, Martin (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
The main purpose of this bachelor's thesis is to propose and implement a model, using neural networks, that will be able to reconstruct low-resolution facial images with blurry parts of the face. The task of super-resolution of facial images is solved by two models based on convolutional neural networks. The first model is built upon the architecture of ResNet whereas the other model makes use of the principles of generative adversarial networks. The proposed models are implemented in the Python programming language with the use of application programming interface of the TensorFlow framework. Moreover, as a part of this work, an application with a simple grafical user interface was created. This application makes it easy to use the implemented models. Several experiments are analyzed in the last chapter of this thesis to evaluate the performance of the models.
Monitoring Pedestrian by Drone
Dušek, Vladimír ; Goldmann, Tomáš (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is focused on monitoring people in a video footage captured by drone. People are detected by trained model of detector RetinaNet. A feature vector is extracted for each detected person using color histograms. Identification of people is realized by comparing their feature vectors with respect to their distance in the frame. In the end the trajectories of all people are visualized in a panorama image. Accuracy of the trained RetinaNet detector on difficult validation data is 58.6 %. Error rate is partially reduced by the way of algorithm design for trajectory visualisation. It's not necessary to successfully detect person on every frame for correct visualization of its trajectories. At the same time, static objects which are detected as person but are not moving are not consider as people and are not visualized at all. There is a lot of algorithms dealing with people detection however only a few approaches are focused on detection people from an aerial footage.
Head Pose Estimation in an Image by a Neural Network
Rybnikár, Lukáš ; Goldmann, Tomáš (referee) ; Orság, Filip (advisor)
Artificial neural networks are not a novelty, but their recent rise in popularity is noticeable as well as their gain of attention from the masses. This bachelor thesis focuses on the head pose estimation in an image using the convolution neural networks. The fields of use of neural networks are vast and during last years strong enough hardware has been developed to allow us to train these networks under commonly accessible conditions. In theoretical part there are neural networks introduced with an explanation of what they are, how they work, how they are divided followed by a detailed description of convolutional neural networks. In the practical part the necessary tools used for development needed to perform experiments, such as determining appropriate configuration for neural network and optimization to get the best results possible, are described.
Device for Monitoring of Air Quality
Jašek, Filip ; Drahanský, Martin (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design and implementation of air quality monitoring devic using selected sensors (RHT03, MQ-2, MQ-7) on STM Nucleo F446RE microcontroller platform. The next section describes the development of a mobile application to read out measured data using Bluetooth Low Energy created with the NativeScript framework primarily for the Android platform. Part of the thesis is the test operation of the measuring device and evaluation of the results.
Intelligent Thermal Camera with Intruder Detection
Mysza, Róbert ; Drahanský, Martin (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
Thermovision technology is becoming more and more widespread in monitoring and security applications. This bachelor thesis deals with its usage for object detection and describes methods and algorithms capable to do this. I also studied factors, which effects the human skin temperature. The design of the device, which sends images to the server and is able to detect an intruder by his temperature is part of this thesis. The last chapter contains evaluation of tests for detection reliability.
Intelligent System for Detection of Undesirable Gases and Smoke in the Interior
Kurák, Ondrej ; Orság, Filip (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
The object of this work is to create a device capable of detecting smoke and hazardous gases produced by a fire. To solve the problem is designed the device that can detect these dangerous substances before an injury or property damage. The provided solution provides smoke detection, measuring the concentration of various gases and sending these values over a wireless connection in real time.

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