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Regional planning of services and its contribution to the site from the point of view of participants in network of services for vulnerable families with children.
Křenková, Monika ; Furmaníková, Lada (advisor) ; Povolná, Pavla (referee)
This thesis deals with the Regional planning of services and its contribution to the site from the point of view of participants in network of services for vulnerable children and families. Regional planning of services is one of the key activities of the project "System Development and Support of Social and Legal Child Protection Tools", which aims to support the transformation of the care system for vulnerable children into practice. The aim of this work is to find out how the participants in network of services for vulnerable children and families perceive the activity of regional planning of services, their experience and make recommendations for the implementation of regional planning. The theoretical part describes the project, the activity of regional planning of services and individual activities of the regional planner. This work focuses on the cooperation and multidisciplinary approach. A qualitative approach is used in the research. Data was collected using individual and group interviews. The research group is a sample of participants in network of services for vulnerable children and families. Data analysis has produced recommendations for regional planning of services activity to maintain activities in localities and has also produced local or system recommendations. Key words...
Impact of sheltered housing social service on its clients
Radová, Marcela ; Furmaníková, Lada (advisor) ; Štegmannová, Ingrid (referee)
The diploma thesis topic is an impact analysis of how social services affects clients of community living for disabled people. The main goal of this thesis is to answer a question whether the social service leads to decrease of its range. The clients sample of 12 was selected from those who use the service longest. The data analysis of individual service records complemented with qualitative quality available data confirmed the assumed hypothesis. The initial hypothesis assumed that 80% of clients who use the community living for disabled people the longest lead to decreased the need of provided services. The secondary goal of this thesis is to suggest options how to improve the efficiency of provided services to the service providers. This has been accomplished by focus group survey This investigation has led to two proposals for increasing the efficiency of the services provided. Keywords:
The unavailability of social services for people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD)
Křečková, Markéta ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Furmaníková, Lada (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerned with the subject of inaccessible social services for people suffering from autism spectrum disorders (hereinafter ASD) and associated challenging behavior. Emphasis is placed on the social care and services in terms of settings of the social system in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of the thesis aims on bringing a comprehensive view of the current availability of social services for people with ASD and associated challenging behavior. Especially the definition of basic concepts along with introduction of individual actors throughout the system and a description of the current situation in the Czech Republic and in the world. The description of possible causes of the unavailability of social services for persons with ASD and associated challenging behavior is at the core of the empirical part. Data gathering and analysis are based on methods of Grounded theory. The semi-structured interviews with representatives of regions and with the social service providers are used as data sources. Conclusions of the thesis include, in particular, extreme cost and long-term staff shortages, weak legislative support, and fragmented network services planning at the county level. These are the roots of the social services unavailability. These should be resolved during the...
Specific cooperation of hearing and deaf employees in the organization Tichy svet, o. p. s.
Petrušková, Gabriela ; Furmaníková, Lada (advisor) ; Růžička, Michal (referee)
The dissertation deals with the particularities of a mutual cooperation of hearing and deaf employees of the institution Tichý svět, o.p.s. The dissertation is divided into the theoretical and the application part. The theoretical part is dedicated for the theme of the culture in the general concept, the culture of the organisation, and culture of the deafs. The thesis also deals with diversity management and communication in organizational management, focusing on communication in the intercultural team and description of the deaf communication systems. The theoretical part focuses, in its conclusion, on the team and teamwork, on conflicts and their solutions in the cotext of diversity management. The objective of the application part was to analyze situations where there is a misunderstanding between the hearing and the deaf employees of the organization and to describe the specifics of this cooperation. At the end of the thesis the finding are discussed and recommendations made for the organization, which are aimed to avoid misunderstanding. Key words: culture of organization, intercultural communication, deaf, Czech sign language, diversity, team, conflicts.
The current practice of community outreach teams for people with severe mental illness
Kasík, Tomáš ; Furmaníková, Lada (advisor) ; Štegmannová, Ingrid (referee)
Community mental health teams common in many countries with developed community mental health care have been slowly advancing in recent years. It is expected that this trend will continue to grow with the reform of psychiatric care. The diploma thesis focuses on community mental health teams for the target group of people with severe mental illness, which are one of the basic pillars of mental health care abroad. The theoretical part describes the activities of these teams in the context of community mental health care and also presents these teams mainly in terms of their composition and way of work. The research part analyzes the current situation of four specific teams in terms of multidisciplinary composition and team cooperation, describes and interprets some of the specific difficulties that these services face in the beginning of multidisciplinary teamwork and captures some specific moments of their functioning. Utilizing a qualitative approach through in-depth interviews with team leaders and their founding organizations has enabled them to convey the specific context of these teams and at least partially capture the dynamics of their current state and development. The practical part points to some factors that may complicate the teamwork, such as insufficient involvement of medical staff...
Psychological aspects of people management with a focus on leadership styles
Kuntová, Anna ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Furmaníková, Lada (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the psychological aspects of management focusing on the styles of leadership at the gynecological-obstetric department, specifically at the maternity hospital. The aim is to find out what kind of leadership is used by the senior and station nurses. This thesis explores how they interpret the management grid GRID and how they perceive themselves in terms of how midwives perform. For this research were choosen two hospitals, public and joint-stock company. That is why the objective was also to compare the interviews with midwives regarding their motivation, satisfaction and conflict occurance. Therefore the information was received that touched upon these topics and presented the perception of the workers in obstetrician. The theoretical part introduces the psychological aspects of leadership, so that the reader goes through chapters focusing on manager personality, management, leadership, work environment, work teams, motivation, workplace conflicts, stress, burnout syndrome, etc.. The empirical part is presented as part of the qualitative research, which presents the way of senior and station nurses with the help of the inspiration by design of the case study. Further a case study at the state hospital and a case study at joint-stock company are being developed with...
Evaluation of job performance in non-profit organization
Dvořák, Karel ; Furmaníková, Lada (advisor) ; Vrzáček, Petr (referee)
/ Summary The topic of my diploma thesis consists in the assessment of work performance at a non- profit organization, which is a category that is currently perceived as an essential prerequisite for high-quality human resource management. The instigation of choosing the topic was the experience in the author's field, where he had been able to notice some drawbacks to this area and he had been given the opportunity to work on their removal, or - let us say - on the improvement in the existing assessment system of the staff at this organization, where he was then employed. The main objective of qualitative research consisted in finding and describing evident drawbacks to the staff performance assessment system as well as to suggest some changes specified in the proposal for the new methodology or the directive stipulating the staff performance assessment rules, including the documentation section. In this sense, the contribution of the thesis can be perceived. The thesis is divided into two basic sections - the theoretical one and the practical one. In the theoretical section, general knowledge, well-known theories, information about the area of human resources at non-profit organizations - to be specific in the area of human resource management - are summarized. This section is focused mainly on...
The influence of managers past in social services in to their profession.
Brožová, Eva ; Furmaníková, Lada (advisor) ; Lejsal, Matěj (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of the professional past of managers in social services and its influence on the performance of managerial profession. In my thesis I'm dealing with those workers who are currently working in managerial positions and previously worked as social workers. I am interested about how their professional past influenced the performance of their managerial function and how these managers get new managerial competencies. In the theoretical part, I mainly deal with the competencies of social workers, the competencies of managers and then I compare them. I also deal with the acquisition of managerial competencies. In the practical part, I describe the methodology of research surveys and present the results I have reached. The main method is a qualitative research survey using a semi-structured interview. A supplementary method is a quantitative research survey using a questionnaire. In the discussion, I compare these results with available resources. Finally, I reflect the fulfillment of the goals of my thesis and make recommendations.
Social enterprise from the perspective of employees with disabilities
Hejzlarová, Veronika ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Furmaníková, Lada (referee)
Social economy is a widely discussed topic in the Czech Republic and other states at the moment. This is mainly thanks to its positive impact on the employment of disadvantaged persons and their integration into the society, which is in many cases very difficult and the state fails to provide for it. The support for disadvantaged persons and their entering open job market is still struggling and the tools that the engaged parties try to use do not always work. Social enterprise is one of the possible solutions to this problem. The thesis's theoretical part outlines the topic of social enterprise taking into account both external (legislation, funding, legal forms) and internal (disadvantaged persons employment specifics, organizational culture, employees mentoring and development) factors that affect the way social enterprises work. The practical part uses qualitative research to focus on the opinions of persons with disabilities and executives on the development of social enterprises employees and their possible transfer to the open job market. It summarizes the recommendations for development of their employees' competences so that the system would be as permeable as possible and the employment of the disadvantaged persons as high as possible. Keywords: development of people with disabilities,...
Falls as an Indicator of Quality of Care in Social Organization
Widenská, Kristina ; Furmaníková, Lada (advisor) ; Procházková, Martina (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of falls among the elderly placed in residential social care facilities. The author mainly focuses on the issue whether the falls can be viewed as a quality indicator of the offered care. The author deals with the issue of falls both on the general level (legislation, standards of quality) and also on the level of a specific residential social care provider represented by home for the elderly Sue Ryder in Prague. Further, the author deals with the issue of falls in inpatient healthcare facilities, as this issue is viewed as an important indicator in terms of comparing quality of care between social care and health care facilities. The key issue of the thesis are the ways to prevent falls of the elderly, so that their basic rights (especially the right to have their own choice), independence and self- sufficiency can be maintained, and also the intervention procedures in these cases. The aim of the thesis is to provide its readers with suggestions on how to improve quality of healthcare in terms of dealing with falls. These suggestions are based on the author's thorough examination of the relevant theoretical and legislative materials. The suggestions are further based on analyzing the fall records, covering a period of 18 months, provided by Sue Ryder...

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