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The use of CAM assay for characterization and study of cancer cell invasive properties
Vágnerová, Lenka ; Dvořák, Michal (advisor) ; Geryk, Josef (referee)
The chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) of chicken embryos belongs to the in vivo model systems frequently used for the study of angiogenesis and cell invasiveness. Using CAM assay we have tested selected chicken sarcoma cell lines characterized by different angiogenic properties and different ability to form metastasis. In addition to CAM assay, several other methods have been used to characterize the phenotype of these cell lines. We have selected a few proteins which could significantly influence the angiogenic and metastatic properties of investigated cell lines. We have established cell lines stably overexpressing these genes and compared their phenotypes with parental cell lines. We have shown that genes encoding ISL1, ARNT2, PROM1, HOXA11 proteins participate, in our experimental model, in activation of programes controlling angiogenesis and cell invasion.
Pathogenic Effect of Avian Leukosis Viruses in Chicken
Průková, Dana ; Geryk, Josef (advisor) ; Němečková, Šárka (referee) ; Grubhoffer, Libor (referee)
comparativestudyof pďhomorphologicalchangesin lymphoidtissuesinducedby ALVs of different subgroupspecificity, hasnot beenperformed.Usingthe chicken model we aimed at clarification of additional features,especially pathomorphologicaland immunological chara- cteristics of the wasting diseaseinducedby different strainsof ALV{. In orderto achievea propercompďison,alsoadditionalALV subgroup(A'B'D) wereincluded. on the otlrerhand, several retroviruseshave been found to induce kidney fumoÍs. MAv2 (N) is an avian nonacuteoncogenicÍetrovirusof subgroupB ALv. In chickens infec- ted in ovo or early afrerhatchingit induces,with high efÍrciency'multip|eclonal embryonic- type tumorsof kidney - nephnoblastomas(Wattsand Smith, 1980).The model of MAV2 (N)- induced chicken nephroblastomais basedon the assumedabiliý of MAV2(N) retrovirusto transformcells by insertionalmutagenesis,thatis, by a deregulationof expressionof geneshit by the proviral integration.This avian model ofnephroblastomarepresentsa valuabletool for identi$ing genesinvolved in themaligrant transformationof cells. It is assumedthatmacro- scopic nepfuoblastomasarise by clonal expansion of blastema cells in which MAV2 (N) provirus has deregulatedspecific genescontroling differenciation and proliferation @ajer et ď.' 2003). Summary ALVs have a large potential to...

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5 Geryk, Jan
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