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Evaluation reality in project and problem solving
Jiroušková, Jana ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee) ; Přikrylová, Katarína (referee)
EVALUATION REALITY IN PROJECT AND PROBLEM SOLVING ABSTRACT: In the presented dissertation, the main subject of the research interest was the analysis and the evaluation reflection of the evaluation situations in art education of older pupils at elementary school. Its goal was to contribute to the desired changes in teachers' approach to all the processes taking place in art education; the evaluation processes are essential. The research was designed as an action and pedagogical - based research with focus on the perception of the complexity through the student's eyes during the course as well as the conclusion of short-term and long-term projects and the identification of factors contributing to the student's personality development in the areas of key competencies: work, communication, interaction, social skills and evaluation. The didactic starting point of the research was the method of problematic situations being offered to students to solve. The first area of research interest were the attitudinal orientations of students to the given art projects and the dynamics of the teaching process, influenced by the evaluation situations arising in the classroom during the lesson. In the second part, the field of the student attitudes was examined within the teaching process characterized by the method of...
On the other side of the world. Japanese woodcut, its roots and differences
Vondrušková, Eliška ; Kitzbergerová, Leonora (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
KEY WORDS Japan, visual culture, woodcut, woodblock print, Ukiyo-e ANOTATION During her stay in Japan, the student will gather and analyze aspects of visual communication and culture focusig on Japanese woodcut technique Ukiyo-e. She will study appropriate specialized literature on the subject of Japanese woodcut and try to formulate her experience based on her european views. She will use her own knowledge as well as the knowledge gained from the specialized literature and provide space for the comparison of Japanese and European visual culture. In the didactic part, the student will deal with the project of educational art exercise based on specifics of the Japanese art language of Ukiyo-e. In the author's part, the student will focus on application of Japanese specifics of Ukiyo-e art language on her work.
My cosmos, your cosmos, our universe: self-reflection in art lessons
Rebcová, Anna ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
Preliminary work: Student's professional identity focused on Primary Education in conjunction with personality development are the main topic of the thesis. The author would processed through authors' work called "My Cosmos, Your Cosmos, Our Universe" where she would utilise such methods of the Artographic investigation, by which she would reflect herself, her relationships with people that surround her, among other things it has influence on herself as well as on her path to teaching. In her opinion, the cosmos (or the universe) is closely related to space-time, but mainly to those other metaphorical universes of people around. Another influence could be seen in a fate that could characterise the actual realisation of a set of individual universes itself, which for its ever increasing variety is the same authentic, autonomous universe in which she could see the main purpose. The basis for the creative work and its interpretation would be Conceptual Art, Visual Anthropology and Visual Culture with an emphasis on authenticity (artistic) testimony in relation to his / her position in the social field and contemporary collaborative art. In the theoretical part, the author will be focused on the played role by the processing of artistic portfolios in the professional preparation of a primary school...
Working with children in a gallery: Developing an educative program for an independent gallery space of contemporary art
Smetanová, Barbora ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Kitzbergerová, Leonora (referee)
The study deals with the creation of gallery educational programs based on cooperation with artists and curators. The text is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part we try to define theoretical discursive field of art, galleries and gallery education. In the practical part we design gallery educational programs in cooperation with the artists and verify them with the children's group. KEYWORDS gallery education, discourse, visual culture, art work, contemporary art
How I am becoming a teacher? Searching for professional identity
Králíková, Tereza ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
How I am becoming a teacher? Searching for professional identity Is the development of a professional identity in students in the teacher training program at the PedF UK based on similar foundation as the professional identity of the students at the Detroit Teacher Program? How much is this professional identity influenced by the city and social situation in which those students are living and studying? Is the discourse that is used by both sides similar or different? A comparison of related narratives, concepts and metaphors will be done. What is the role attributed to art disciplines in the teacher training curriculum in both countries? A case study will explore all of these issues, and will be based on an analysis and reflecting on of videos which were created as part of the project, "How I Am Becoming a Teacher", as well as curriculum documents and other related documents. Key words Art, photography, visusal story, professional identity, teacher training, reflective practice, city, school, university faculty, artography
Between the Text and the Image. The Changes of the (Fairy Tale) Narrative in Visual Communication
Ovčáčková, Johanka ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee) ; Hník, Ondřej (referee)
Between the Text and the Image / The Changes of the (Fairy Tale) Narrative in Visual Communication KEY WORDS / Culture, Semiotic, Visuality, Empirical Spectator, Sign, Interpretation, Fairy Tale Narrative, Everydayness, Thinking, Visual Literacy, Communicatin, Advertisment, Commercial Communi- cation, Visual Communication, Visual Culture, Visual Literacy, Creativity ABSTRACT / The thesis "Between the Text and the Image" attempts to capture the visual world of our everyda- yness through the eyes of the empirical spectator. Placed at the centre of our interest are semiotic reading, active grasping of visual images (in examples of commercial messages and communication) and visual literacy as a key competence for further creativity, which, in art education, should allow pupils to evolve their "higher order thinking", critical thought and meta-analysis of visual discour- ses. The choice of the advertising topic as a strong and creative area for visualisation, representing the world we live in today, has proven itself to be the best option for using a semiotic reading of the image as a way of creativity and also for its critical reflection. The first part of the thesis evolves the view of the fairy tale narrative as a meta-text, which later becomes the impulse for further creativity in the field of visual...
How to re-design the Teacher and the Student - Contemporary Fashion Design into Art Education
Richterová, Ludmila ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Velíšek, Martin (referee)
in english: Richterová, L. How to re-design the Teacher and the Student (Contemporary Fashion Design into Art Education) [Diploma thesis] Prague 2015 - Charles University, Faculty of Educatin, Department of Art Education, 73 pages. (Attachements: 13 files) The diploma thesis bears character of a reflective study, based on the principles of participative research, research by A/R/Tography method and pedagogical action research according to the methodology of Marie Fulková. With respect to the results of a previous bachelor thesis, the author turns attention to the subject of re-design as a possible solution to diverse intricacies occuring in school environment. The author also looks critically at contemporary DIY methods often used in arts education. The thesis also describes a re-design of a clothing artifact "Dinosaurs", an original work by the author, and reflections on realized didactic complexes, that are thematically bounded by the diploma thesis' assignment and elaboration. The aim of the diploma thesis is to map issues of re-design with focus to apparel, its didactic transformation and verification of practical functionality of the resulting didactic complex.
Courious World. Possibilities of application of the theme in pedagogic practise
Forman, Dominik ; Sedlák, Michal (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
Forman, D .: Curious World. Possibilities of applicatiom of the theme in pedagogic practise. [Diploma thesis] Prague 2015 - Charles University, Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts, 79 p. (Attachments 7 artistic realizations - oil paintings small and medium size) The thesis is based on a comprehensive comparsion of major interpretation avant-garde art and the modernist thinking, which determined crucially interpretation of the most important events in the art history of 20th century. This work brings together three major confrontations looks at the intentions of selected representatives of avant-garde art and focuses on problematic moment of "interruption" the progression of the avant-garde by socialist realism. Three positions are views of art theorists Clement Greenberg, Theodor Adorno and Boris Groys. Didactic part of this thesis is realized by art education series, which is inspidated by this topic. It focuses on understanding the most basic principles of geometric abstraction, constructivism and abstract expressionism by students. The artwork is also inspired by this topic, it contains the collection of oil paintings. Keywords: avant-garde, kitsch, socialist realism, interpretation of art, art discourse, comparsion, Greenberg, Groys, Adorno
Boundary and relationship to its surroundings
Linhart, Tomáš ; Bláha, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
Linhart, T: The borderline and the relationship to its surroundings. [Diploma thesis] Praha 2015 Charles University, Faculty of Education, Department of Art Education, 71 p. (Attachments on CD: 2 illustration attachments). The diploma thesis features a theoretical study on the background of the author's own artwork. The text interprets the borderline as a horizon that would emerge and vanish. It presents the author's own artistic grasp of the theme in context of selected trends in fine arts. Author seeks to define the boundary of fine arts and art education to establish a foundation to his own pedagogic determination. He shows what theoretical frameworks take part on shaping his own professional direction. The didactic part looks at select situations from the author's teaching practice that already took place and reflects them in context of author's other pedagogic experience. The accomplishment and utility of the work lie in a description and interpretation of select situations from practice of a fledgling teacher and an educational complex, field tested, intended for gymnasium students.

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