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Assessment of the load-bearing capacity of selected concrete structure detail using different design approaches
Koriťáková, Martina ; Januš, Ondřej (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with processing of method of determining the load-bearing capacity of elements subjected to shear force according to three different approaches. It includes design and subsequent assesment of the frame beam with variable cross-section according to individual approaches and corresponding drawing documentation. Coparison of individual approache is also performed by using a parametric study.
Load-bearing RC structure of the multi-storey building
Petrovič, Jiří ; Hasala, Ivo (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The Master’s thesis is focused on the analysis and design of selected members of load-bearing structure of an apartment house according to the ultimate limit states (ULS) and seviceability limit states (SLS). The calculation and the analysis was supported by design software SCIA ENGINEER 2017. Structural analysis deals with the design of the reinforced concrete floor slab of 1.PP, beams in 1.PP, selected walls in 1.NP and column in 1.PP and 1.NP. Thework beside this deals with the calculation and design of foundation of the object.
The use of advanced composite materials for the design of concrete structures
Macháček, Jan ; Matušíková, Anna (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of concrete structures reinforced by FRP according to ACI, fib, CSA and EC2 regulations, which are stressed by a shear force. The diferences between steel rebar and FRP reinforcement were described, in particular its mechanical degradation over time and a different stress-strain diagram. Furthermore, shear capacity calculations were performed according to the regulations and compared with the real tests. Then the parametric analysis of shear strength was performed. In the practical part, the design of concrete floor slab structure supported by the pillars and walls was performed. The upper reinforcement of this slab was designed with FRP and the lower with steel rebar. Double-headed studs were used as a punching shear reinforcement.
Structural assessment of the existing reinforced-concrete frame structure of the production building
Pražan, Jiří ; Krůpa, Pavel (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the structural assessment of the existing reinforced concrete frame structure of the production building. The structure under consideration is carried out as a reinforced concrete monolithic frame structure with a discrepancy of 6,15 x 6,15 m (axis). The object has a rectangular plan of 13 x 9 fields. The total dimension is 56 x 81m and is divided into three dilation units on all floors by two inserted 3,65 m wide fields. The building has three above-ground floors and one underground floor. The construction height of the basement is 3,675 m, above ground level 4,0 m. On the west side of the building (axis A) are three reinforced concrete elevator shafts with a dimension of approximately 4,5 x 3,8 m. The envelope and inner partitions are made of bricks full of burned. The work shall include a static assessment of the status quo, a determination of the load capacity and a proposal for appropriate adjustments to ensure static reliability.
Reinforced concrete structure of office building
Lagiň, Juraj ; Šulák, Pavel (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with structural solution and comparing of the two variants of reinforced concrete slab structure of administrative building. First variant, designed like a slab with full section, is being compared with a variant of slab, which is designed like a voided slab by formwork U-boot. The structure is designed and assessed for ultimate limit state in accordance with ČSN EN 1992-1-1: Design of concrete structures – Part 1-1: General rules and rules for building.
Design of concrete structures reinforced with FRP reinforcement
Bártová, Denisa ; Januš, Ondřej (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with design of a FRP reinforced concrete structure. The structure is a two way floor slab designed in two ways. The first one is typically reinforced concrete; in the second, the upper reinforcement is replaced with a FRP reinforcement. Ultimately, both variations are compared at the end. The floor structure is located in exposure class XD1. The thesis includes a structural design as well as drawings. All calculations were performed in accordance with Eurocode 2 and Fib. Bulletin No. 40.
Load bearing reinforced concrete structure of apartment house
Ruber, Lukáš ; Krůpa, Pavel (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the design of the underground parts of the building. Part of this thesis is to comapare alternative designs and subsequentli evaluate the interaction of the upper structure with subsoil and pile fundantion. A detailed static assessment and implementation documentation is then prepared for the selected variant. The design of the base plate and reinforced concrete walls of the underground section are designed with respect to the crack width according to the principles for designing the white box. The theoretical part contains principles for designing and implementing a white box and evaluating design variants.
Load bearing reinforced concrete structure of apartment house
Roček, Tomáš ; Hasala, Ivo (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
This work deals with the structural solution of selected parts of load bearing structure of apartment house - floor slabs of 1.PP and 2.NP, deep beam and its supporting column. The analysis is made by Finite Element Method, deep beam is solved by Strut-and-Tie model. The elements are designed and assessed according to valid standards.
Precast concrete structure of production hall
Hradský, Richard ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The main part is design and calculation of the transversal frame of industrial building consisting of those parts (girder, column, foundation pad). Computational software SCIA ENGINEER is used for design, calculation and drawing of those forces, moments and stress of elements. The verify of the results and their accuracy is applied handdone static calculation of forces, moments and stress. The drawings of those elemenst will be producted by Computational and drawing software ArchiCAD.
Reinforced concrete load bearing structure of administration building
Pražan, Jiří ; Kadlec, Jaroslav (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the static solution of the loadbearing reinforced concrete structure of the administrative three-storey building. Specifically, the most loaded inner column on the ground floor and the point-supported, two way, reinforced concrete floor slab above the ground floor with a circumferential shear beam are solved. The structure is designed and checked for the ultimate limit state according to standard ČSN EN 1992-1-1 ed2, including the Z1 amendment from May 2016.

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