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DSC of Lipidic Excipients
Gillová, Martina ; Musilová, Marie (advisor) ; Doležal, Pavel (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Candidate Mgr. Martina Gillová Consultant RNDr. Marie Musilová, CSc. Title of Thesis DSC of lipidic excipients In this work was evaluated the interaction of the lipidic components with water by using DSC (differential scanning calorimetry). In the first part of this work, we used samples which contained a phospholipid (DMPE). The samples which we used in the second part of the work, contained cutaneous lipids presented by pseudoceramides (14S24 and H6524) and cholesterol. Our attention was especially payed to the vindication of the existence of different structure organizations of hydrated lipidic components. By the samples which contained the phospholipid DMPE, we registered the most of the phase transitions presented in the literature on our calorimeter by using slightly modificated conditions. In similar conditions of the measurement we registered only the crystallization peak from the different phase transitions by the commercially produced pseudoceramide H6524. By the synthetic pseudoceramide 14S24 by used conditions of the measurement we didn't prove any phase transitions.
Thermal analysis of interaction of epidermal lipids VI.
Gillová, Martina ; Doležal, Pavel (referee) ; Musilová, Marie (advisor)
Thermal analysis of interaction of epidermal lipids VI. Martina Gillová, degree work, June 2010 Abstract A skin separates the organism from the external environment, but at the same time it enables the contact with surroundings too. During transdermal aplication a drug has to get over a skin barrier, which is represented especially by outer skin layer, stratum corneum. This layer is composed of keratinized cells embedded in lipid matrix. Currently scientists are searching new substances, which will temporarily be able to increase permeability of the skin and facilitate penetrating of the drug through the skin barrier. We call these substances permeation enhancers. In this work, we concentrated on the evaluation of interactions of cholesterol (one of the components of lipid matrix of stratum corneum) with permeation enhancer ETH5-10 by using DSC (differential scanning calorimetry). Then, we observed interactions of mixtures of these two substances with water. Every time we added such amount of water to our sample, that it made approximately 75% of the sample weight. We did the evaluation of individual components too. The sample with the composition of cca 50% cholesterol and 50% ETH5-10 standed out markedly from the range of another samples.
Leasing - Accounting and Tax Aspects
Gillová, Martina ; Zmrhalová, Alena (advisor) ; Černovská, Lenka (referee)
Basic characteristics of leasing. Possibilities of leasing operations accounting according to the Czech regulations and according to the International accounting standards (IAS/IFRS). Analysis of differences in accounting. Schemes of leasing operations in financial statements. Tax aspects of leasing operations.
Oceňování a účtování majetku ve společnosti Nestlé Česko s.r.o.
Gillová, Martina ; Zmrhalová, Alena (advisor)
Obecné možnosti oceňování a účtování majetku, oceňování při běžném účtování, oceňování v účetní uzávěrce. Rozdíly v oceňování dle Mezinárodních standardů účetního výkaznictví (IFRS). Vliv výběru metod na vypovídací schopnost údajů v účetních výkazech.

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