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The influence of moisture on the thermal properties of the gloves
Gawlasová, Žaneta ; Toma, Róbert (referee) ; Fišer, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the assessment of the influence of moisture on the thermal properties of the gloves. The first part of the thesis deals with the research of topics related to the given issue as well as with the derivation of the computational relations needed for evaluation of experimental measurements. The main focus of the work lies on defining the hypotheses and experiments that are used to verify the influence of moisture on the thermal resistance of gloves. As for the experimental part, it describes the individual methods of moistening the gloves from which the moistening through the air humidity and the moistening by the immersion were analysed. To verify the suitability of selected moistening methods, the tested glove samples were measured on the thermal manikin both in a dry and a moistened state under the conditions defined by ČSN EN 511 and ČSN EN ISO 15831 standards. Individual states were repeatedly measured and afterwards the progresses of thermal resistance depending on time were graphically displayed. The thesis also includes analysis of measurement uncertainties as well as evaluation of measurement repeatability. From the obtained results, both the defined hypotheses and theoretical assumptions about the decrease of the thermal resistance of a textile material due to the influence of moisture were confirmed in the conclusion of the diploma thesis.
Modern technologies in thermal management of passenger vehicles with alternative drivetrain
Gawlasová, Žaneta ; Kopečková, Barbora (referee) ; Fojtlín, Miloš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the assessment of the current state of modern technologies in thermal management of passenger vehicles with alternative drivetrain. The main part of the work is based on the research into advanced systems aimed at minimizing the thermal load of the passengers and at ensuring the thermal comfort in the car cabin through various forms of the heat transfer. The study deals with reversible heat pump, photovoltaic solar panels, thermoelectric Peltier device, infrared heating, heat pipe and magnetocaloric cooling. Technologies are described from the point of view of the theoretical principle of operation, further, there are mentioned benefits and limitations of the system and the application of the technology in vehicles. Finally, a calculation of the energy demands of resistance heating as well as reversible and magnetocaloric heat pump for winter and summer operation is created for illustrative purposes. In addition to that, improvements of available systems and the potential use of prototype technologies, that can significantly contribute to reducing energy consumption while providing the required thermal comfort, are proposed at the end of the thesis.

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