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Universal Measurement Interface for Digital Audio Signal
Gál, Marek
This article deals with a modification of existing project which is used as a helpful tool for tracking and measuring digital audio interface I2S. Modifications are based on practical one year experience when the device was tested and deals with new requirements for extension.
Electrochemical Study of the Supported Iron Oxide Catalysts
Gál, M. ; Horváth, B. ; Navrátil, Tomáš
Propylene oxide (PO) belongs to the group of the most important chemical industrial\nintermediates. It is mainly used for polyurethanes, pharmaceuticals, textile, and detergent\nproduction. In this short contribution we tried to characterize supported iron(III) oxide\ncatalyst with different amount of Fe and to find an optimal iron(III) oxide content for the best\ncatalysts performance. The importance of phase quality on the selectivity of respective\ncatalysts samples is also discussed. Linear sweep voltammetry was chosen for this purpose.\nResults obtained by electrochemical methods are compared with efficiency (selectivity) of\nrespective catalysts.
Time-resolved potentiometry on liquid-liquid interface
Mansfeldová, Věra ; Nesměrák, Karel (advisor) ; Opekar, František (referee) ; Gál, Miroslav (referee)
Věra Mansfeldová: Time-resolved potentiometry on liquid-liquid interface (Dissertation thesis) Abstract The aim of this work is to explore the method of temporal resolution in potentiometry as a new prospective electrochemical analytical technique. In connection with interface of two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITIES) it may find utilization in analytical chemistry. This technique up to my knowledge has not been published yet. Potential response of analyte on liquid/liquid interface includes both distribution processes, their temporal resolution and redox processes, which specificity can modified by changing the composition of individual phases. Unlike "classic" potentiometric techniques, limited just to potential determination, this method, which I have given the working name "time resolved potentiometry at liquid-liquid interface" utilizes time development of potential response, which was found to be an analyte-specific function. The time resolved potentiometry presented in this work includes time course of potential response to analytical parameters specific for particular analyte. It brings series of data characterizing the analyte in given environment in a similar manner as spectra and may allow creating analyte-specific data package - fingerprint. Combination with ITIES allows, unlike...
Supported Phospholipid Bilayer at the Conductive Interface
Sokolová, Romana ; Kocábová, Jana ; Kolivoška, Viliam ; Gál, M.
The interactions of ethanol and flavonoid compounds with supported phospholipid bilayer\nwere studied by means of electrochemical methods and scanning probe techniques. The\nstability of a 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DPPC) phospholipid bilayer\nsupported on different types of conductive substrate was investigated. The relationship\nbetween the method of lipid deposition and the formation of several types of lipid structures\nincluding vesicles, hemimicelles, patches and single bilayers on the interface is discussed.
The Necessity of the Baptism for Salvation in the Light of the Document of ITC
Gál, Miroslav ; Mohelník, Tomáš (advisor) ; Brož, Prokop (referee)
In the Diploma thesis entitled "The Necessity of the Baptism for Salvation in the Light of the Document of ITC" in terms of the document of ITC "The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die without Being Baptized" and on the base of the selected parts of the Holy Scripture, magisterial, theological, liturgical texts questions about the necessity of the baptism for salvation of infants and adults are discussed. The baptism is the proper way for all people to be saved. The history of salvation is christocentric; everything is focused on Christ and, vice versa Christ turns to every man, accepts every man. Therefore, one can suppose that for every adult who cannot make an explicit decision for Christ, this Christ acceptation together with its implicit decision is enough for its salvation. On the other side, church prays for those infants who died without being baptized and who could not make neither explicit nor implicit decision for Christ. There are sufficient theological reasons to suppose that these infants will be saved because Christ has accepted also all these children.
The Roman Catholic Church and the Human Rights
Gál, Miroslav ; Matějek, Marek (referee) ; Ovečka, Libor (advisor)
ENGLISH ANNOTATION The Roman Catholic Church and the Human Rights (Bachelor Theses) In this work questions about human rights and freedom are briefly discussed. Two conceptions of the nature of human rights and freedom are characterized. The first one and older one is based on Jewish Christian tradition of creation of mankind. The second one also called antropocentric has its root in Antic age but its development is closely connected with French revolution and independence of the USA. Historical and contemporary relations of Roman Catholic Church to the idea of human rights and freedom form a main part of this bachelor theses. The contrast between Charter of the Rights of Catholics in the Church and encroach on human rights in the Catholic Church is also discussed. Key words: Human Rights; Freedom; Roman Catholic Church; Antropocentric and Jewish Christian Tradition; Encroach on Human Rights
Wireless sports timer
Gál, Marek ; Horák, Karel (referee) ; Petyovský, Petr (advisor)
This work deals with design and realization of universal sport timer and uses wireless communication between individual components. The purposes is to achieve maximum mobility, reliability and simplicity for users. This work doesn‘t deal with sensing elements of measuring system, it only provides examples of their typical usage. The content of this proposal is the primary unit, which will ensure time measurement with 0,01s resolution and the secondary unit, which will track a sensing elements and provide information for processing to primary unit. The design comprises communication method, hardware of all devices and firmware.
Universal measurement interface for digital audio signal
Gál, Marek ; Macho, Tomáš (referee) ; Petyovský, Petr (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with a modification of existing project which is used as a helpful tool for tracking and measuring digital audio interface I2S. The original design was created by Ing. Martin Stejskal, Polymorphic USB – I2S Interface. Modifications are based on practical one year experience when the device was tested and deals with new requirements for extension. This work describes and justify individual changes of hardware and software part of project.
Reduction and Oxidation of Hydroxyquinolines in Acetonitrile and Dimethylsulfoxide
Sokolová, Romana ; Ramešová, Šárka ; Fiedler, Jan ; Kolivoška, Viliam ; Degano, I. ; Gál, M. ; Szala, M. ; Nycz, J. E.
This study is focused on investigation of oxidation and reduction pathways of selected hydroxyquinoline compounds in nonaqueous solutions. The experimentally obtained reduction potentials are reported to well correlate with calculated values of LUMO energies as well as the obtained oxidation potentials are in a good agreement with theoretical HOMO energies. The cyclic voltammetry, in situ UV/Vis spectroelectrochemistry and in situ IR spectroelectrochemistry confirmed that the oxidation mechanism is complicated. Oxidation unexpectedly proceeds together with protonation of the starting compound. This behaviour was found for all studied compounds, hydroxyquinoline carboxylic acids and also for compounds, where a methyl group is present instead of carboxylic group.
Electrochemistry as a Tool for an Enzyme Characterization
Gál, M. ; Krahulec, J. ; Jiríčková, K. ; Sokolová, Romana ; Híveš, J.
Basic biochemical properties such as Michaelis constant (KM) and turnover number (kcat) of enzyme enteropeptidase was measured by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Both values determined by impedance measurements are in good agreement with those obtained by traditional spectroscopic techniques. Therefore one can suppose that electrochemical methods might be successful for such measurements also in the case where usual ones (UV-Vis, fluorescence spectroscopy) are not able to determine these enzyme characteristics.

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